HAWRR Chapter 86

Chapter 86 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (26)

The 11th generation Duke of White Rose, Veronica Lawman’s life was undoubtedly brilliant and glorious.

She was talented. At the age of 16, she successfully promoted to Sword Saint. This record, even after her death, was not broken by anyone after the Carter Empire was annihilated in the dust of history.

She was invincible. She led the Carter Empire’s White Rose Legion, and in her lifetime, she expanded the size of the Carter Empire by two times. She was crowned as the Duke of Glory by the Emperor, and her cane was engraved with the most honorable titles of the Empire.

She was eye-catching. Eve, later hailed as the genius Sword Saint, was discovered and excavated during a desolate period, and was brought back to the Lawman family opening the glorious journey of Her Highness.

She was alluring. History books had documented that Her Highness Veronica was an embodiment of God in the world, a bright messenger, and anyone who saw her appearance was awe-struck. During her reign, her suitors could be seen from the Duke’s house all the way outside the door of the capital, Wangdu.

However, the most discussed was still the love of the Duke and her husband, Earl Norman.

Earl Norman had a mysterious origin. He first appeared in public eye as the Duke’s lover and a Sword Saint.

Ever since the two have been together, they have not separated, whether it was a play, mission, or war; where the Duke of White Rose was, there would be the silhouette of Earl Norman.

It was said that the two also signed a symbiotic contract. Their love was later written in countless biographies throughout history and was widely circulated.

Gu Shengyin was very happy in this life. When it was time for her to leave, she had already sensed it.

She was no longer young. She took her husband’s hand and laughed sweetly: “I’ll take a step first. In the next life, you must remember to come to me.”

The fine black haired man, who still had the same appearance as before, looked at his wife who closed her eyes peacefully. He leaned over and gently kissed her lips.

Fool, you forgot the contract between us? You don’t have to go first. I’m right behind you.

Gu Shengyin opened her eyes in the white space with a smile.

She put away her smile and said to the system in front of her: “I have no problems and I don’t need to rest. We can start the next task.”

She was extremely confident that her lover would wait for her in another world, so she was not willing to stay in places without him.

The system also encountered a host who could not wait to complete their task for the first time.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

However, as long as the host’s decision was beneficial to the completion of the task, as a system, it had no power to interfere.

“The next world is a cultivation world. Host should check the information on the world.”

After Gu Shengyin’s vision turned dark and the familiar dizziness disappeared, she found herself in a large hall.

She looked down at her hands, which were thin and soft. It was clearly the hand of a little girl.

In the main hall, there were hundreds of children dressed up like Gu Shengyin. They appeared to be 7 or 8 years old.

“You being able to enter this palace hall today means that you are a disciple of my Xing Luojian Sect. Being able to enter this palace hall only proves that you bones are suitable for spiritual practice, but the most important thing is to have the heart of the sword. Now, let’s begin the testing the heart of the sword.”

“The level of the sword heart will determine how far you can go on the road of sword cultivation.”

Translator’s Corner:

Nuoman changed to Norman

Cultivation world next! Tbh, this world was a bit bland for me. So, it’ll be meh while translating this. >_<

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  1. Wonder who Husband is going to be this time? Hehehe… If he lay a hand on Wifey, he’ll be known as a lolicon~ (unless he is also a child?) Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. By ‘this world’, do you mean the next world or the world in this arc?
    Just making sure cause I feel that this arc is a bit too peaceful and it is like a vacation arc or something

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  3. Ahhhh! Thank you for the arc! This arc was so cute and without btchy FLs too! I feel like this arc was so short! But the arc was so cute and sweet.
    Cultivation arc is next huh? Might be a bit boring but I want read the plot first, Kookie cheering from the side~! Go, translator-san~! (feed this hungry shark, omnomnom~!)


  4. I cant help feeling sour… she gets to live out several lifetimes with her soulmate… while us poor fools have to struggle, it makes me resent her a lot…


  5. Am I the guy who has to point out just how OP she’s gonna be in this world?
    “The level of the sword heart will determine how far you can go on the road of sword cultivation.”
    My man, U talking to a former Sword Saint. Prepare to be GOBSMACKED!

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  6. There was no real conflict in this arc, but I like the progress the ML is having. I wish I knew more about the original timeline of this arc. I wanna know Eve’s and the demon lord’s thoughts.

    Thank you again for the 3rd arc!


  7. No face-slapping occurred, but having a non-garbage wannabe-FL was pretty refreshing haha! ;D Glad Eve managed to avoid disaster! All the schmoop romance between FL and ML gives me life XDD


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