HAWRR Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (1)

When Gu Shengyin opened her eyes again, she found herself returning to the pure white space.

She extended her hand, soft and white brimming with vitality. It was not the pale and wrinkled hands she had in the previous world.

Cheng Xizhi had no regrets in her life. Even if it was at the end of her life, she left the world in the arms of her beloved man.

Recalling Yuan Xu, Gu Shengyin subconsciously smiled.

“System, can you tell me now who Yuan Xu is?” Gu Shengyin asked.

She was not stupid. Since he could be with her in different worlds, he couldn’t be an ordinary person.

However, the omniscient system jammed at this time: “Searching for any information on Yuan Xu….Can not find any information on Ji Yu…”

Gu Shengyin was really surprised this time. She knew that the system wouldn’t lie to her. If it didn’t want to tell her, it would at most say “I’m sorry. The host’s level of authority is not enough.”

If the system said that it could not be found, then it meant that it really did not know what kind of existence her lover was.

Gu Shengyin was also quite curious. What kind of person could avoid the system’s detection?

At this time, the system said: “Does the host temporarily want to rest for a while or go to the next mission world?”

Gu Shengyin chose to continue her tasks without hesitation. She could not wait to see her lover.

This time, the mission world was a Western fantasy world. There were ordinary people, swordsmen, magicians, and magic beasts.

The world’s female protagonist was the first Duke’s heiress of the Carter Empire.

Veronica Lawman, who was the heiress to the Duke of White Roses, was a innate swordsman. When she was born and baptized, the archbishop of that time measured that she had a high aptitude with God and personally received her as a disciple.

Veronica’s life was also quite brilliant. She spent her whole life bearing the glory of the White Rose family. After inheriting the position of Duke, she fought for the Carter Empire for a lifetime. Under her efforts, the reputation of the White Rose family was almost the same level with the royal family.

She, herself, was also praised by historians as “one of the greatest women in the Carter Empire.”

Such a legendary figure, who was originally in history books, was killed by a cannon fodder from a small family in a remote town.

Eve Heather was the only daughter of a fisherman. When she was born, her mother died from childbirth. As a result, her father particularly loathed this unclear daughter and was beaten and scolded since childhood.

When she finally reached the age of eight, Eve pushed her drunk and dazed father into the river.

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Then, she packed up the belongings of the family and left the small village.

In the process of escaping, Eve found a treasure that changed her life – a necklace with a Demon King sealed inside.

The Demon King was sealed in the necklace for many years before finally breaking free. He was extremely weak at that time and had no choice but to sign a contract with Eve. This Demon King, who had lived for tens of thousands of years, had an abundant amount of knowledge. He knew an excellent way to improve Eve’s waste aptitude. In return, Eve would provide the Demon King medicine to restore his soul.

The higher the qualities of magicians or swordsmen, the more benefits the Demon King could gain from absorbing their souls.

One of the greatest goals of the Demon King was Veronica, who had the highest aptitude with God.

Translator’s Corner:

New World! Western Fantasy! \o/

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  1. Just thought that the characters backstory might be good for once but after reading the canon fodder’s..I just underestimate Chinese novel..she push her abusive dad into a river and resurrect the demon king…WTF?! Chinese people just .. why wouuld you create such devastating characters

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    1. I’m more inclined of thinking that Chinese novels allows you to see the selfishness and greed of humans, yet, at the same time, sometimes the characters are just plain annoying. 😉

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  2. Yes! Such an interesting plot! Yay! Western Fantasy 🤤 Ahhh! I’m so excited~!

    I bet that Eve is MC and Demon King is ML (very fitting 😂)
    *slaps money on the table*

    Thank you for the chapter! 🙇‍♂️

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  3. Well, the heroine wouldn’t be bad if she doesn’t start hurting innocents but as soon as she does that I’m all aboard the “Burn the Witch” train.


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  4. I wonder if the system gifted her sword skills or if she’ll actually have to learn them herself. Either way, I hope she’s not as passive this time as she was in her last two lives.

    Also wondering if she’ll ever take on the role of someone who wasn’t born into privilege. Not all winners in life were born that way after all.


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