HAWRR Chapter 78

Chapter 78 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (18)

Joanna was somewhat stunned. She had known Veronica for so many years, yet she had never seen her so eager.

Could it be the legendary love at first sight?

Gu Shengyin was only looking at the person whose appearance was exactly the same as Ji Yu. She did not notice anything else. A certain someone who had been forgotten by her had an expression that seemed as if water would break through the surface. (仿佛可以滴出水来)

Joanna somehow felt a little cold.

Gu Shengyin impatiently smiled and spoke a couple of words as she passed through the crowd heading to the place where the man had previously been. Unfortunately, nobody was there when she arrived.

Gu Shengyin felt disappointed and frustrated as if she lost something. She turned around and grabbed a noble young lady’s hand and asked: “Where did the man who was standing here previously go? The man with black hair.”

The noble young lady saw her and quickly saluted to her. After listening to her questions, she laughed and said: “You are referring to Lord Linton? Just a moment ago, someone called for him and he left early.”

Gu Shengyin appeared to have lost her soul as she walked back.

Joanna looked at her and said: “What’s wrong? Did you see him? You didn’t fall in love at first sight, did you?”

She was just joking, but she did not expect Gu Shengyin to not deny it.

Joanna was shocked: “You’re not, right? All of our Carter Empire’s noblemen are chasing you in Wangdu. You actually like an foreigner?”

If this was known to Veronica’s suitors, wouldn’t they be depressed?

The entire night Gu Shengyin had a lack of spirit, so she did not notice the Demon King’s unusual silence.

Until they entered the bedroom in the evening, Gu Shengyin, who had just closed the door, was pressed against the door by a force.

“You?” Gu Shengyin looked at the man with some surprise.

The Demon King’s expression was very bad, especially seeing Gu Shengyin’s appearance of not understanding.

Since he did not know how to say it, then he would use action.

When the Demon King’s kiss fell on her lips, Gu Shengyin’s entire person became confused.

What was this development?

It was presumably because of her confused expression that pleased the Demon King. The original aggressive kiss became gentle.

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The Demon King gently rubbed Gu Shengyin’s lips and patiently said: “Be obedient and open your mouth.”

Gu Shengyin’s brain became sober because of this sentence and she struggled: “Let me go!”

The Demon King’s expression became dark again because of her resistance. He imprisoned Gu Shengyin’s hands that were struggling. With no more politeness, he pried open her mouth with his tongue and thoroughly kissed her.

By the time he was willing to let her go, Gu Shengyin already felt weak from head to toe.

However, in the next second, a golden sword light lit up the darkness. Although the Demon King moved quickly, his face was still scratched by that attack.

“Next time, I will cut your throat!” Gu Shengyin looked at him coldly.

The Demon King did not care about what she said. He just stared at her. “Don’t look at other men in that way. I can’t help but want to kill him.”

Gu Shengyin looked at him and replied: “Then I will kill you, too.”

The Demon King smiled softly: “That is also good. To be able to die with you, I would gladly endure hardship.”

Gu Shengyin: Damn symbiotic contract.

The dispute in the evening ended with the Demon King unable to maintain his physical form. After a few days, Gu Shengyin never saw him again.

One day, Joanna brought a message to Gu Shengyin saying that there would be a banquet in a few days specifically dedicated to the guests of the Holy Alliance.

Gu Shengyin would naturally not miss this opportunity.

Translator’s Corner:

Guy’s name is supposed to be Linton not Lin Biao. Fixed it in previous chapter.

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