HAWRR Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (8)

“Damn! The little slave actually ran away! If we can’t catch him back today, we’ll probably have to be beaten up a few times when we go back!”

They were the guards of the Underground Colosseum. They were preparing for the duel that took place next month. Where did they know that the little slave broke through the layers of obstacle and ran out.

They were responsible for guarding the slaves. If a slave was discovered missing, the consequences would not be beautiful.

“Hey! Look!” One of them found Eve shrinking in the corner.

The other person instantly understood what he meant. Anyway, the slave was used to be a cannon fodder, and the number of slaves was correct. No one would notice what a slave looked like…

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Eve Heather never expected that this group of people actually made her as their goal.

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“Little kid, don’t be nervous. We will take you to a good place and guarantee that you can eat and drink well!” Obediently be raised, give a good fight, and become rations to their treasured beasts.

“Don’t resist. Follow them.” The mysterious man’s voice suddenly sounded in Eve’s ear.

The mysterious person had their own considerations. He was now losing his strength. With Eve’s skill, there was no way to escape from these people. It was better to follow them first, take advantage of this time to restore their strength, and have a higher chance of escaping.

Eve obediently quieted down.

Those big people thought that their own words had convinced the little beggar and exchanged smiles with each other.

Soon, the 2nd of the following month finally arrived.

Gu Shengyin got up early this morning and dined with her parents.

Shortly after their meal was eaten, the butler said that the Bill family’s carriage arrived outside the Duke’s house.

“Good day, honorable Lord Duke. Good day, beautiful Duchess.” Lilith made a standard courtesy towards the Duke couple.

Mrs. Lawman’s beautiful face was full of smiles. She was really fond of this enthusiastic little girl. Sometimes she would think of her daughter’s and husband’s expressionless face and that always made her feel sad.

“Good day, Lilith. You came for our Nica?” She asked softly.

Lilith appeared to be a bit restrained: “Yes, Ma’am. We had an appointment to go out together today.”

“Well, Nica, are you ready? Don’t let your friend wait too long.” asked the Duchess.

“Mom, I’m ready to head out.” Gu Shengyin replied.

The two people bid farewell to the Duke couple and boarded the carriage.

Waiting until they couldn’t see Gu Shengyin and Lilith’s silhouette, the Duchess briefly complained towards her husband: “Look, all blame that cold, solemn face of yours. What are you scaring the other family’s little girl for? She’s normally a lively girl, poor Lilith.”

The Duke looked helplessly at his wife and said: “Nana, you know that was not my intention.”

The Duchess slightly narrowed her eyes: “Great Lord Duke of White Rose, come, give me a smile.”

Duke: …

Lilith pulled Gu Shengyin in the carriage.

“Scared me!” Lilith patted her chest exaggeratedly. “Every time I face the Duke, I feel more afraid than seeing the college’s superintendent!”

The Discipline Elder was the strictest old man in Carter Royal College. He was responsible for disciplining the students in the college. He always wore a meticulous black robe. His wrinkled face always had a mocking expression. The students were most reluctant to see this person.

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  1. I wonder if mages are automatically nobles in this setting. If so, Eve using magic in the Colosseum should be enough to save her. I’m still wondering how the MC will handle her husband being the Demon King though.

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  2. If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, jiamintranslation.com.

    This is annoying. Please translator, can you put it in different shades of color, either yellow or red? So we can easily ignore it while reading? Thank you


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