HAWRR Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (13)

Gu Shengyin of course saw Yuan Hang and Cheng Yiru. She knew the storyline well and was naturally aware that the two had mixed together privately.

However, Yuan Xu was till around. She turned to speak to Yuan Xu: “The things that happened between me and Yuan Er gongzi must be known to you, Mr. Yuan. It seems that Yuan Er gongzi likes my older sister better.”

Yuan Xu immediately understood what she meant.

He smiled in his heart, but on the surface, he only nodded: “Xixi, you can feel at ease. We, Yuan Jia, will give an account to Cheng Jia.”

(T/N: I’m going to start using ‘Jia’ instead of ‘Family’ if that’s okay with you guys.)

He paused for a moment, then said: “I am a close friend of your eldest brother. You always call me ‘Mr. Yuan’ which makes it sound like there’s a gap between us. It’s better to call me Yuan Dage.”

(T/N: Yuan Dage[big brother] is making his move in closing the gap between them. *smirk*)

Gu Shengyin: “……Yuan Dage.

Yuan Xu felt his entire body become free from worry when he heard her call him.

Yuan Xu moved quickly. The parents of Yuan Jia, over there, certainly wouldn’t be willing to renounce their second son’s marriage with Cheng Jia’s little princess for the adopted daughter. However, they were persuaded by their eldest son.

“Yuan Hang, he already has someone in his heart, and after marriage, it would be impossible for him to whole-heartedly treat Xixi. In the future,, it is highly likely that they will have emotional disputes. When that time comes, the two families would not have a marriage alliance, and would become enemies. Besides, Yuan Hang is not the only one who could have a marriage with Cheng Jia.”

Yuan mother was amazed: “Weren’t you always unwilling?”

Yuan Xu’s lips curved up into a smile: “That was before. I now feel that Xixi is very good.”

Seeing this, Father and Mother Yuan did not say more. The original candidate they chose to have a marriage with Cheng Jia was their eldest son, who was the heir of the family. But, at that time, Yuan Xu resolutely refused to marry a woman he did not know. The husband and wife had no choice but to change it to their youngest son.

However, Yuan Hang now had someone in his mind, and the eldest son was also interested in Cheng Jia’s daughter. If Cheng Jia was willing, they would have no opinions.

However, it would be absolutely impossible for Cheng Yiru to enter Yuan Jia.

Father and Mother Yuan were people who had experienced all sorts of winds and waves. They were perfectly aware that Cheng Yiru knew that Yuan Hang and her younger sister were engaged, yet still had an unclear relationship with him. Yuan Jia can’t afford such a woman.

This was how parents are. Obviously, this sort of thing couldn’t be over with just one slap to Cheng Yiru. Yet, they still pushed all the blame onto her.

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During this time, Gu Shengyin was preparing for a major event.

Cheng Xizhi’s father, Cheng Zhensheng, would turn 50 at the end of this month.

In the original story, Cheng Xizhi bought a carved white jade in the shape of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Guanyin, from a master at a high price. Cheng Zhensheng  ordered someone to carefully collect it on the spot and firmly demanded it to be put in the family’s hall. At that time, Cheng Xizhi was the limelight at the birthday party.

Gu Shengyin did not intend to change it to other gifts for this time. She just spent more time on selecting and collecting materials. She had to be extra careful and make sure that she did better.

Cheng Zhensheng’s birthday soon arrived.

Because his beloved little daughter said with special pride that she had prepared a gift a long time ago, Cheng Zhensheng specially announced that the gifts from his children would be opened in front of all the guests.

Nothing needed to be said about Cheng Boxuan. He was rich and overbearing, thus his gift was the most generous. His gift was the most expensive.

Cheng Qixuan delivered an oil painting that he had personally painted. The people in the painting were Cheng father and mother.

Then, it was Cheng Yiru’s turn.

Cheng Yiru was nicely dressed today. The white dress outlined her curvy figure, and the slightly curled hair added a charming look to her.

She noticed that all the guests’ were looking at her. She couldn’t help but to feel proud of herself again and looked towards Cheng Xizhi. She softly clapped her hands twice.

Two bodyguards wearing a suit carried an object covered by a red cloth into the hall.

Cheng Yiru stepped forward and lifted the red cloth.

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  1. The mc is not very clever (despite what the narrator likes to say), she should have expected this as someone tasked to counterattack the FL and prepared something different 😕 Just my opinion


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