HAWRR Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (17)

She did not know whether he appeared to be unreliable on purpose or not. No matter what he said, Gu Shengyin made fun of him.

For example, at this moment.

The Demon King said: “So many sharks are thinking about you. How could I possibly tolerate it?”

Gu Shengyin’s response was to ignore this sentence.

The Demon King became anxious.

“Veronica!” A bright colorful figure appeared in Gu Shengyin’s view. Joanna sat down besides her.

Now, Joanna had also grown into a young woman. She was tall and different Gu Shengyin’s delicate features. Her facial features were bright and colorful. Her whole person was like a blooming red plum and there were also many followers behind her.

Joanna’s attitude towards Gu Shengyin had changed a lot since she was rescued from the mouth of the magic beast 3 years ago.

Although her mouth was as rich as before, Gu Shengyin was able to feel the goodwill that Joanna revealed.

Joanna enviously looked at Gu Shengyin, who was leisurely arranging her fruit. “I really envy you. You’re the only heir to the Duke’s house. You would never have troubles.”

Gu Shengyin understood what Joanna was feeling.

She was the youngest daughter of the Imperial Finance Minister and was extremely favored at home. The children of noble families had enjoyed the family’s brocade garments and jade meals since childhood. However, when necessary, they also needed to contribute to the family.

(T/N: brocade garments and jade meals = life of luxury, provided food and clothing)

For example, marriage.

Joanna’s eyes seemed a bit disheartened at the moment: “The family has already made a decision. If I can’t get the Second Prince’s heart by next year, I must choose one of the noble young men to be my husband.”

Joanna Raymond liked the Second Prince. This was what the Empire’s aristocrats knew. The Second Prince had been pursuing the heiress of the White Rose family, Veronica Lawman. This was also an open secret.

Joanna Raymond and Veronica Lawman were actually good friends. This caused numerous people to be shocked with their mouth wide open.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Gu Shengyin thought for a very long time and finally could only say: “There is no grass in the world, Joanna. You have to look at the side. Maybe the knight that you are waiting for is not too far away.”

Joanna laughed as she looked at Veronica’s serious appearance. The melancholy in her heart suddenly disappeared.

Although she did not really understand the meaning of Veronica’s words, it was obvious that she did not take the Second Prince in her mind.

She even had some malicious thoughts: Second Prince, look at you. You actually turned a blind eye to me. Now, your heart is nothing in Veronica’s eyes. Is this what the priest said about karma??

Although Gu Shengyin did not understand why Joanna had changed in a moment, it was a good thing.

Veronica’s eyes looked around aimlessly. Sudden, her eyes stopped at one place.

It was a man with long black hair. His hair was tied loosely with a silver ribbon. The facial features were different from those of the Carter Empire. They were rather soft features.

He was standing there chatting with others with a gentle smile on his face.

Gu Shengyin was very familiar with that appearance. She could draw it with her eyes closed. It was the appearance of the first world’s Ji Yu.

Joanna saw that Gu Shengyin’s expression was somewhat wrong. As her eyes looked towards that direction, she exposed a smile.

“That is the honorable leader of the Holy Alliance, Lord Linton. He is a graceful gentleman…”

Before she could finish her words, Gu Shengyin got up and walked over there.

Translator’s Corner:

Is this her hubby??

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  1. Isn’t Husband suppose to be Demon Lord? Or is it that Husband soul split into two bodies? I think that Demon Lord is definitely Husband since you should obviously meet your lover at the start of the Arc. Also the reason why the Demon Lord is different from the original story is probably because of Husband soul. Isn’t Lord Lin Bao just a look-alike? So confusing and anxious, please don’t misunderstand your Hisband for somebody else, Wifey!!! Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Ehhhh??? Someone else is the hubby? Just a look a like? It must be since there are so many signs that the Demon King is the one.
    thanks for the new chapter!


  3. It’s a trap! Watch him bathe in lotuses just to throw off the trail, and he’s the REAL demon. Never trust anyone with the word “Holy” in the title.

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  4. No, her hubby is the demon lord. LOL look at his personality, it’s leaking out. POSSESSIVENESS. Come on GS, wait until he has a body. Then you can smell all the lotus in the world.

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