HAWRR Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (19)

That day, Gu Shengyin especially dressed herself up and came to the banquet hall.

She felt a little excited in her heart and hoped that Linton was the lover she had been looking for, but on the other hand, when she thought of a certain man in the necklace, she felt a little guilty.

Rejecting those inexplicable thoughts in her mind, Gu Shengyin accurately found Linton standing on the balcony with a glass of wine in his hand.

“Why are you alone here, Lord Linton?” Gu Shengyin went up to him.

Linton heard a voice and turned around. When he saw Gu Shengyin, his eyes flashed with amazement: “Hello, your Highness.”

Gu Shengyin was slightly curious: “How did you know it was me?”

Linton smiled softly: “In addition to your Highness, who is known as the Pearl of the Carter Empire, who else would have this beauty that even deities would want.”

Gu Shengyin felt somewhat happy and made a toast with Linton.

Linton looked at her blond hair. His eyes moved down slightly to her face looking at her watery emerald green eyes.

This beautiful dream-like woman suddenly cried out, “Ai ya!”, and fell down towards his direction.

A beauty was throwing herself into his arms, how could he refuse?

If Linton had some suspicions before, then he had now determined that the Pearl of the Carter Empire had different thoughts on him.

A dazzling legendary swords master would trip from her skirt?

Linton’s heart had a pride that belongs exclusively to men. He had long heard about the rumors of her Highness, who was often mentioned of her worldly beauty along with her frosty temperament. It seemed that, in the end, it were just rumors that could not be believed in.

However, Gu Shengyin was extremely disappointed.

No familiar fragrance. He was not him.

Before Linton could speak out softly, she got up and rearranged her skirt.

“I’m terribly sorry, Lord Linton. I have acted rudely.” Gu Shengyin apologized.

Linton felt that the woman in front of him changed in a flash without effort.

Clearly, she had a pleasant conversation with him a moment ago. He intended to take a step further, but she bid farewell with an expressionless face.

As if that hug was just a dream.

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Gu Shengyin was filled with disappointment and only wanted to leave quickly. She nodded towards Linton and turned around.

She fell into a cold embrace.

“You…” Gu Shengyin was surprised to see a man who should not have appear in this place.

“My dear, you did not tell me when you came out.” The man leaned over and lowered his head to bite her ear; however, he said it in a loud voice so everyone could hear.

Everyone’s eyes looked at the two.

Gu Shengyin’s family background and appearance were the focus of the crowd. Additionally, a certain Demon King, with his appearance alone, was the only one that could match Gu Shengyin’s existence.

These two people standing in one place could definitely put others as dust.

“What do you want to do?” Gu Shengyin whispered through her gnashing teeth and pulled him out.

The man also did not resist and followed her obediently.

In the eyes of outsiders, they were people whose appearance perfectly matched with each other whispering to leave.

These people were guessing who this mysterious man was. After all, this kind of imposing appearance was impossible to nameless and not known.

“Why did you come? Wearing such an outfit?” Gu Shengyin looked at him.

The Demon King lazily said: “My future wife was going to follow others. How could I sit still?”

Translator’s Corner:

Har har har. Wasn’t him~

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24 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 79”

  1. I’m now existing to see her expression when she found out that demon king is hubby, most likely he is the hubby


  2. Thanks for the new chapter! As expected it wasn’t him, glad she found out quickly before she made a mistake. I’m guessing Demon King needs to completely rebuild his body before the lotus scent appears.
    I’m still wondering who the Abandoned Woman is who is supposed to be the female enemy this arc.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Eve is the abandoned woman and the ‘enemy’ (she was considered a waste before improving her aptitude thanks to the Demon King).

      If Eve did not promise to find souls for the Demon King, she would not have brought him to Wangdu in the original plot. Because she went to Wangdu, the Demon King found Veronica, who had an aptitude closest to God. Thus, the Demon King swallowed her soul.

      But, this all changed once Gu Shengyin and her hubby came to this world. 🙂

      Liked by 3 people


    HARHAR Sorry Linton but you’re not ‘him’- however this has got me curious:
    – Why does Linton have Jiyu’s looks? (is someone in a higher power deliberately messing with our MC orr just a coincidence of multiple worlds)
    – What happened to the FL?? LOLOL


    1. I think it’s a mere coincidence to make the MC seem more like a newbie and slowly introduce the romance in later arcs.

      Eve is living the life right now. She had done her job of delivering her Lord to his wifey. XD


  4. Ey! Just because someone looks like hubby doesn’t mean he’s hubby! Trap! That’s what I tell you!
    The Demon King is your hubby young lady 😉😆👍

    Thank you for the chapter


  5. Whenever I see the name Linton I can’t help but think of storm and silence lmao thank you for the chapter~


  6. I had to skip this chapter because of the mc’s stupidity I cannot stand it! the demon lord fits the description but she gets fooled by appearances! thank you for the chapter, though I didn’t read it.


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