HAWRR Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (24)

Because he was her lover, Gu Shengyin did not reject it and her acquiescence also made the Demon King ecstatic. For a period of time, the two of them were unable to restrain their emotions.

After they were done kissing, Gu Shengyin leaned into the man’s arms feeling breathless. Her white skin turned captivating red, and her dark green eyes were watery.

This appearance almost caused the man be unable to hold back.

The Demon King kissed the treasure in his arms.

“What? Aren’t you going to find your lover?” He deliberately said.

Gu Shengyin took the initiative to send a kiss to calm her lover: “You are my lover.”

Feeling the familiar big hard object on her leg, Gu Shengyin laughed inwardly, but on the surface, she remained calm and collected.

This man had always treated her so cautiously and solemnly. In the first two worlds, even after confirming the relationship between them, he did not touch her before they got married even though it was hard to endure.

Because the man had said to her: “You are the most precious treasure in the world. I can not have you so hastily.”

The Demon King kissed her hair and suddenly said: “Feel the changes in your body.”

Gu Shengyin did what he told her to do.

“This…I actually broke into Sword Saint!” She could not believe this; however, this was Sword Saint, the pinnacle strength of the Empire.

The Demon King smiled and said: Once I reshaped my body, my strength returned to its peak. It is no surprise that you could break through into Sword Saint under the influence of the symbiotic contract. If it weren’t because you are too young and unable to withstand another breakthrough, it probably wouldn’t have just stopped here.” His words were filled with regret.

Gu Shengyin did not know whether to laugh or cry: “A 16 year old powerful Sword Saint, we should be content.”

The Demon King was just thinking about it. Anyway, he would always be with her.

“Right, where is this?” Gu Shengyin found out that she was in a strange place after learning about her body condition.

“Here is the dwelling of the elves,” replied the Demon King.

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Gu Shengyin exclaimed in admiration as she looked around. The furnishings here were far less gorgeous than those in the Duke’s house. However, when it comes to the exquisiteness, the Duke’s house was ten thousand times inferior.

“Go, I’ll take you to look around the elf’s territory.” The Demon King walked towards outside while holding Gu Shengyin’s hand.

The elves deserved to the regarded as the race that was loved by nature. The elves that Gu Shengyin saw along the way, whether men, women, or children, were all rare beauties if they were placed in the human world.

However, Gu Shengyin always felt very strange. These elves looked at the two of them with an expression equivalent to that of awe or worship.

She was unlikely to be narcissistic but this atmosphere was because of herself.

She voiced her own doubts.

The Demon King replied while sketching in light shades: “This, ah. I only told them information about the tree of life. You know, if you live longer, you would know more than others.”

(T/N: [qīng miáodàn xiě] to sketch in light shades: to play down or deemphasize)

He concealed what happened in the fountain of life. Not that he was deliberately hiding it, but even he had no way to explain that situation.

Gu Shengyin puckered her lips at the Demon King’s answer.

But she also understood why the elves would be so friendly to them. The tree of life was the elves’ God.

It was said that every elf was born from the tree of life. When the elves die, their soul would be taken away by the tree of life waiting for their next rebirth.

The elves’ tree of life suddenly disappeared thousands of years ago, which also caused the elves to have no new births for thousands of years.

Although thousands of years were not particularly long for the long-lived elves, it was undeniable that the elves who had no new blood would eventually die.

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  1. Haih, if only I could get a package of Demon King. I will definitelt shipped it but too bad it’s sold out. 😣 They’re sooo cute but if I want a Demon King, I have to be Gu Shengyin… phew, even impossible *facepalm* Thanks man 😶

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  2. 如果不是你年纪实在太小,没办法承受再一次的突破,估计还不止这样。
    If it weren’t because you are too young and unable to withstand another breakthrough, it probably wouldn’t have just stopped here (last bit is paraphrased)


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