HAWRR Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (3)

A small newly born kitten, the size of a palm and whose eyes had yet to open, lay sleeping on the cushion in the basket. Only the nose was twitching from time to time. At this moment, it slightly curled its body as it might not be accustomed to the sudden brightness.

Of course I liked it! Gu Shengyin liked this kind of furry thing since her previous lives. She almost couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

However, she remembered Veronica’s personality and restrained her impulse with great difficulty. Yet, she couldn’t help but look at the little guy in the basket.

Little did she imagine, her appearance was more lovely in the eyes of the Second Prince than the kitten in the basket.

This beautiful astonishing little girl obviously loved this kitten to death. Her eyes stuck to it, but she kept a serious expression while trying to disregard it. In the end, she was still a child. The Second Prince felt that his index finger was itchy.

I really want to pinch her face.

Second Prince awkwardly tucked his fingers in his sleeves and handed the basket to Gu Shengyin: “I’ll give it to you. Take care of her. This Prince will often come and check on it.”

In a wild forest thousands of miles away from Wangdu, a thin figure was trekking with difficulty.

“Lord, why are you so eager to go to the capital?” The figure opened her mouth, her voice was crisp.

This figure was Eve Heather.

No sound came from the necklace. Eve Heather was not surprised.

She used her free hand to hold the necklace hanging on her chest that had a strange soul living in it.

Two years ago, when she picked up the necklace, she was simply a girl who was fond of beautiful things.

Until she saw the shadow in the necklace, or to be exact, a soul.

The condition given from the soul was very tempting: As long as she helped him find enough souls, he would tell her how to improve her qualifications.

Eve Heather promised on the spot. Even if that soul made her do something that was against God’s will, what did it have to do with her? When she was abused and beaten by her father, she had repeatedly prayed to the Almighty God to save her, but it did not.

(T/N: Keep in mind that this is a story, but if it bothers you about how she talks about God, you can skip 2 paragraphs below.)

Ultimately, she could no longer bear it and pushed the man into the river. She was really scared at that time, fearing that God would come and punish her who had committed sins. However, she was still fine.

From then on, she knew that the so-called God simply did not exist. In other words, the Gos who were up above simply were not concerned about the lives of these mortals.

Thus, when she knew that she had the opportunity to become stronger, she agreed to the request to provide souls without hesitation.

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Recently, the condition of the Lord of somewhat wrong.

Eve Heather thought for a moment. Previously when the Lord appeared, she always felt an illusion that a cold and gloomy viper was staring at her; however, this feeling disappeared since last month.

The Lord’s words had obviously become less and she no longer was required to find living souls for him. The only requirement was to rush to Wangdu as soon as possible.

Eve Heather had felt that she had gotten along well with this kind of Lord. If it was in the past, she would never dare to ask any questions.

“Don’t think too much. Don’t ask so much. What you want, I will naturally give it to you.” A cold voice appeared in her mind.

It was the Lord!

Eve Heather lowered her head respectfully and solemnly in reply to the voice.

Translator’s Corner:

Bow down to the Demon King!

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  1. Since the Demon Lord changed almost at the same time as Gu Shengyin it might be her husband… Then no wonder he is in a rush to find his wifey! Thanks for the chapter.

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      1. But in chapter 91, I think, they said she pick up when she was eight years old, right? Now that she is ten, it should be two years…


  2. Demon king as Ml?yessss I SHIP IT. Opposites attract ~
    Plus who doesn’t like an op Ml
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  3. People who do bad things eventually get their karma.

    So the potential love is either the demon king or the prince this time. ‘Twould be funny if it were the demon king who is supposed to eat her soul.

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  4. Psssh i wanted a beastman ML!! Why a hypocrite Demon King, where I bet Eve will somehow bé jelly of MC and then, revenge….. This is starting to annoy me a bit. At least a Demon is better (more interesting than a prince…)

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  5. ml is the demon king! definitely! also, it would be cute if the kitten turned into a humanoid form! a beastman/woman! thank you for the chapter!


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