A New Beginning (5)

Soon after she fell asleep, another figure appeared in her cave.

The mysterious figure had medicinal herbs in its mouth as it came in the cave. It cast a sleeping spell to make sure that Altyria was in deep sleep before walking up to her. It put down the medicinal herbs on the ground before inspecting the wound on Altyria’s paw.

Seeing that it was not too swollen, it breathed out a sigh of relief. It slowly chewed the medicinal leaves one by one and applied it on the wound. Afterwards, it took out cotton gauze from its space and gently wrapped the wound.

Before leaving, he gently groomed the fur on her forehead.

The next morning, Altyria woke up and discovered that her wounds were treated and wrapped with some type of soft cloth. She stared at it for a couple minutes unable to come up with an answer to how this happened.

What is this cloth? It’s really soft, like the cloth of my bed…

She sniffed her wound a couple times.

Medicinal herbs? It seems pretty effective since my wound is almost entirely healed up, although the world essence that I absorbed during my sleep played a role in aiding the healing process…

The other side should not be a threat to me since it has not done any harmful things.

Thinking back, she had only been receiving help from this mysterious figure. First she received those fish that she loved. Now, it helped treat her wound. She really wanted to meet it to give her thanks, though she did not know if she would ever get the chance to since it had never showed up.

Since this only happens when I am asleep, should I try pretending to be asleep to see if it shows up at night?

Altyria nodded at this thought. After deciding to do so, she got up and checked the entrance to her cave. As expected, there were two roasted fish wrapped in leaves on the ground. It was still steaming with heat.

Altyria brought it into the cave to eat.

Once she filled her belly, Altyria checked the status of her body.

Overall Rank: E+

Spiritual power: Rank F

Soul Power: Rank C (SS)

Physical: Rank E+

Agility: Rank E

Although no trait increased its rank, she could feel that her spiritual power and agility will soon be able to reach the next rank. She estimated that it would take another month at this rate.

Thus, she continued her usual routine of taking the rough terrain to the waterfall and when returning home to train her physical body. At night, she decided to try to see if this mysterious figure would come.

She buried herself in her bed and closed her eyes. She started absorbing the world essence and slowly eased her breathing to seem like she was asleep.

Minutes passed, yet nobody showed up.

I don’t believe that you won’t come! Altyria retorted in her heart. Since it came so many times, she believed that it would come during the night.

However, she was left with disappointment. She stayed up half of the night and still did not see the mysterious figure show up. Disheartened, she thumped the ground with her tail before going to sleep.

In the darkness, the mysterious figure chuckled at Altyria’s actions. It had noticed that she was pretending to sleep. It stayed in the darkness watching her, but it did not want to meet her this way.

Since you want to meet me so badly, I shall meet your request.

It slowly receded into the darkness once again as if it was never there in the first place.

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Altyria woke up later than usual since she had stayed up late at night.  She thrashed in her bed in frustration.

Stupid, stupid, stupid guy! Dare to play me! Showed up so many times, but don’t show up this one time!

She snorted before fixing her bed and leaving the cave.

However, the moment she stepped out of her cave, her entire body froze and her eyes widened in surprise.

She had not sensed anyone near her cave, yet there was a figure not too far away from her.

When she saw that figure, her heart started beating rapidly.


She had not thought that it was possible to meet another one of her kind here since world essence was scarce in this world. She had thought she would be the only one here and mentally prepared herself for a solitary life.

However, what appeared before her eyes broke down all the mental preparation that she had made.

Before her eyes was another Lylin. This, she could not deny.

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