A New Beginning (2)

Thanks to her physique as a Sacred Beast, Altyria was able to cultivate spiritual power very quickly even though she had to rely on the spiritual array to gather world essence.

There were various types of traits that were ranked. The main ones were spiritual power, physical, soul power, agility, and elemental powers.

Spiritual power could be used to set a spiritual array, inscribe markings on weapons that could add an effect or amplify its power, or form illusions.

Physical included strength and the toughness of the body. It also included the body’s stamina and endurance. Strength was how strong the body was. Toughness was how durable the body was. For example, having a really tough body would allow one to be able to accept a beating without receiving any damage to the body. Stamina was how long the body could last if one was running or any heart rate increasing activity. Endurance was how much the body could tolerate from any external force.

Soul power was the strength of one’s soul. The longer one lived the stronger the soul was. Soul power was very convenient when scouting out an area or checking how strong the opponent was. If you couldn’t see through your opponent, then you’re weaker. Soul power could also be used to suppress others by exerting one’s soul aura.

Agility was basically speed and one’s reflexes. The higher the agility was, the faster one could run, dodge, or attack.

Elemental powers included fire, water, wind, ice, thunder, light, dark, etc. There were variant types of elemental powers as well. For example, purple thunder or black fire.

In her past life, she had the following ranks:

Overall Rank: SSS

Spiritual power: Rank SSS

Soul Power: Rank SS

Physical: Rank A+

Agility: Rank A-

Lylins were stronger in the spiritual aspect rather than the physical aspect. Altyria had reached the bottleneck of rank SSS and was the most powerful spiritual power user. However, at the same time, she was the most sought out by hunters who wanted her crystal core. The crystal core of a rank SSS Lylin was not only able to bring someone back to life, but also highly increase one’s spiritual power or allow one to use spiritual power if they had not been able previously.

This was the reason why Altyria fell in the hands of her ‘best friend’ and died.

When she first awakened in this world, she ranked:

Overall Rank: E+

Spiritual power: Rank F-

Soul Power: Rank C (SS)

Physical: Rank E+

Agility: Rank E

Rank F was the lowest rank. The ranks are categorized as the following:

F > E > D > C > B > A > S > SS > SSS > ???

Nobody had ever crossed the triple S rank, so it was still unknown whether a rank higher than triple S rank existed. Since Altyria was in a world with barely any world essence, this world was considered a low level world. This meant that the highest rank that could be achieved was a rank C. Thus, her soul power was lowered to rank B. If she was in a different world, then it would be higher. Additionally, she wouldn’t be able to turn into a human as her physical trait needed to be rank B.

However, because of her low physical rank, there was a burden on her body whenever she used her soul power. She needed to have at least a physical rank C to not have any burden when using soul power in this world. To reduce some of the burden on her body, Altyria only used it to scan no more than 5 meters around her.

In order to increase her physical and agility, she would need to either do training or eat the meat of beasts that would help increase these traits. By running spiritual power throughout her body muscles, it could help stimulate the muscles and make it easier to strengthen. However, this could only be used if one was below rank D of the physical trait.

Time flew by and five years passed. Altyria stretched out each of her legs and shook her fur. She had broken through spiritual power rank F- and increased it to F. Considering her circumstances, this speed of cultivating was very fast. However, once she reaches rank D, it would take much longer and harder to increase the rank.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site,

She tossed away the molded food that she had set aside and left her cave. Altyria contentedly sniffed the flowers before spreading out her soul power while walking around to sense where the nearest source of water was.

She found a waterfall not too far away from her current location and it was much larger than the lake she had used before moving caves.

Altyria ran through the flower field and into the forest. She kept an eye out for any beasts that would help increase her physical and agility traits; however, they were very rare because this was a low level world.

When she was 5 meters away from the waterfall, she sensed a strong beast heading there as well. It seemed that it would reach the waterfall 2 minutes before she would.

As she arrived, she slowed down and looked at the direction of the beast. It appeared to be a tiger. This tiger was three times larger than she was, but she was not afraid. She was able to sense with her soul power that the tiger was pregnant and would not take the risk to fight with her.


Altyria cried out to let the pregnant tiger know that she was here to clean and drink water. Although the tiger was just a normal animal, Altyria didn’t want to fight a meaningless battle, especially since it was pregnant.

The tiger stared at Altyria for a couple seconds before deciding that Altyria was telling the truth and walked over to the waterfall to quench its thirst. It kept its ears perked and occasionally looked at its surrounding.

Altyria paced over to the other side of the waterfall and started drinking the water. After satiating her thirst, she proceeded in grooming her fur. Altyria kept her ears perked, but also spread out her soul power to sense any beasts that are close by.

Although she had spread out her soul power, she was still unable to sense a beast hidden in the darkness that had been watching and following her since she had left her cave.

Its eyes glowed golden as it greedily watched Altyria groom herself from the darkness.

Author’s Notes:

Sorry for the boring chapter. Gotta do some explaining… XD

If there are any loopholes, I’ll try to fix it, but if I can’t, please ignore it. >_<

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2 thoughts on “TTTW 2”

  1. Maybe the future chapters talk more about the mc? The world building can come later after you’ve established the mc as someone we should care about. The first two chapters mainly concentrate on the system of the world, and the mc barely gets commented on. I’d rather read about someone I am interested in first, then slowly explore the world’s system rather than the other way around.

    Yeah…. other than that, the world stuff is interesting… SSS as the highest level makes me think of an rpg xD


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