HAWRR Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (21)

Gu Shengyin had not yet overcome the fact that Yuan Xu was really Ji Yu.

Yuan Xu looked at the little woman who was staring at himself with a blank expression and couldn’t restrain himself anymore.

A sense of warmth hit Gu Shengyin’s lips.

When the two left the hot spring villa, Richard gave a thumbs up while facing Yuan Xu behind Gu Shengyin’s back.

Looking at the little woman’s captivating red face, Richard was sure that Yuan Xu must have made his move when the two were alone.

Looking at this situation, the result seemed to be good? Richard touched his chin.

Yuan Xu ignored his friend’s eyes. After saying goodbye to him, he leaned over to help Gu Shengyin put on her seat belt and drove her back to Hua City.

Soon, they arrived at Cheng Jia.

Gu Shengyin was about to get off the car, but Yuan Xu held her hand.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Yuan Xu looked at Gu Shengyin seriously.

Gu Shengyin blinked once, then once again. Fine, she gave in.

She leaned sideways and kissed the man’s face.

Yuan Xu gave her a kiss on the mouth in return. This satisfied the man enough to let her get off the car.

This man is really! After getting off the car, Gu Shengyin inwardly scolded that someone was a rogue, yet her hand stroked the area where she was just kissed a moment ago. A sweet smile emerged on her face.

Before she could think of how to announce her relationship with Yuan Xu to her parents, Yuan Jia dropped in for a visit.

“Cheng Ge, this is our family’s second child who let down Xixi.” Father Yuan sincerely looked at the Cheng couple whose complexion was not so good.

They all grew up together when they were young. Their relationship had been good all these years, otherwise they would not be tempted to become relatives through their children.

“We already firmly gave Yuan Hang a lesson. You can rest assured that Yuan Hang will never do this a second time.” Mother Yuan added.

Father Cheng said coldly: “We do not need to let him have a second chance. Yuan younger brother, the previous marriage agreement between our two families, let’s drop it.”

The Yuan couple looked at each other in the eye. As expected, Cheng Jia had this idea.

“Ah, Cheng Ge. I know that our family Yuan Hang was not sensible, but don’t I still have another son? What do you think of our family Yuan Xu?” Mother Yuan received her son’s eyes and said to Father Cheng.

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“What do you Yuan Jia mean?” Father Cheng had not spoken yet. Mother Cheng immediately got angry, “Our family Xixi doesn’t need to be married out. What are you shouting about the younger brother being no good, then shouting and putting the older brother on top(什么叫弟弟不行了就哥哥顶上?当我们家惜惜什么人了)? What do you regard our family Xixi as?”

Yuan Xu was aware of how badly Mother Cheng misunderstood his mother’s meaning.

Mother Yuan was also upset. She did not think it through before speaking at that moment. Thinking back on the words she said, they were indeed somewhat inappropriate.

Yuan Xu looked sincerely at Father and Mother Cheng: “I like Xixi, not because she is the daughter of Cheng Jia. Nor is it because of feeling guilty and wanting to compensate her. Uncle and Aunt should also know what kind of person I, Yuan Xu, am. If I didn’t like Xixi, I would absolutely not come here with my parents.”

“I hope Uncle and Aunt can give me an opportunity to take care of Xixi.”

Father and Mother Cheng looked at one another. When did this child Yuan Xu become so deeply affectionate with their own daughter?

Mother Cheng hesitated: “You and our family Xixi….”

Yuan Xu’s expression didn’t change: “I fell in love with Xixi, and is willing to take care of her for the rest of my life.”

Mother Cheng felt somewhat impressed. Yuan Xu, this child, his moral character and ability all didn’t need to be said. He was indeed a good candidate to be Xixi’s husband.

Translator’s Corner:

Yuan Xu successfully impressed Mother Cheng!

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  1. If he didn’t reject the engagement, our MC won’t be engaged to the brother in the first place. Good thing Cheng mama didn’t notice and gave the blessing

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    1. But at the time that he rejected the engagement, she was a child and he was already working, so of course he would reject it…. I don’t think they had even met when it was originally brought up….

      Thanks for the chapter


  2. Hmm… I think it’s something like this “calling the younger brother no good, then the elder brother comes on top” not sure if I word if correctly though… I pretty sure it means trying to cover up the mistake by pulling something else and said it’s better than the previous one…. something like that.


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