A New Beginning (8)

After they finished grooming each other, Chrome went straight to grilling the fish he had caught. Altyria was interested in how he was able to make the fish so tasty so she sat at the side watching him while asking questions.

[You’re using fire to cook the fish?]

[Yeah, the fish tastes better than eating it raw, but you have to watch the fish carefully and not let it get overcooked. Otherwise, the fish would be burnt and would not taste good anymore.]

Chrome took out some spices from his space and sprinkled it on the fish. Altyria was a bit surprised when he took out spices out of nowhere. Her first thought was that he had a space ring; however, she did not see him wearing one. Although she was a bit puzzled, she did not ask where it came from. Altyria knew from her experience in her previous life that everyone had secrets and she should not pry into them.

Chrome saw her surprise and said, [My power allows me to manipulate space and time. I used that power to create a space where I could put things in and carry with me. It’s similar to space rings but it is larger and can carry living things inside.]

He thought for a second and added, [My spatial power allows me to be able to conceal my presence. Additionally, my soul power is higher than yours, so that’s why you were never able to sense me nearby.]

Altyria was surprised that he would explain it to her, but after seeing the gentleness in his eyes, she knew that it was because Chrome genuinely treated her as his soulmate even if she did not fully accept him.

[The fish would be much tastier when adding these spices to it.] Chrome continued explaining how he grilled those delicious fish for her.

After 15 minutes have passed, the fish was perfectly grilled and the aroma was so appetizing to Altyria that she could not wait to jump in and eat.

Seeing her longingly staring at the fish, Chrome chuckled and no longer held her back

[You may start eating it now. Be careful, it’s still hot.]

Altyria carefully checked the temperature of the fish. Seeing that it was not too hot for her, she took a mouthful. Her eyes narrowed in happiness.

[So delicious! You eat some too! This fish is too much for me.]

[Ah. I can catch some more to eat it when we go back home.]

[Un!] Altyria nodded in agreement.

The two finished devouring the fish and climbed up the boulder. Altyria found a comfortable spot to lie down and closed her eyes. Chrome decided that, in order to chase his wife, he needed to be shameless and take the first step. Otherwise, he would not be able to bring his wife with him when he leaves.

Chrome walked up to Altyria and laid down right next to her. His fur was touching her fur. Seeing her having no reaction, he took a step further. Chrome stuck one of his forepaws under her head and wrapped his tail around her tail. Then he rested his head around her neck. Feeling Altyria shifting slightly, Chrome’s body tensed.

Altyria felt a little uncomfortable with this position, so she moved slightly to make herself more comfortable unconsciously. She had not woken up when Chrome wrapped himself around her.

Chrome slowly relaxed after realizing that Altyria was still asleep and only made herself more comfortable when he wrapped around her. He closed his eyes but kept his ears perked for any danger.

In a blink of an eye, 3 hours passed and Altyria woke up from her nap. She felt Chrome wrapped around her and struggled free.

Chrome woke up the moment Altyria moved slightly. He felt slightly disappointed when Altyria untangled herself from him.

[Let’s go back.] Altyria said and jumped off the boulder.

Chrome trotted lightly behind her and followed her through the rough, long route once again.

By the time they were almost home, the sun had already set and the moon was shining brightly in the night. The flowers in the flower field glowed as tiny fireflies wandered.

Altyria saw Chrome suddenly take off towards the direction of the flower field. She was about to question him, but she saw him run back to her with a mouth full of flowers. He came up to her and slowly tied the flowers together into a flower crown using his two paws and spatial power. Then, he placed it on top of her head.

Altyria stared at him with wide eyes.

[Beautiful.] Chrome nodded with satisfaction.

Altyria flicked her ears in embarrassment.

[Thank you.] Altyria said and ran inside her cave.

Seeing her run off, like she was trying to hide, Chrome leisurely walked towards the cave as well.

Inside the cave, Altyria took the flower crown off and inspected it. The flower crown had several bright colors and the flowers were neatly arranged together. The flowers gave off a soothing scent and a comfortable aura thanks to the world essence it contained.

Altyria carefully placed the flower crown to a clean place in the cave and set a spiritual array to prevent the flower crown from being ruined or dirty.

Chrome came into the cave and saw Altyria’s actions. He swayed his tail in happiness and went up to Altyria.

[Alti, if you like it very much, I can make one for you every day. You don’t need to preserve it.]

[No need. I like this one very much.] Altyria replied while looking back at Chrome. Her clear blue eyes were shining brightly.

Seeing her bright blue eyes, Chrome’s heart started beating faster and caused him to be in a daze.

After saying that, Altyria circled around her bed and laid down to start cultivating in her sleep. Chrome snapped out of his daze and also squeezed in her bed and wrapped himself around her once again.

Altyria opened one of her eye and stared at Chrome. Chrome also stared at her as well. After a couple second passed, Altyria closed her opened eye and went to sleep. Chrome flicked his ears and smirked in his heart.

#1 from “Manual of How to Chase a Wife”– A man has to have a thick skin and a certain amount of shamelessness to chase his wife.

That manual is pretty useful. Maybe I should find other books like that… Chrome thought to himself before kissing Altyria lightly on the forehead and falling asleep.

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