HAWRR Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (11)

Gu Shengyin discovered that she had returned to her own room at home when she woke up.

“System.” She called the system. “What happened to me after I fainted?”

The system played a video directly in Gu Shengyin’s mind. It started from when Gu Shengyin was beginning to feel dizzy all the way and ended when Cheng Boxuan took her away.


Gu Shengyin wanted to cover her face.

She held onto a person and refused to let go. She even let Yuan Xu give her a bath!

She watched it replay while feeling embarrassed. She could imagine how Yuan Xu felt at that time.

Gu Shengyin decided that she passed out at that time so she did not know anything.

“However, I still do not know whether Yuan Xu is Ji Yu or not.” Gu Shengyin felt troubled.

“Xixi, baby, did you wake up yet?” Mother Cheng pushed open the door. She saw that Gu Shengyin had awakened and felt very happy. “Boxuan said that you drank too much. He was afraid that you might feel uncomfortable, so he called and asked Dr. Jiang to come over and take a look at you. This child, how could he make Dr. Jiang travel a far distance just for a small matter.”

Although Mother Cheng complained, her eyes clearly showed her satisfaction with her son’s behavior.

Dr. Jiang was the Cheng Family’s private doctor. Gu Shengyin understood that Cheng Boxuan did not inform Mother Cheng that she was drugged.

“I’m fine.” Gu Shengyin quickly climbed out of bed, and also specifically spun in a circle to show that she was in a very good shape.

Mother Cheng said with a smile: “It’s good that you’re feeling fine. It happens that the two sons from the Yuan Family came to visit your father. You should also find the time to get along with Yuan Hang.”

Cheng Xizhi and Yuan Hang’s relationship were considered to be default. Father and Mother Cheng did not even think about concealing this matter from Cheng Xizhi.

In their view, Yuan Hang had an elegant appearance and was courteous to his elders, and was a good candidate to be her husband. However, it would be better if Xixi was liked him. If Xixi wasn’t willing, they also won’t force their baby daughter to get married to a man she didn’t like.

Gu Shengyin’s eyes brightened. Yuan Xu came?

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Mother Cheng saw her daughter’s eyes become sparkling when she heard her words. She also thought that her daughter was looking forward to meeting Yuan Hang and was very satisfied. It seemed that their decision was correct.

(T/N: Noooo, your decision is wrooong!)

Gu Shengyin arrived at the anteroom and saw Yuan Xu and Yuan Hang sitting there. Second brother Cheng Qixuan and Cheng Yiru were also next to them.

“Xixi, you woke up?” Cheng Qixuan saw his younger sister walking downstairs. He quickly got up, went in front of Gu Shengyin, and used his hand to touch her forehead. He felt relieved that it wasn’t hot.

Gu Shengyin greeted the two people.

Yuan Xu was always indifferent towards other people, but Yuan Hang was somewhat cold and indifferent towards Gu Shengyin.

Cheng Qixuan frowned.

“Cheng Xizhi, I have something to say to you.”

While looking at the bonsai trees on the porch, she heard Yuan Hang’s words.

“Yuan Second Young Master has something to say.” Gu Shengyin turned her head and said lightly.

Yan Hang’s tone was not good. She, Gu Shengyin, was not a person who would complain about someone’s virtue.

“My elder brother said that you were drugged. Yiru is kindhearted, so how could it be possible that she would do such a thing? Wasn’t it you? Did you say something bad about Yiru in front of my elder brother?” Yuan Hang asked.

Gu Shengyin got up and walked over to him. For the first time since she came to this world, she seriously sized up Yuan Hang.

Refined and elegant and regarded as an elite man, he didn’t seem like he had any brain problem?

“What are you doing, looking at me like this?” Yuan Hang felt uncomfortable with the way Gu Shengyin was staring at him.

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  1. God. He’s such an idiot. I can’t believe the parents ever thought he was a suitable candidate for their precious daughter. He definitely deserves the other woman, the scheming evil witch of a human being.

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    1. Stupidity tend to inflict to those that wouldnt believe their beloved person involved in nasty stuffs. Even with evidence in front of their eyes.
      I know a neighbor that wouldn’t believe that his son stole her money by using her bank card. The daughter had told her that it might be him. She deny and blamed her adopted son who came by to visit. When she went to check her bankcard at the bank, the bank personel said the card belong to his son. They even show her the cctv to confirm.

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  2. Who knew that one paragraph from the blinded fool would explain that Shengyin was drug and by none other than her older step-sister. The family must be so surprised. Thanks for the chapter.

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  3. He does because of that btch.

    Just because his appearance is “elegant” and “wise” or some sht doesn’t mean he has brain damage.
    He already has brain damage by the time he believed FL to be “naive” and “kind, pe! Those two pest are already dead in my eyes!

    Big Boss will take care of them.



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