HAWRR Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (12)

“I want to know where Yuan Second Young Master got the confidence to make this statement.”

Gu Shengyin slowly said: “Based on our relationship, I just returned from abroad. I only met your eldest brother once at the banquet. How could Young Master Yuan believe me, a stranger?”

“Moreover, my engagement with you was approved by both families. I do not believe that Yuan Second Young Master  did not know of it. In this case, your fiancée was drugged by someone at the banquet. You did not hear nor say anything about it prior to this. You’d even go as far as to question me for someone else.”

“Not to mention, where did she, Cheng Yiru, have such a large face where it would be worth it for me, Cheng Xizhi, to drug myself just for the purpose of framing her?”

“Yuan Second Young Master before you speak next time, please bring your IQ with you first. Otherwise, I will not be tranquil and even-tempered to explaining things to you like this. Next time, just directly leave!”

Yuan Hang was flushed with anger by her words: “Cheng Xizhi, you!”

“I made an appointment with my friends to go to the salon together in the afternoon. Yuan Second Young Master , goodbye.” Gu Shengyin did not look at him at all. This kind of man who was so easily deceived by woman, she, Gu Shengyin, really couldn’t put in her eyes.

After Gu Shengyin went away, Yuan Xu came out from a corner.

(T/N: I guess it was only just MC and Yuan Xu who was talking. O.o)

His eyes shone brightly with astonishment. Such a clever and eloquent little woman, he, Yuan Xu, had not seen before. Really is….a damned crazy person.

“There was nothing wrong with what she said. You are really confused and muddle-headed in the brain by Cheng Yiru, that woman!” Yuan Xu said coldly to his brother.

“Also, since you have already have a relationship(?), father over there, I will personally go and talk to him about the marriage with the Cheng Family. You are not suitable.” Yuan Xu said.

“Big brother?” Yuan Hang was shocked.

Yuan Xu’s face sank: “What? You shouldn’t be planning on getting married to Cheng Xizhi while your relationship with Cheng Yiru, that woman, was unclear?”

Yuan Hang’s face turned red. He really did plan to do so. Anyway, it was merely a marriage alliance.  It was just tying the knot and getting married with Cheng Xizhi, that woman.

Yuan Xu only felt anger fill his chest. How did he never find out that his younger brother was actually such a slag like this before?

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“Miss Cheng, we met again.” Yuan Xu looked at Gu Shengyin with tenderness.

Gu Shengyin was speechless. Both of them have “encountered” each other six times these past ten days.

(T/N: I assume that this is not the same day as when they talked in her house. So, ten days have already passed and they met six times during those days.)

Hua City was so large that she, Gu Shengyin, really could not believe that he didn’t have a hand in it.

“Mr. Yuan, how clever.” Gu Shengyin said with a smile. Since she discovered that Yuan Xu was most likely the reincarnation of Ji Yu, Her attitude towards him had always been good.

“Meeting is a matter of affinity. Would you like to have a meal together?” Yuan Xu took a step further and invited her.

Gu Shengyin naturally did not refuse.

The place that Yuan Xu chose was this city’s well-known restaurant famous for its exquisite cuisine and authentic taste.

When they left , Gu Shengyin once again, coincidentally, saw Yuan Hang and Cheng Yiru intimately holding each other’s hands and entering the door.

Yuan Xu turned and looked at Gu Shengyin’s face.

Although he heard her conversation with Yuan Hang at that time, he was roughly guessing that she did not have a boyfriend-girlfriend mindset with Yuan Hang. However, he was still somewhat unsure.

Thus, he tried his best to let Gu Shengyin see the intimate scenes of his brother with Cheng Yiru.

According to his observations these days, Gu Shengyin was a person who was extremely proud in her heart. Even if she had a good impression on him, there was no chance that she would be with a man who had someone else in his heart.

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  1. Why doesn’t he just go to his own parents and tell them that he’s changed his mind and that he’d like to go through with the arranged marriage to the MC? They’d be happy. Her parents would be happy. His brother would be happy. Her sister would (unfortunately) be happy. There’s basically no downside other than Yiru being happy, which he could totally fix later.

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