A New Beginning (7)

Altyria frowned at his words. Although she was grateful to him, she did not like being tied down. She valued her freedom, especially after what happened in her previous life.

Her eyes darkened for a moment before returning to normal. She did not want to think of her dark past anymore.

Chrome caught sight of her emotions and served soft again, [Alti, I only want to soul bond with you. I won’t ask for more until you are willing.]

He hesitated before adding, [I want to bring you out of this forest and take you to new places where you can enjoy yourself. Without soul bonding with me, I won’t be able to take you with me.]

Altyria’s heart jumped when she heard him call her ‘Alti’. However, his following words caused her to ponder.

Chrome gazed at Altyria lost in thought as he slowly wrapped his tail with hers. She was so into her thoughts that she did not even realize this intimate action. Lylins wrapping their tails together indicates that they were partners for life, yet Altyria subconsciously did not feel uncomfortable with this touch. Apparently her soul had already recognized Chrome as her other half, therefore his action did not produce any rejection.

By the time Altyria realized that her tail had been entwined with Chrome’s tail, a couple minutes had already passed.


Altyria stammered, not knowing what to say. She could not deny that her soul did not reject Chrome, but the same could not be said about her heart. After all, she had only met Chrome face to face for the first time and only held feelings of gratefulness for him.

Finally, she sighed and only said, [Fine, trial period it is.]

Chrome’s eyes brightened and tightened his tail that wrapped around Altyria’s tail.

[Although my soul does not reject you, it does not mean that I am willing to give my heart to you.] Altyria made sure she clarified her thoughts.

Chrome’s eyes slightly dimmed but returned to normal in a flash. He understood what she meant.

There were pairs of Lylins that soul bonded, but the relationship between them was that of friends and not lovers. Many of those pairs had no love between them and only mated for the sake of increasing their population. They often lived separately and only stayed together when mating or when the female was pregnant. After giving birth and raising the young for a couple years, they would once again live separately.

However, Chrome was influenced by the other half of his blood. Although he did not know what his other half of his blood was, the longing for finding his soulmate was intense and he could not deny these surging emotions now that he had finally found her.

It seemed like he still had a long way of chasing his wife. Thinking this, he released his untwined his tail and looked at Altyria.

[Then what shall we do to start off this first day of my trial period?]

Altyria felt a little lost when Chrome released her tail, but that feeling disappeared in a flash. She flicked her ears and looked at the sky. About an hour had passed since she woke up this morning. She should do her training for the day.

[I’m going to go train. Are you going to come along?]

[Of course.] Wherever my wife goes, I follow. Chrome did not dare say this sentence out loud and only said it in his heart.

[Then let’s go.]

Without waiting for Chrome to reply, she ran through the field of flower and headed towards the rough terrain route to the waterfall. Chrome followed closely behind her.

Although Altyria had gone through this route several times, she still had trouble jumping down from high places or climbing up steep rocks. Her physical and agility traits were still ranked bottom.

While she continued to struggle, she peeked a couple times at Chrome who was following behind her. She saw that he was jumping from place to place very easily like he was just taking a stroll. Just from this, Altyria knew that his physical and agility rank was relatively high, at least a lot higher that her rank.

After struggling for half an hour, she arrived at the waterfall. Altyria did not feel exhausted, but her paw pads were a bit sore since they were still soft like a newborn’s paw pads. She had to temper her paw pads more before they would not feel sore anymore in the future and be more study.

Altyria came up to the lake and washed her paws before lying down next to the water. Chrome also washed his paws before diving into the lake. Altyria got up and started washing her fur. After a couple seconds, Chrome reemerged from the lake with a large fish in his mouth. He dropped it near the boulder that Altyria usually took a nap on before returning to Altyria.

When he got close to her, Chrome hesitated for a bit before licking her fur twice.

Altyria stiffened when she felt him cleaning her fur, but did not say anything.

Chrome’s eyes brightened and continued helping her clean her fur. His heart was jumping with joy seeing that his Alti did not reject him and actually took steps to try to accept him. Altyria’s body did not relax until 2-3 minutes had passed.

In her entire life, including her past life, she had never had contact with males, even male Lylins. That was why her body stiffened as a reflex the moment Chrome’s tongue touched her fur. There was a strange feeling in her heart, but she did not reject his intentions to be intimate, after all, she, too, wanted to find a companion to live with. She did not want to live a lonely life as she did in her previous life.

As this thought flashed through her mind, Altyria paused for a split second. Chrome felt her moment of pause and glanced at her. Seeing that she did not move away, he continued grooming her.

Altyria looked at Chrome. She hesitated before licking his fur dry as well.

Chrome’s body stiffened but relaxed almost instantly. He became more enthusiastic in grooming her.

My little wife is accepting me more than I thought! Chrome thought in his heart as his heart trembled in happiness.

If the people who knew Chrome saw the way he was acting right now, they probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him anymore. His change was too great.

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  1. Chrome is really cute xD he’s so puppy-like, but that weirdly doesn’t turn me off even though I normally don’t like that type xD thanks for the chapter~ your writing has improved a lot~

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