HAWRR Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (10)

Yuan Xu looked helplessly at the little woman who clung to him, reluctant to let him go. He was not aware of the small smile that was full of love on his face.

Fortunately, although Gu Shengyin was affected by the aphrodisiac, she could reduce the effect with water. After Yuan Xu soaked Gu Shengyin in the water, her face was still flushed, but it was not like before, where he could see at a glance that she was drugged.

Yuan Xu took out his cell phone and called Cheng Boxuan.

Cheng Boxuan received a phone call and his face changed. He spoke to the people beside him and left in a hurry.

On this side, Yuan Xu hung up the phone and quietly stared at Gu Shengyin’s face as she slept. After a long time, he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

(T/N: He finally ate some of her tofu.)

“Little girl, provoking me, it won’t be easy for you to escape.”

Cheng Boxuan practically almost ran over. When he saw Yuan Xu, the first thing he asked him was: “Xixi is all right?”

Yuan Xu did not show his tenderness towards other people. His voice was heavy: “Now she’s okay. If I was a bit late, then something would have happened.”

Cheng Boxuan did not care about his tone of voice. He leaned over to see his sister sleeing. At a glance, seeing that Gu Shengyin wasn’t wearing the dress that she wore when she left the venue, his face changed.

“Xixi’s clothes?”

Yuan Xu’s face remained unchanged: “When I found her, the clothes she was wearing was already ruined, so I changed her clothes.”

Cheng Boxuan: Obviously his own younger sister was taken advantaged of, but he had no way of refuting and that feeling was stuffed in his heart.

However, in the next moment, his mind was attracted by Yuan Xu’s words. What did he mean by ruined clothes?

When Yuan Xu saw his expression, he knew what he was thinking: “You can rest assured that nothing happened to Xixi.”

Cheng Boxuan: Wait, are you familiar with my younger sister? Calling ‘Xixi’ so smoothly.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

“However, when you bring her home, remember to get a doctor to check her. She was given aphrodisiac. Although she looks fine, it would be safer to give her a check.”

Cheng Boxuan nodded. Without calling Gu Shengyin, he leaned over and held his sister to leave.

Yuan Xu unexpectedly discovered that he would feel jealous. They were brother and sister!

He watched Cheng Boxuan and Gu Shengyin leave through a special passage, after all, Gu Shengyin’s appearance right now was not suitable for others to see.

As soon as the two people disappeared from his line of sight, Yuan Xu retrieved his line of sight and made a call: “Hello, after half an hour, send me all the surveillance videos of today.”

His eyes were cold. No matter who it was, since they dared to make a move on the person he fancied, they must be well aware of the consequences.

Since the big boss had spoken, the subordinates moved quickly. In less than half an hour, the things that Yuan Xu wanted appeared in front of him.

“Cheng Yiru…” Yuan Xu looked at the contents of the surveillance video that were never accessed by outsiders. His voice was cold, as if it could freeze an object.

“Brother, this is not possible! You must have misunderstood Yiru!” Yuan Hang saw what his brother had shown him and said in a fierce voice.

“Yiru is delicate and kindhearted. How could it be possible for her to set up her own younger sister?” Yuan Hang absolutely did not believe it. He even suspected that this was all a self-directed act.

“Was it Cheng Xizhi, that woman, who said something? I tell you, brother, you must not be deceived by her. She is a vicious woman. You don’t know how she treated Yiru…” You have to say that Yuan Hang’s baptism caused by Cheng Yiru was quite successful. Cheng Xizhi was mentioned and Yuan Hang had a look of disgust on his face.

Translator’s Corner:

Tsk tsk. Yuan Hang, oh, Yuan Hang, what you just said above should be applied to you. 😛

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