HAWRR Chapter 82

Chapter 82 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (22)

At this moment, the elf king was furious. The fountain of life had always been the most important treasure of the elves. Even the elves could not enter that area so easily. Now, outsiders had sneaked in and made such a large movement!

The Demon King felt the actions of the elves, but he could not speak.

He was at a critical moment right now, and he absolutely cannot bear any mistakes. If the elves attacked him…

When the elf king led the tribe to the forbidden ground, he saw a semi-transparent figure sitting in the fountain of life exuding a touch of green glow.

It turned out to be a spiritual body!

The elf king glanced at the fountain of life for the first time and could not help feeling distress. According to this loss, it was estimated that it would take decades to recover.

He was about to command his men to attack when the spiritual body in the fountain of life said: “Me coming here was truly an accident. You see, I am already sitting here. If I come out now, you would lose more than you already lost, and I am unable to compensate for it. It is better to let me stay here for seven days. I can swear that when I come out, I will tell you about the elves’ message about the tree of life.”

When the tree of life was mentioned, the elves who were present were all thrilled.

The elf king was no exception. His snow white eyelashes trembled as he voiced his doubts: “Foreigner, do you really know about the tree of life?”

The man sitting in the fountain of life lazily said: “I can swear to the God of Light. If I say anything false, I am willing to accept God’s punishment.”

For all beings on this continent, vows to God were the most sincere oaths. The elf king believed him.

“Then we can make an exception and let you stay in the fountain of life for 7 days. 7 days later, I will come here with the tribe.” The elf king was ready to leave after speaking.

At this time, there was a sudden change.

The fountain of life that had originally been calm suddenly fluctuated violently. The soul sitting in the fountain of life with his eyes closed apparently lost consciousness and knew nothing about the surrounding situation.

The elves were astonished at the change in the fountain of life, and an unfamiliar scent suddenly swept across the land.

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The fragrance resembled some kind of flower. Elves had always been known to be loved by nature, but they did not know what flower it was from.

“Look at that!” An elf suddenly pointed at the man in the fountain of life and screamed.

They saw countless white flowers suddenly blooming around that soul in the fountain of life.

The flower was very large with layered petals. It was beautiful but not bewitching. It looked brilliant with a dignified and noble beauty.

It turned out to be a flower species that the elves never saw before. The fragrance from before was obviously emitted from here.

At the same time, something inside the skin of the man’s left shoulder seemed to emerge slowly, and a mark appeared before their eyes. It was the appearance of the unknown flower.

The elves were stunned by this change. They clearly noticed that the moment when these strange flowers appeared, the vitality of the entire fountain of life had suddenly increased multiple times.

At this time, the man in the fountain of life opened his eyes.

What kind of eyes were that?

At a first glance, there was endless indifference and loneliness;

At a second glance, that look in his eyes had become endless life and reincarnation;

Looking at it again, the expression in his eyes were full of compassion and mercy.

Such eyes let all the elves think of only one word:


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  1. That is a very, super very unexpected turn. I’m sure that “God” is the “God of Light” kind of reverend, not the kind of “God” befitting a Demon King O_o Hmm… At least he’s JI YU!! He’s back, so who cares XD!!! Thank you >u<

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