A New Beginning (6)

To be exact, it was a male half-breed Lylin. Although only half of his blood was Lylin, Altyria was able to sense that the other half of his blood was from a tyrannical species. It gave off a sense of suppression that made others bow down before him.

However, the male Lylin had carefully concealed that aura so it would not affect her.

To think that the mysterious figure was actually another Lylin! The one who had secretly helped her and gave her delicious food…

Altyria carefully looked at him. He was 2 heads taller than her and his entire body was covered in black fur. His ears had some silver patterns, and his forehead also had a mysterious silver symbol. His golden eyes glowed as he stared at her.

He stood not too far away from her with something wrapped in leaves at his feet. Judging from its scent, she knew that it was the fish that she loved to eat.

[You are…the one who treated my wound and gave me fish every day?] Altyria used spiritual power to speak to him.

The male Lylin had been staring at Altyria wondering if he had scared. He watched her eyes widen in shock and then saw her in a daze for a couple seconds. He was hesitating whether to walk closer to her when she spoke to him using spiritual power.

Seeing her cute little face, he could not help but tease her a little.

[What do you think?] He tilted his head slightly to one side.

Altyria […]

[Then what’s your name? I’m Altyria.]



Seeing her blank expression, he chuckled and decided not to continue teasing her.

[I’m just kidding. My name is Chrome.]

He picked up the fish in wrapped leaves from the ground. He walked slowly towards Altyria afraid that any sudden move would frighten her.

Altyria watched him come over at a slow pace. The scent of grilled fish slowly penetrated her nose causing her stomach to growl, even though, technically, she did not need to eat. Her eyes were fixated on the leaf wrappings.

Chrome saw her eyes fixed on the object that he was carrying in his mouth. His eyes shone with a smile and quickened his pace to her side. He put down the fish and quickly unwrapped it for her.

Altyria watched as Chrome unwrapped the fish and put it in front of her. She licked her lips as the scent of grilled fish filled the air.

She hesitated before saying, [Have you eaten yet?]

Chrome was surprised for a second before replying with a gentle smile in his eyes, [I have already eaten. This is for you.]

[O-oh.] Altyria blushed slightly, but her white fur covered it so it couldn’t bee seen.

Chrome sat down beside her and watched her eat. His eyes overflowed with gentleness that would shock anyone who actually knew him.

After a couple minutes, Altyria finished eating and was licking her paws clean.

[Why do you help me? We have never met before.] Altyria turned her head and her blue eyes stared at Chrome.

[Do you know how Lylins choose their partners?]

[P-partner? No…] Altyria was somewhat confused at this slight change in topics. Her heart started beating a bit quicker.

Chrome gazed at her and said, [Usually, the female does not search for their partners. It’s the males that do the searching. Males would feel an induction deep within their souls when they are near their partners. The closer they are, the stronger that feeling is.] He paused carefully watching her eyes before continuing, [A couple weeks ago, I happened to be passing by this forest when I felt that induction. I followed that feeling until I found you, but I did not show up in front of you because I didn’t want to scare you.]

Altyria took a moment to process this information. Although she was a Lylin, she did not know how her species would choose their partners since she barely met with her kind in her previous life. She did not know whether he was telling the truth, but her sixth sense told her that he would not harm her.

She looked at Chrome’s golden eyes not knowing how to respond to him.

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Seeing that she was silent, Chrome softly patted her head with his tail.

He softly said, [I know it’s a bit sudden, but I wish to soul bond with you. I wish to be your partner. I am willing to wait for your answer.]

[Soul bond?] Altyria was unfamiliar with this term.

[Soul bonding is creating a link between the souls of partners. Once this ritual is performed, the partners would be called soulmates. One would be able to sense their soulmate’s feelings, location, and whether they are in danger or not. The stronger the soul bond is, the more one could sense from their soulmate.]

Altyria flicked her ears. Why did it sound like the partner was stalking and peeping instead?

Just as she was about to say something, Chrome said a few words that almost gave her a heart attack.

[Thus, while I wait for your answer, I will live here with you. Wherever you go, I go. You can think of it as a trial period.] Chrome said with a sly smile in his eyes as he gazed at her.

Chrome’s eyes gave her the feeling that he was a hunter watching its prey.

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