A New Beginning (1)

It had been a year since Altyria woke up in this world scarce of world essence. Without it, she was not able to cultivate and strengthen her body.

The sun high up in the sky indicated that was in the afternoon.

She dashed through the forest arriving at a beautiful clear lake. She bent down to look at her reflection in the water.

Altyria was a Lylin Sacred beast. She had white short fur with crystal blue eyes. She looked almost identical to cats she had seen when she had ventured into the city half a year ago. However, her ears were a bit longer compared to cats.

Altyria cleaned herself and drank water before heading deeper into the forest. Her goal was to gather enough materials to make a spiritual array that produces and condenses world essence in order to cultivate.

Although she still had the body of a Sacred beast, without spiritual power, she was no different than a household cat.

Throughout this year, she had been mistaken as a stray cat whenever she had gone to the city scouring for the needed materials. If she did not have her ten thousand year old soul, she wouldn’t have been able to sense all the incoming dangers in the city and would have long been caught by humans.

Her last material needed for the spiritual array was a thousand year old herbal plant called kenflin, which she had sensed the location of it deep in the forest when she had used her soul power to scan the area.

Altyria trotted through the forest, passing by low ranked beasts who kept away from her as they sensed that she was a dangerous being because of her soul power. She arrived at an open field filled with various bright flowers. To her surprise, these flower had a bit of world essence in them.

Located west of this flower field was the kenflin herb that she was looking for.

She ran through the flower field and came to an area covered in toxic plants. The toxins produced by these plants did not affect her, but they were deadly to other living beings. Hidden behind these plants was a medium sized cave. It was slightly larger than the cave she currently inhabited. She stared at this cave thoughtfully before inspecting each corner of the cave. She nodded in satisfaction.

Altyria decided to use this cave as her new home. It was deep in the forest where not many other beasts roam. It was near the flowers that contained world essence, which could be absorbed by the spiritual array increasing the amount she could absorb into her body. And most importantly, the cave was hidden by large toxic plants that could ward away any humans or beasts that happen to come by.

Having decided on this, she ran back to her old cave, which was closer to the edge of the forest. It took her about an hour and a half to arrive there. She packed up all the items that she had by using elastic leaves that she had found in the forest.

After having made sure that nothing was left behind, she made her way back deep into the forest to her new home.

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Upon arriving at her new home, she carefully lay out all her belongings: a couple special stones and herbs needed for the spiritual array, some berries, dried meat, and shiny rocks and soft cloths that she had found in the city.

She put all the materials needed for the spiritual array aside for tomorrow. Setting the array would take a couple hours since she had no spiritual power in her body. The burden on her body would be great so she needed to rest to prepare for tomorrow.

Altyria made sure the toxic plants covered the entrance to her cave. She ate a couple berries and a piece of dried meat. Then, she walked twice in a circle on the soft cloth before lying down to sleep.

“Altyria! You’re my only best friend! Please, you have to help me! My fiance….”

The scene changed to a dark cold room.

“I have no other choice, Altyria. You’ll forgive me, right? I can’t afford to lose him. He’ll live on in your place….”

Altyria jolted awake as she panted. Her heart was beating fast as she recalled her so-called best friend trick her into the dark room and forcefully remove her crystal core.

The crystal core was the source of power and life of a Lylin Sacred beast. Without it, the Lylin would not be able to survive for long and would slowly wither away in pain.

Altyria shook her fur before closing her eyes once again.


Altyria woke up the next morning and ate breakfast. Although she liked tasting food, she preferred relying on world essence rather than eating. If she was able to set the spiritual array, then she wouldn’t need to go hunting and searching for food. She would then be able to concentrate on cultivating and increasing her strength.

Although she had not met any real danger this past year, she knew that there must be dangers elsewhere outside or in a deeper area of this forest. Additionally, if she ever met a powerful beast that had awakened from its slumber, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to protect herself. Altyria was sure that there were other spiritual beasts besides her, but she had yet to come across one. The ones she had met in the forest were normal animals that she could scare away with her soul power.

Altyria cleaned up the extra food and set it aside.

She surveyed the cave briefly before setting each material in the required spot to set the spiritual array. After placing the materials in the right spot, she then used her soul power to set the array.

Using soul power to set the array puts a heavy burden on the body; however she had no other choice but to do so. The reason why was because she had no spiritual power.

Spiritual arrays set by using spiritual power amplify the power and effect of the array. Soul power doesn’t amplify the power of the array but it does increase the effect just a bit. Using pure raw materials would only allow one to set the array at the bare minimum and could easily be shattered.

Based on her soul power, she estimated that the spiritual array could be set in 5 hours. During this time, it was crucial that she doesn’t get disturbed; otherwise, there would be a backlash.

After 5 hours passed, Altyria successfully set the spiritual array. She lay down in exhaustion for half an hour before checking the array to make sure everything was all right.

Her tail swayed in happiness as she closed her eyes and felt the world essence slowly gathered in her cave.

To her surprise, there was a lot more world essence gathering in her cave than she expected. She guessed it was thanks to the flowers outside the cave that supplemented the world essence into her cave.

Once, again, she lay down on her soft bed and started cultivating in her sleep.

Altyria as a Lylin Sacred beast specialized in spiritual power and setting spiritual arrays. Her species was most skilled in setting traps, scouting, and causing illusions. Lylin’s physique allows them to be able to absorb world essence in their sleep. This was the reason why their spiritual power rank were usually so high.

What Lylins were most hunted for was their crystal core, which held a tremendous amount of spiritual power. Because of this tremendous amount of spiritual power, many cultivators in Altyria’s previous world hunted Lylins to the brink of extinction just to use it as an elixir to increase their own power or to bring someone back to life.

What most cultivators didn’t know was that Lylins were also able to sense spiritual treasures. Thus, for those who knew of this ability, they called Lylins Treasure Fairies.

Unfortunately, Altyria was the last of her species in her previous world. She may be the only one in this current world as well.

Author’s Notes:

This is an original story of mine that I just started writing as a change of pace from translating. How you like it! 😀

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