HAWRR Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (14)

The red cloth that was used to cover the object fluttered to the ground, and the bodyguards carried it to present it to the guests.

A burst of excitement rang out.

Yuan Xu, however, was looking at the red cloth that was used to cover the object with an ashen expression.

Cheng Yiru’s gift was impressively a white jade Guanyin!

Cheng Xizhi had been preparing for her father’s birthday gift this entire time. Yuan Xu knew how much effort Cheng Xizhi had put into this gift. He stayed by her side, watching her running every day to the master who was responsible for carving this white jade. Every single detail was personally checked by her, not willing to let it have any errors.

However, Cheng Yiru offered a statue of Guanyin in front of her, which made her nearly two months of hard work like a joke. She tried hard to give her father a surprise, but she was taken advantaged of.

Cheng Yiru was the first one to send an outstanding gift. If Cheng Xizhi offered the same gift again, it would only make people feel uninterested in it.

Cheng Yiru, who was over there, said: “…this statue of Guanyin was completed by a master overseas that I requested half a year ago. I also specifically invited Master Hui Jing to pass on the light. Daughter wishes for Father’s happiness to be as immense as the East Sea!”

The guests praised Father Cheng for having a good daughter who was filial. FatherCheng was also happy enough to keep his mouth open. (laughing I assume)

Cheng Yiru proudly smiled. Of course she knew what Cheng Xizhi’s gift was. In her previous life, Cheng Xizhi relyed on this white jade Guanyin to be in the limelight. This time, she deliberately rushed ahead and gifted this white jade Guanyin in front of her.

Cheng Xizhi, that gift in your hand for your father, can you still take it out now?

Yuan Xu, who was somewhat worried, looked towards Cheng Xizhi, and discovered that she did not seem to care much about it.

Cheng Xizhi was communicating with the system: “I was really careless. I forgot that Cheng Yiru has memories from her previous life. She clearly wanted to use this to shame me.”

At this time, only Cheng Xizhi’s gift was not presented.

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It was rumored that Cheng Zhensheng most…spoiled..and loved this little girl. The guests present were also secretly guessing what Gu Shengyin would give to her father.

Cheng Yiru sneered: Cheng Xizhi, what will you do? If you take out the white jade Guanyin that you prepared, you will undoubtedly greatly disappoint everyone. Even if you change the gift to something else, I do not believe that in such a short time you can prepare something else.

She was in a beautiful mood while waiting for Cheng Xizhi to make a fool out of herself.

Everyone looked at Gu Shengyin, but she did not speak.

The atmosphere became awkward. Cheng Zhensheng also noticed that something was wrong. He smiled and said: “What’s wrong? Does my Xixi not want others to see what gift you have for your father? Would you like Daddy to go back and see it alone?”

If Gu Shengyin really had not prepared a good gift, then as long as he said a word, this whole embarrassment could stop and disappear.

His obvious maintenance for her made Cheng Yiru clench her teeth.

Cheng Xizhi did not say anything yet. Cheng Yiru laughed and said: “The little girl can’t be too selfish. We can all wait to see what good gifts you secretly prepared for Dad!”

Mother Cheng gave Cheng Yiru a dissatisfied look.

Cheng Yiru knew that her words were adrupt, but she couldn’t stand it. Even if she knew that there were so many people rushing to rescue Cheng Xizhi from embarrassment when she had made a mistake, she, Cheng Yiru, wants to let her lose face in front of the entire Hua City.

Gu Shengyin gave Cheng Yiru an look with an unknown meaning. Not knowing why, Cheng Yiru thought that this look made her feel a little scared. She felt that something was out of her control.

Gu Shengyin opened her mouth and said: “Since my older sister really wants to see, then I will present in front of everyone my disgraceful gift.”

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  1. Gah, another cliffhanger! I can’t actually guess what she’s planning xD my tiny mind doesn’t know what she’ll be able to pull off, except that no doubt it’ll be vastly superior compared to what the witch has given

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  2. I want to slap the mc, I mean, she’s making mistakes in this world quite a lot or forgetting things, is her brain damaged from the transfer?

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


    1. I like the mc this way she isn’t perfect and she isn’t too op she it’s alot more interesting this way. If you to be put in a situation like this are absolutely sure that you can remeber everything and not make a mistake?

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      1. Honestly, you’re already aware of someone that wants to destroy you or your family and then forget/be not aware about that person, even with her already reading what kind of things or person that character is, she still ‘oh my, it slipped my mind’ well, I guess there really are people that dies from that kind of mistakes in the same situation, it’s realistic, really.


  3. I always wating for your update…. Please…i love this story very much.. So i hope you can update quickly..


  4. Huh, she doesn’t plan on to play a green tea bitch in front of their parents? Isn’t that by bearing fangs to their bias even worse for her own position? The IQ of this antagonist isn’t as well as I hoped at the beginning. But same goes for MC, she was not alerted about the vicious half sister and neither is she now, the tasks assigned to her are completed mostly thanks to her hubby ….


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