HAWRR Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (26)

When Gu Shengyin woke up, she felt her whole body in pain.

“System, were’t you supposed to block it for me?” she contacted the system.

The system was silent for a while: “Considering a sport utility vehicle coming towards you at a very fast speed, the host’s injuries is considered to be very light. I have tried my best to avoid leaving any sequelae on the host. If the injury was too light, it would break away from common sense and be excluded from the laws of the world.”

Gu Shengyin: “….” A serious and dedicated system was really tiring.

“Xixi, are you awake?” Gu Shengyin heard a familiar voice and opened her eyes.

Yuan Xu’s face appeared in her line of sight. His hair was a little messy and his eyes were covered with blood vessels. Obviously, he did not have a good rest during these days.

Yuan Xu pressed the  bell to let the doctor come over and said her nervously: “Are you feeling any discomfort?”

Gu Shengyin was just about to shake her head, but thought of the character of Cheng Xizhi. Rapidly, tears accumulated in the eyes began to drop and her small nose also wrinkled.

“Yuan Xu, I’m in a lot of pain…”

Gu Shengyin’s poor appearance with red eyes and her shouting pain crushed Yuan Xu’s heart.

He scrambled in disarray and dared not to touch her easily. He began to comfort her like a child: “Xixi, be obedient. Soon, there will be no more pain…..”

The doctor came in quickly and after checking Gu Shengyin, the doctor was happy to say that the patient was in good shape. At this rate, she would recover very soon.

All that was needed was a long period of time to recuperate.

Yuan Xu directly moved his office to the hospital. Every day, the secretary brought important documents to him for review and signatures.

For the rest of the year, he was looking after Gu Shengyin.

“I don’t want to drink this soup.” Gu Shengyin threw a tantrum.

These days, she was fed a variety of bone soup each day. Gu Shengyin only felt like throwing up at the scent of bone soup.

Yuan Xu was very patient: “Last time, you will not drink this tomorrow.”

Gu Shengyin: “This is what you said, last time!”

Yuan Xu gazed tenderly at Gu Shengyin’s unwillingness to finish the whole bowl of bone soup.

On the back of his left hand were densely packed blisters.

Yuan Xu looked at Gu Shengyin attentively, her whole person filling his eyes.

Every time the young hospital workers talked about Yuan Xu, they all said: “There are not many men who are handsome and rich, yet still are so good to their fiancée. I also want to find such a man.”

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The head nurse will immediately pour cold water on them: “But that fiancée of that person is also rich and beautiful. You should stop dreaming. Has the patient in room 20 been checked yet?”

Even Mother Cheng and her husband were filled with emotion: “At first, I was worried that Yuan Xu, this child, was much older than our Xixi by a lot. I was afraid that there might have been a generation gap between them. Seeing his appearance now, I feel relieved.

What else was more important than a man who puts you in his heart?

Gu Shengyin once asked her eldest brother about the company affairs, but Cheng Boxuan only told her to rest and not to think too much.

“You can rest assured that Cheng Corporation is doing well! What you have to do now is to keep your body healthy. The company has Daddy and eldest brother. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“What about the car accident?” Gu Shengyin asked. She always felt that it was not an accident.

Cheng Boxuan paused for a bit: “I have found the culprit who instigated this accident. You can feel at ease that your big brother will definitely get justice for you.” However, he did not mention the perpetrator’s information.

Once out of the door, Cheng Boxuan looked at Yuan Xu who was at the sidelines.

“Has that person talked yet?” Yuan Xu asked.

Cheng Boxuan nodded: “It’s Cheng Yiru.”

Translator’s Corner:

Ladies, Yuan Xu is the ideal hubby you’d want to find~ 😉

Looks and money aside, as long as he treats me like Yuan Xu, I’d be content.

Cheng Yiru, the devil is coming for you~

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  1. What devil is looking for her? She’s already dead, sealed off her fate when she decided that GS must die.

    Thank you for the chapter! YX is an ideal hubby, most MLs are an ideal Husbandos~ 😄👍


  2. Daaaw, what a good chapter, thank you!

    btw what does “On the back of his left hand were densely packed blisters” mean? Did he get hurt lol?


  3. Ya’ll are talking about our main ship here but don’t forget to praise the wonderful system! Like goodness gracious, the way he responds to GSY is so perfect. Neither too hot or cold but just the right amount. I can’t help but compare the system to BaoBao -_-
    I mean, yes I do want a supportive system beside the Mc but I dont want it to be too immature and childish. So far imo GSY and System have the best chemistry together in all the QT novels translated in NU. God bless you System!

    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. He scrambled in disarray and dared not to touch her easily. He began to comfort her like a child: “Xixi, be obedient. Soon, there will be no more pain…..”

    Lol when I finish reading this sentence I thought “dude, you sound like a psycho who gonna kill someone to end their pain”

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