HAWRR Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (16)

De lao glared and turned his back towards the man who asked that question: “I just said it. You, this commoner, can understand what?”

That man became embarrassed and touched his noise.

Gu Shengyin was rather curious because she recognized the man who just spoke. He was a person who was considered to have prestige within Hua City. Unexpectedly, this De lao was ruthless and turned his back towards him, yet he didn’t feel any resentment.

De lao took a look at the man and said: “I’ll tell you in this way. This painting, even if I personally paint it, it won’t be better than this little friend Cheng.”


When De lao made his remark, many people sucked in cold air.

Who was De lao? He was one of the masters in the Chinese painting circle who had repeatedly represented China in the international cultural exchange competition!

Many young people were proud to receive a compliment from De lao, but now, De lao actually personally admitted that this 17 year old Cheng Xizhi was actually not inferior to him?

“Hahahaha.” Cheng Zhensheng finally recovered himself from the news that ‘their own daughter, from who knows when, became a master in traditional Chinese painting’. He immediately lifted this treasure in his hands to look at it.

Gu Shengyin blinked an timely sold meng: “Does Daddy like it?”

(T/N: meng = adorable/cute. Equivalent to moe in Japanese.)

Cheng Zhensheng smiled very comfortably: “Like! Of course I like it! Dad’s baby Xixi personally painted it, how could I not like it?” He said and hung this picture in the study to look every day on the spot.

Cheng Zhensheng proudly looked around and saw many of his close friends and business partners from the business circle compliment him. Many people also sourly praised that he had several good children.

The eldest son had an astonishing talent within the upper echelon of the business world. Needless to say, Cheng Jia had him as their successor.

The second son was not interested in doing business. Now, he was already a famous painter.

For their only youngest daughter, the husband and wife did not intend to interfere in her interests and hobbies, even if she was to be pampered and raised for a lifetime. However, they didn’t think that she would have amazing talents in Chinese painting!

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Cheng Zhensheng felt he had never had such a happy birthday before.

At this time, nobody paid attention to Cheng Yiru, who offered a valuable white jade statue. Everyone were expressing their appreciation and admiration for Cheng Xizhi.

Cheng Yiru bit her gums until she felt pain. She never expected that Cheng Xizhi still had a move like this in her hand. She originally wanted to make Cheng Xizhi make a fool out of herself; however, contrary to her expectations, she helped her instead.

(T/N: I do not know how she bit her gums. Perhaps, she bit the inside of her cheeks or something.)

Giving the hall filled with loud voices a final look, Cheng Yiru turned and left.

Cheng Xizhi, the future is long. We’ll wait and see!

(T/N: ‘future is long’ – there is ample time)

Yuan Xu looked at Gu Shengyin who was surrounded by everyone. The thirst in the bottom of his heart was growing stronger and stronger.

Each time when he felt that he knew enough about her, this little woman always brought himself another round of surprises.

She was like a carefully packaged gift. Only one layer after another could he see the surprise in the innermost place.

However, understanding such a dazzling process, he did not want it to be seen by others.

Yuan Xu’s eyes shone with a bright light. He really wanted to lock the little woman up in a place that only he could see.

Let her shine and bloom only for himself.

Gu Shengyin ineffably felt a little cold and shivered. She raised her head and looked around with some doubts. Today’s weather was pretty good.

When she turned to look at Yuan Xu’s direction, he showed a soft smile to her.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! The ML was like this in the previous arc, but he didn’t express it quite so obviously. I mean, he ordered the complete destruction of the illegitimate sister who dared plot against his sweetie’s life. We just never actually saw the process by which it happened. Here, we have a bit more of a window into his thoughts and his complete devotion to the MC.

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  4. Yuan Xu becoming a yandere. Hopefully he doesn’t go off the deep end and become really dangerous.
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