HAWRR Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (25)

The real trap was originally here!

She had been trying to avoid being pursued. However, when she turned around, it was too late.

Gu Shengyin silently called the system in her mind.

“System, please.”


The airbag popped out instantly and Gu Shengyin lost consciousness.

Cheng Boxuan held a special meeting here and waited half a day without seeing his sister come.

The phone rang and Cheng Boxuan looked at it. It was Yuan Xu calling.

“Boxuan, is Xixi with you?” Yuan Xu’s deep voice came over from the phone.

Cheng Boxuan wrinkled his brows: “Not yet.” He looked at his wristwatch. Normally, Xixi would have already arrived by now.

Yuan Xu hung up the phone. His eyebrows wrinkled as Xixi didn’t pick up the phone.

At this time, a breaking news was urgently announced on the TV. “Hua City’s time is 13:04. There was a car accident under the two high trestle bridge at the North. One of the vehicles involved in the accident was a sports utility vehicle. The driver was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. The other vehicle was a red Ferrari….”

Yuan Xu couldn’t hear the rest of the words. His eyes locked tightly on the vehicle shown on the TV. He was very familiar with the car. He had given it to Xixi as a gift for her birthday two months ago.

When Yuan Xu arrived at the hospital, Gu Shengyin was sent to the emergency room.

“How is she?” Yuan Xu grabbed a nurse who was in a hurry.

The nurse looked up impatiently. She choked on the words she was about to say by this terrifying man.

The man in front of her looked very calm, but his eyes were bloodshot red. The turbulent mad emotions in his eyes seemed out be out of control immediately.

The nurse felt that this man seemed to to be mad at the next second.

Her throat felt dry and carefully worded: “The patient has just been taken to the emergency room. The patient is currently diagnosed with four broken ribs, the right hand had been crushed, the sternum was fractured. Additionally, whether or not there is a broken bone penetrating the thoracic cavity has not been checked yet…”

The nurse said this carefully, and when she saw this terrifying man not moving, she hurriedly left.

Yuan Xu stood there alone, the nurse’s words echoing in his head.

Four ribs had been broken….Right hand was crushed….Sternum was fractured…”

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His Xixi was so delicate and tender, young, and should be held in the palm of his hand while being pampered and loved. How could she endure this pain?

Yuan Xu only felt aching pain in his heart. He only hated how he could not replace her in the emergency room at this moment.

At this time, Cheng Jia also came over.

“How is Xixi?” Mother Cheng asked.

Yuan Xu’s voice was low and numb: “Still in the emergency room. We’ll need to wait until the doctor comes out for the specific situation.”

Mother Cheng felt somewhat powerless and leaned on her husband while using a handkerchief to prevent tears from falling.

Cheng Boxuan walked over to Yuan Xu and patted his friend’s shoulders. “Xixi will surely be okay.” He saw that the man was already on the verge of collasping.

Yuan Xu looked at his friend: “The driver that caused this? Found him?”

Cheng Boxuan nodded.

Yuan Xu’s voice was very cold: “I don’t believe that this is a simple drunk driving accident. Try to make that man speak.”

Cheng Boxuan’s voice was not as calm as Yuan Xu: “You can rest assured that if this matter was man-made, whoever it was, I will certainly let that person regret being born in this world.”

The lights in the emergency room was for a few hours.

“Doctor, how is the patient?” Yuan Xu asked?

The doctor looked at the faces that oftened appeared in financial news in front of him. He also knew that the identity of the person who was lying in the emergency room was not simple.

“The patient has been out of danger and her body does not particularly have serious damage. However, the injury she has suffered was so serious that in the future, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to bear too much strength…”

All of a sudden,  everyone went silent.

Translator’s Corner:

Hey guys! I recovered faster than I expected, even though I got all FOUR of my wisdom teeth removed instead of two. Hooray! I had thought I would feel groggy or out of it for a couple days, but after drinking my meds, I feel fine enough to translate! My mouth is really swollen and sore though…..

Aww, poor GSY! Sounds really painful!!! Hubby go get revenge!!

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Glad you’re feeling better! I’m surprised the dentist went ahead with removing all 4 of your wisdom teeth at once. Most of the dentists I’ve seen only do one side to let your mouth recover and make it easier for you to eat.

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    1. My dentist left the choice to me, but I’d still need to remove all of my wisdom teeth sooner or later, so I was thinking of doing the surgery just once and get it over with. I wouldn’t have to put up with this another time . XD I have no problems with my upper jaw, just my bottom jaw, it’s really swollen. Makes my rounded face look like a rectangle lol xP

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    1. well, this is the type of transmigration story where mc will help “fl”, who is always hurt in one way or another, live a better life XD


  3. Why is she always injured. First being stabbed, now involved in a car crash… what’s next? Poisoned? 😂😂 poor Shengyin…


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