HAWRR Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (6)

“Miss Cheng?” Gu Shengyin was shaken and lost in thought by this familiar scent until Yuan Xu called her.

She snapped out of it and quickly stood facing Yuan Xu while giving her thanks.

“Does Mr. Yuan like the fragrance of lotus?” Gu Shengyin asked, not knowing what attitude she use.

Yuan Xu laughed: “No, I never use perfume.

After he finished talking, Yuan Xu gave a nod towards Gu Shengyin, indicating that he had to leave first to the hall where his name was about to be read.

Gu Shengyin sat alone in a daze.

“System.” Gu Shenyin said with a trace of expectation in her voice. “You say, is it possible that…Ji Yu and I reincarnated in the same way?”

The system was silent for a moment and said: “In theory, this would not be possible.”

“But his scent is exactly the same as Ji Yu!” Gu Shengyin’s emotions were somewhat stirred up. “In the previous world, Ji Yu also had the scent of lotus all year round. I was always with him, so I’m definitely sure that he had never used any lotus scented items.”

The system was silent, as it had no way to explain phenomenon.

Gu Shengyin suddenly felt like she was alive. Since coming to this world, her mental state was somewhat strange, the entire person appearing to have no vitality. Although she had completed her task, she always felt that she couldn’t find any reason to keep on going.

Gu Shengyin was not the first host of the system. The system had several other hosts before her. They were also the same as Gu Shengyin. They fell in love with someone in a certain world. However, their lover died forever, while they, themselves, must continue moving onto the next world. It would be difficult for the host to continue to stand firm after a long time.

Hopeless eternal life was more cruel than anything else.

Out of the first three hosts of the system, two of them destroyed themselves.

However, Gu Shengyin was different from them.

Gu Shengyin was a human being created by that man himself. When talking about position, even if there were ten systems, they couldn’t be compared to one Gu Shengyin, but she was not aware of it.

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Gu Shengyin felt her entire body brimming with fighting spirit.

She stared at Yuan Xu, who was talking on the stage, thinking about how she could verify that he was the reincarnation of Ji Yu.

Right! Gu Shengyin suddenly remembered that there was a lotus mark on Ji Yu’s left shoulder. During the previous world, she had teased him that he might have been the reincarnation of a lotus fairy, otherwise he would not only have a lotus fragrance, but also a lotus mark. At that time, Ji Yu joked with her saying that the so called lotus fragrance on his body couldn’t be smelled by anyone else besides Gu Shengyin.

So, what about Yuan Xu? Did he have the same mark?

Gu Shengyin stared at Yuan Xu wondering how she could take this man’s clothes off and check it out.

(T/N: Lol, she’s gonna turn into a female rogue. XD)

After Yuan Xu, Cheng Boxuan, the successor of Cheng Corporation, naturally expressed some of his thoughts.

“Finally, please allow me to introduce my younger sister, the Princess of Cheng Corporation, Cheng Xizhi.” Cheng Boxuan smiled and looked over at Cheng Xizhi.

Xixi was not fond of the business world, but it didn’t matter. He, this big brother, had sufficient ability to protect her and provide food and clothing for a lifetime. However, these connections, Xixi still needed to slowly engage in it herself, after all, this was all her wealth.

(T/N: Above is Cheng Boxuan’s thoughts if I’m correct.)

Gu Shengyin elegantly stood on the stage under the eyes of all the people present.

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  1. I kind of want to know how she’s planning on stripping him. Is she gonna wait for an opportunity for him to be naked, or will she make that opportunity? And will it be subtle like spilling wine on him, or like, ripping off his shirt kind of brazen?

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  2. “Gu Shengyin stared at Yuan Xu wondering how she could take this man’s clothes off and check it out.” I’m just imagining people’s reactions if she said this out loud…



    Also, thanks for the chapter! 💕


  4. Reminds me of one novel I read where the ML had a birthmark on his ass and the MC kept trying to look at his ass. 🤣 I can’t for the life of me remember the name of that novel tho.


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