HAWRR Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (24)

Gu Shengyin asked the system: “Now that Cheng Yiru has been driven out of Cheng Jia and broke off relations with Yuan Hang, is my task in this world almost complete?”

The system said: “Not yet. The mission progress bar still falls short by a lot. I suspect that Cheng Yiru will not give up so easily. You have to be careful this time.”

Gu Shengyin nodded. According to the original plot, Cheng Yiru hated Cheng Jia and Cheng Xizhi to the bones. It was estimated that she had not yet given  up.

She contacted her big brother Cheng Boxuan and shared her thoughts.

Cheng Boxuan was obviously surprised. He did not believe that Cheng Yiru would be such a person.

Gu Shengyin said in a spoiled tone: “Preparedness averts perils. Big brother, pay more attention during this period of time. Recently, I always feel anxious in my heart. I’m afraid that something bad will happen.”

Cheng Boxuan nodded and said that he would pay more attention.

Gu Shengyin also called Yuan Xu.

Yuan Xu, himself, had no objections.

Contrary to Gu Shengyin’s expectations, the next day was calm. Cheng Yiru disappeared completely from the sight of Cheng Jia, as if she had really left.

However, Gu Shengyin’s mind did not relax.

There was always a faint premonition in her mind. Cheng Yiru was brewing a huge conspiracy.

When that day came, Gu Shengyin received a call from her big brother Cheng Boxuan.

“I’m sorry for doubting you. This time, our cooperation on a project with Dingsheng International was leaked.” There was still a trace of disbelief in his voice.

Although Gu Shengyin had no interest in business, she had seen the news about this project on TV.

The cooperation between Dingsheng International and Cheng Corporation was a strong combination with cutting-edge technology. Cheng Corporation practically invested in this project with 80% of the Corporation’s funds. This time, for the project to be leaked…

In the original storyline, the project cooperation with Dingsheng was leaked out from Cheng Corporation’s side. Cheng Corporation not only suffered heavy losses, but was also sued by Dingsheng International. Both parties were locked in a lawsuit for several years. This time, it had also become a crucial turning point for Cheng Corporation.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

“Big brother, is there any major problems?” Gu Shengyin’s voice was calm. She believed that with her own caution and her warning to him, there must have been corresponding protective measures.

En, I’ve kept my eyes open since listening to your reminders last time. This leaked report was just a peice of information that we switched beforehand and was invalid.” Even so, Cheng Boxuan still felt chilled.

His own sister that he loved for 18 years….

“Xixi, come to the company. Since they want my Cheng Corporation to have problems, I just happen to feel like beating them at their own game, and take a look at how many people have switched hearts.” Cheng Boxuan’s voice was cold.

(T/N: Meaning how many people are no longer loyal to the company.)

Gu Shengyin praised her big brother in her heart.

She changed her clothes and headed out of the door. She called Yuan Xu before leaving.

Gu Shengyin forwned deeply at the black Buick in the rear view mirror.

Something was amiss. This car had been following behind her since she departed. Gu Shengyin originally thought it to be a mere coincidence, but after she deliberately drove in circles several times, the car was still following behind steadily. This was not normal.

Gu Shengyin started to speed up. Thanks to the system, her driving skills were enough to be called ‘cool’.

However, the car behind’s hands were not without oil, and the two cares set off on a silent battle in the middle of traffic.

“What bad luck!” Gu Shengyin watched as a sport utility vehicle rushed towards her at a very abnormal speed.

Translator’s Corner:

Hey guys! Tomorrow, I’ll be getting two of my wisdom teeth removed, so I may not be able to translate. Be sure to check my schedule once in a while, or if you don’t see me posting any chapters as I may forget to include it in the chapter. That is where I’ll be putting any status updates or announcements!

Also, sorry for the spoiler(?) if it is one. 😛


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  7. Did the system’s functions get a serious downgrade? Shouldn’t she have easy access to pretty much all the information in the world? How would she not know about this plot before she even got into her car? It’s not like she wouldn’t have been gathering info on everything her sister was up to, and it’s basically impossible that anyone else is responsible for this.


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