HAWRR Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (10)

The Demon King felt his heartbeat increase – if he still had that thing.

The sensation that had accompanied him since he woke up had become stronger than ever after he came to Wangdu. Today, that feeling had reached its peak.

He felt his entire soul tremble. He could sense that what he had longed for had appeared before him.

He was going to find her!

Eve felt the scorching heat from the necklace. The Lord shouldn’t have a problem, right? She was somewhat worried, after all, that mysterious person was her only guarantee to safety in this strange place.

“Quick, quick, quick! All of you move faster! The fight is about to begin. Sir Barton is already done warming up. These little guys should also be released to go up!”

Eve had indeed been brought up to fight the magic beasts by the people from the Underground Colosseum these past few days, but she also understood that here was someplace else.

“You can feel at ease. When the time comes, I will help you. When it turns chaotic, take the opportunity to quietly escape. “The Demon King appeased her.

Soon, Eve and a dozen young people of similar age were driven into a huge iron cage.

These young teenagers were somewhat confused at first. However, when they saw the huge iron cage, the blood stains on the ground, and the excited spectators on the stands outside, the few of them suddenly realized where this place was and their expressions turned desperate.

They wanted to escape, but at this time, the cage was locked. The cage was made out of special stainless steel. With so few of them, it was impossible to break open.

“Roar!” A large bellow was sounded. Four large men appeared on the left side of the Colosseum. They carried a cage on their shoulders and inside was an immense tiger.

“Let’s welcome the King of the Colosseum – the sixth-ranked magic beast Thunder Tiger!” The anchor exclaimed passionately.

The atmosphere at the scene was suddenly pushed high.

Many nobles waved their hands and appeared somewhat crazy.

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Eve in the iron cage blinked. At this time, Those people who were dull once again understood their fate.

At the same time, a man appeared on the right side of the Colosseum.

The man had a simple piece of cloth wrapped around his waist that covered his muscles. He faced the audience and waved his hands.

The audience started screaming once again.

“Let us welcome the Hero of the Underground Colosseum – Barton, the Violent Lion!”



Gu Shengyin was a bit surprised that most of the people sitting here were nobles. She really did not expect that those nobles who usually had perfect etiquette would have such a crazy side.

She looked carefully at Barton, and the great swordsman, himself, also returned her with a look.

Gu Shengyin felt that it was somewhat unexpected. With a great swordsman’s cultivation, they could find a high paying job no matter where they go. Why would they want to come to such places where they were on the edge of life and death every day?

As Gu Shengyin thought, the giant thunder tiger was already put into an iron cage.

“Ah!” A shriek brought her back from her thoughts. Those children rushed towards the farthest corner facing the thunder tiger one after another.

But this was no use. The area of the entire cage was only so large.

The thunder tiger’s eyes flashed a bloodthirsty look and came to the nearest teenager.

Then it opened its mouth and exposed its sharp teeth.

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  1. Hmm, can someone remind me? Is our MC and her hubby remember each other? I read a few similar stories, so it’s got a bit mixed up in my head


    1. How and why should she save those kids? This is probably nothing new in this world and something common in the noble life. As a noble, if she suddenly did something out of bounds and made an enemy out of the colosseum, gee don’t you think it’d be suspicious 😑


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