HAWRR Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (23)

Yuan took large strides towards and easily took the things in her hands.

“Come sit in my office. Wait until I’m done with work, then we’ll go home together.” Yuan Xu lead Gu Shengyin by the hand to the reception desk.

“This is Miss Cheng, my fiancée and future wife. When you see her later, directly let her pass without the need to inform me.”

The receptionist nodded quickly.

She felt relieved after the two entered the elevator.

At this time, a colleague, who had temporarily left for a while, came back and the receptionist quickly spoke to her.

“You acutally stopped Miss Cheng?” The colleague’s eyes widened. “You don’t know that the CEO and Miss Cheng are well-known for their good feelings? You’re lucky that Miss Cheng has a good temperament. If it were someone who liked to bicker, you would have no place to cry!”

The receptionist wrote down this matter. Since then, she had been more cautious when dealing with people and made some achievements in her work.

Gu Shengyin’s days were very good, but Cheng Yiru’s day were not so comfortable.

After being driven out of Cheng Jia, Cheng Yiru had no source of income. Although there were some savings, she grew up being extravagant since childhood until now. Soon, Cheng Yiru used up all her money.

She tried to go out to look for a job, but she had been raised by Cheng Jia as a wealthy young lady. How could Cheng Yiru endure the hardships of those workplaces?

Originally, Yuan Hang often came to see her and provided her with living expenses. However, since the behavior of Yuan Hang was discovered by Yuan Jia, they were forced to restrict Yuan Hang’s actions and even went as far as to cut off his financial resources. Cheng Yiru began to be tight on money.

Being aware of that, Cheng Yiru finally couldn’t resist and began to contact some rich people.

“Pa!” Yuan Xu threw something in front of Yuan Hang. “You look at it yourself. This is the woman that you wanted to take home as a wife, Cheng Yiru.”

The person in the photos were all Cheng Yiru, but the difference was that the man who appeared beside her was an unfamiliar face. Additionally, they were clearly not the same person.

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Cheng Yiru was intimate with those people in the photos and people could know what type of relationship it was at a glance.

Yuan Hang saw his wish crack, but still insisted: “Impossible! It’s impossible for Yiru to do this!”

Yuan Xu felt his younger brother’s refusal to believe was ridiculous. He directly pulled him to stand up: “Whether is it true or not, you can see it for yourself.”

Yuan Xu drove to the small apartment bought by Yuan Hang and Cheng Yiru.

“Take a good look at the woman you put in your heart. See how she looks like when you are away!”

Not waiting too long, they soon saw Cheng Yiru and a man in his thirties who seemed to be holding hands going out of the door. They both got into the car. Right before the window closed, Yuan Hang clearly saw the two kissing.

Yuan Xu looked at his younger brother and saw his heaving chest and red eyes. Obviously, he was not hit by a small blow.

He didn’t say anything about it. He was aware that at this time, it was better to let him calm down.

“Are you coming home with me or not?”

Yuan Hang closed his eyes: “Send me straight back, Big brother.” He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to restrain his urge to kill that woman.

After Yuan Hang returned home, he shut himself in the house for three days. On the fourth day, he drove out of the house.

Mother Yuan was somewhat not at ease and was prepared to follow, but she was stopped by Yuan Xu.

“He’s so big, Mom. You should trust him to handle his own affairs.”

In the evening, Yuan Hang returned looking devastated, but with a trace of relief between his brows.

Yuan Xu knew that Yuan Hang was able to let go.

Translator’s Corner:

This little receptionist is kinda cute in my opinion ;D

Reality has finally slapped Yuan Hang in the face~

The truth hurts.

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16 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 55”

  1. Thank you for the chapter ❤ I wonder what Yuan Hang will do now… And I'm waiting impatiently for Cheng Yiru inavoidable bad ending!
    (the receptionist is kinda cute, tho ^^)

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  2. I am so disappointed that ex slag fiance didn’t become canon fodder. I feel this novel isn’t about mc deal with slag fiance, white lotus. It’s more like live with family or chase ml

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  3. I dislike Yuan Huan more than Cheng Yiru, hé just kinda kept her as a side chick, nothing more, nothing less. He should gotten his punishment as well, if this were a fair world. And I kinda pity her but she has hella lose morals (i feel a pattern).
    I just wish that someday there will be a smart enough FL to know when enough is enough, repent and get themselves together instead of getting or seeking revenge ( and actually feels remorse or smthg)…. And that the MC forgives them.

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  4. She already went through the exact same thing in her first life. Why would she do it to herself in her second? She should have just married Yuan Han in secret and use that to extort money from his family when they wanted to get rid of her, or learned to live sensibly.

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  5. Me to the receptionist: RESPEKKTT! 👍

    Well, to be fair, at least YH was able to sort things out for himself. Not unlike some other male leads, smh😒. Also, I love how the brothers still care for each other, albeit not that much, y’know?


    1. Ah, but he DIDN’T sort things out for himself; ML gave him a harsh slap in the face with the stick known as “reality”.

      Not once in this arc has he been the least bit resonsible nor taken care of things properly. I’m not saying he can’t change, but that hasn’t happened yet at this point in the story.


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