HAWRR Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (7)

Joanna seemed to have lost a part of her soul. She shot a glance at Gu Shengyin  before stomping away.

Gu Shengyin asked the boss to send the things to the Duke House before walking in the streets with Lilith.

Lilith came over and gossiped: “Joanna likes the Second Prince. She knew that the Second Prince had asked the Queen for a Siamese cat. I’m certain that she must have tried to get some plant fiber to curry favor with His Highness.”

She had a gloating tone in her voice: “She certainly did not expect that His Highness had given the Siamese cat to you long ago.”

Speaking up to here, Lilith faced Gu Shengyin with a lively expression and said: “Nica, do you think His Highness likes you?”

She carefully looked at Gu Shengyin and said while touching her chin: “Nica, you are so good-looking. If I was a gentleman, I would definitely marry you!”

Gu Shengyin’s reply to her was an expressionless face.

“Okay, okay. Just kidding!” Lilith saw Gu Shengyin ignoring her and trotted up from behind.

“I have something to tell you.” She said mysteriously, “Have you been to the Underground Colosseum that is located south of the city?”

Underground Colosseum? Gu Shengyin’s eyes brightened up.

Lilith saw her become interested and could not help but proudly say: “Brother Kyle got a few invitation letters – you know, these invitation letters were not easy to get. It’s on the 2nd of next month, how about it? Want to go and see it with us?”

Gu Shengyin was of course willing.

The Underground Colosseum was one of the darkest places in the Carter Empire. It was open to the public once a month. It placed their carefully chosen slaves and magic beasts on a duel arena to provide entertainment for the nobles.

For this kind of place, the genuine first-rate nobility disregarded it, but they would not forbid their children from seeing and exploring it.

Every soldier would have a longing for blood and a contest of strength. Gu Shengyin was no exception.

Furthermore, regarding these noble ladies who lived easy and comfortable lives, the pursuit of excitement was their nature.

When Gu Shengyin nodded, Lilith became very excited: “Then, that’s settled. It just happened to be a day off from college. We’ll meet you in the morning!”

Eve Heather felt tired.

The Lord in the necklace seemed to be in a hurry. She spent almost all her food and rest time on the road. She finally arrived at Wangdu yesterday. Then, she was tricked by a group of teenagers who seemed to be aristocrats judging by their clothes.

Finally, she could not stand it any longer. She used the Lord’s magic and beat up one of them.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

However, she didn’t expect to stab a large basket of eggs! That nobleman’s younger brother died on the spot.

(T/N: I’m guessing it’s an idiom that’s similar to ‘poking a beehive’?)

She was also hunted down for a whole day and night. Up until now, she only had a moment of breathing time.

“Lord, I can’t walk anymore.” She leaned against the wall and sat on the floor gasping.

The man in the necklace said: “Those people have been thrown off by you.”

Eve Heather calmed down. She still trusted the power of this mysterious Lord.

As soon as she was relaxed, the fatigue in her body rushed up and she became drowsy.

“Someone came!” The deep voice sounded.

Eve Heather opened her eyes almost immediately and the alertness deeply engraved in her bones allowed her to respond in an instant.

“It’s not the group that was chasing you.” Eve crouched down, allowing her body to huddle in the corner, looking no different than the usual little beggars on the street.

She hoped these people would not notice her.

However, things often turn out contrary to the way one wished.

Translator’s Corner:

I’m guessing the time is near the end of the month since they were going to the Colosseum so soon…

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    1. Lol, may be my choice of words. XD
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      And yes, some people call it that.


    2. Must be, as the thing that hatch from an egg is what people use to call the thing that “hatch” from a man’s testes *smirk smirk* 😂 Oh god, your comment triggered my brain from the dark side. *facepalm*


  1. It would be great if it was wifey that came, however coincidence does not happen that easily. Thanks for the chapter.


  2. Ohh this wordl is bloody…damish that unerground coliseum….they are disgusting…and I don´t like she going there so eager…I mean, I know she is a warrior and everything, but it really seems that she doesn´t know common people suffering…I just hope that these battle aren´t life and death battles (but that may be just my willful wish…)
    I wonder if I would enjoy this arc…you know I love Claire (Stunning Edge) attitude…she lives in this kind of bloody place too…but …ahh well….


  3. “she didn’t expect to stab a large basket of eggs!” <– I believe this actually refers to the fact she didn't expect them to be fragile/weak(using a hammer to a egg for instance would be overkill). I could be wrong. I don't have the raws so I can't be certain.


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