A New Beginning (4)

Altyria woke up the next morning and felt refreshed. She had thought she would still be sore after yesterday’s training. However, contrary to her thoughts, she was in better shape than before!

She stretched her legs before heading out of the cave. Altyria was lost in her thoughts as she planned what to do for the day when her foot stepped on something cold and soft. She looked at her foot.

Hmm? Fish? This is the fish I caught yesterday at the lake!

Altyria felt baffled and wary. She did not sense any creature come near her cave at all when she slept. Yet, these two fish suddenly appeared near the entrance of her cave.

She sniffed the fish, but did not smell the scent of the culprit who placed these fish here.

Should I eat it? What if it’s a trap? Hmmm…I’ll just take a small bite.

Although she knew it was a stupid move, she could not resist taking a bite from the fish. Her instincts told her that the fish was clean. She slowly chewed on the fish. She could tell that it was caught and killed not too long ago as the meat was still tender.

Delicious! There is some sort of spice added to this fish. What could it be? Altyria tilted her head to one side while staring at the fish.

Altyria shrugged as she could not think of what it could be and continued eating the delicious fish. Just as she was about to eat the second fish, she noticed that it was not raw meat.

Can this be eaten? Did it get burned? Altyria hesitated on whether to take a bite or not.

She sniffed and poked it with her paw.

It smells more appetizing than raw fish…

Altyria decided to give it a try. She took a bite and chewed. Her eyes widened in surprise.

W-What is this?! This taste sooo much better than raw fish! The spice added to this fish enhances the taste as well!

Altyria started devouring the fish and finished it in less than a minute. She stared at the fish bones in disappointment.

She spread out her soul power to see if the mysterious ‘creature’ was nearby so she could ask for its cooking method, but she did not sense anything.

Her ears and tail drooped in disappointment.

Oh well, guess it’s time to go training again.

Altyria once again took the long rough route to the waterfall. This time she was a bit faster since she was going downhill so she did not need to climb as much. Going downhill helped train only her agility while going uphill helped train both of her physical and agility traits.

After she left, the mysterious figure that Altyria had hoped to find appeared from the shadows. As it gazed in the direction that Altyria left, it flicked it tail in happiness that Altyria liked the fish that it had roasted for her. Although it very much wanted to appear in front of her, it knew that it was not time yet. It had to wait a bit longer before it could appear before her. If it appeared now, Altyria might be wary and it did not want to scare her off.

It had already waited thousands of years for her to appear. It did not mind waiting a bit longer.

It once again returned to the shadows to chase after Altyria and watch her.

Altyria finally arrived at the waterfall after taking 5 hours to go through the rough terrain. Her paw pads on her forelegs were bleeding because she accidently landed on sharp branches when she jumped off a tree. This resulted her taking the same amount of time to go uphill, which was much more difficult than going downhill. She had no choice but to endure the pain and continue down the path to the waterfall.

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She slowly cleaned her injured paw pads and winced as it stung with the contact of the water. Altyria was mulling over the fact that she was not careful enough and got injured as a result.

After cleaning her injury, she proceeded to bathe and clean her fur.

Not too far away, the figure frowned when it saw Altyria’s injury. It hated that it could not personally clean the wound for her. If it did, Altyria would definitely be on guard towards him and that was not what he wanted. Therefore, he could only restrain himself and not go to her. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and it disappeared back into the darkness.

As usual, Altyria did not notice the mysterious figure watching her as she bathed herself. She was still full with the two fish she had eaten and did not have any interest in catching fish at the moment.

She slowly limped towards the tall boulder she had slept on yesterday. Altyria planned to take a nap again and sunbathe before heading back to her cave. She could not stay here too long since she injured her paws and it may take her longer to return home. Walking around in the forest at night was a dangerous thing to do. Although it was unlikely that Altyria would meet a spiritual beast, she did not want to be walking around in the dark with injured paw pads.

Her habits from her previous life were deeply ingrained into her soul. One of which was not to wander around in the forest at night. Altyria did not plan on changing her habits in this world because these habits that she had developed had always helped save her life or prevent herself from being in a very dangerous situation.

After Altyria slept in the sun for 3 hours, she slowly headed back to her cave taking the short route. She picked up some fruits and berries that she had found along the way and a small rodent that was nearby.

Altyria did not need to eat and could merely rely on absorbing world essence to provide the nutrients for her body; however, she liked the variety of tastes of the foods. In her past life, she did not eat at all because she automatically absorbed the world essence in her sleep. Thus, she never bothered trying to eat food that she had seen others eat and refused when asked if she wanted to try some.

World essence was the purest form of energy. Therefore, solely absorbing it would be the best for cultivation as it helped increase cultivation and enhanced the body. Food, on the other hand, either had no world essence in it or had impurities. It only provided the body with nutrients to grow and did not help increase cultivation. Once eaten, the impurities would be absorbed into the body.

Altyria was aware of this, but she still wanted to eat food. She had regretted not trying out new food in her previous life. Now she had a second chance, so why not?

She could clear out the impurities with the world essence that she absorbed every night from her spiritual array, so she did not have to worry about the impurities accumulating and affecting her cultivation.

Altyria finally arrived home when the sun had just set. She took a bit longer since she was also carrying the food that she had gathered on the way back.

Altyria slowly reorganize her food storage before lying down on her soft bed to sleep.

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