HAWRR Chapter 73

Chapter 73 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (13) 

Although this figure was extremely fast, it was only so for average people. For Gu Shengyin, who was a great sword master, it was not so fast.

However, although this speed did not seem to be very fast, Gu Shengyin unexpected was not able to avoid it.

She was forced back two steps and was supported by Joanna who was standing behind. The cloak that had been used to cover her face fell off.

The figure fell to the ground because of the momentum of the collision.

Gu Shengyin’s face changed: This person turned out to be Eve Heather.

The Demon King deliberately collided with her. The person wearing the cloak was considered to be a child of a noble family. As Eve, he did not know when he could meet her again if he missed her this time.

He had no other choice but to use this method.

The moment Gu Shengyin’s cloak fell off, the Demon King felt his heart lifting up.

Obviously he hated the color of those dazzling eyes the most, but he thought that the girl in front of him was so fascinating with her brilliant golden long hair.

There were her beautiful green eyes and delicate lips like flowers. No matter how he looked at her, she had the appearance like those radiant people he loathed the most.

Unfortunately, because of her, his heart finally started beating again.

I fell into the trap of love. The Demon King thought.

He lived for tens of thousands of years, and for the first time, his other half was unexpectedly a human.

What reason should I find to follow her? The Demon King thought quickly in his heart. From the corner of his eye, he just saw a magic beast rushing towards this side.

Gu Shengyin stared blankly at this small figure that was blocking in front of her get hit by an armored rhinoceros.

She felt somewhat confused as her eyes widened: What was this development?

The Demon King got his wish – The education of the White Rose family would not allow Gu Shengyin to ignore her savior, and she brought the wounded Eve Heather back to the Duke’s house.

The Duchess was almost frightened to death when she saw her daughter returning with blood all over her body until Gu Shengyin had reassured her with a brief explanation.

She was also very grateful to Gu Shengyin’s benefactor. The Duchess personally arranged for Eve to enter the guest’s house and invited the most prestigious healer of the court to heal Eve.

Gu Shengyin’s situation was not very good at the moment. She looked alertly at the strange man who suddenly appeared in her room.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

Gu Shengyin of course knew who he was, but she never imagined that the Demon King would appear so quickly. Did he actually want to start a fight directly in the Duke’s house?

Her hand was holding the guardian’s enchantment in the space ring – her godfather, the Archbishop of the Carter Empire, had personally set up for her.

The Demon King pretended not to see her little trick.

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He just greedily watched Gu Shengyin with an unfathomable elusive smile in his eyes.

“What a lovely little girl. Would you be willing to sign a contract with me?”

Gu Shengyin called for the system in her heart: “This is not the same as the original story. Wasn’t Eve Heather the one who signed the contract with him?”

The system also had a stupid expression on its face.

The Demon King saw Gu Shengyin’s preparedness. His heart was somewhat irritated. He thought inwardly in his heart, this little girl should not show such an expression towards him.

She should look at him with eyes full of trust and dependence. Her eyes should be filled with his silhouette.

“You have no choice but to sign a contract with me. Otherwise, everyone’s life in the entire Duke’s house…you can guess what might happen.”

Translator’s Corner:

Demon King vs MC!

MC is being threatened!! What shall she do? :O

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  1. “The system also had a stupid expression on its face.”

    Wahahahhahaha probably my favorite syatem of all transmigrated-rebirth-mission stories i have read. 😂😂😂

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  2. ”I fell into the trap of love. The Demon King thought.” Am isn’t it a little to late to think that, I mean you fell into that trap 2 life times ago XD


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