HAWRR Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (5)

“Ms. Cheng, I have been looking forward to meeting you.” A man held a glass of red wine for Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin smiled at him, and took a sip of the red wine in her hand.

After sending away the man, Cheng Xizhi looked around and found an inconspicuous corner to sit down.

The banquet was held to celebrate Cheng and Yuan Family’s cooperation on a major project. Yuan and Cheng Family had the presence of giants in Hua City’s business world. Almost all the prestigious celebrities of the business world came to attend this large banquet.

As the only daughter of the Cheng Family, Cheng Xizhi was naturally favored by countless people. Furthermore, Cheng Zhensheng’s love for his daughter was notorious.

For many of the men with social status, if they were able to marry Cheng Xizhi, they know that it was equivalent to climbing up Cheng Family’s tree.

Gu Shengyin was very impatient with this type of courtesy. She gave her heart to Ji Yu in the previous world. As a “person” that was created, Gu Shengyin’s feelings were quite simple: Her heart was very small and could only accommodate one person.

At this moment, she sat in an inconspicuous corner while coldly watching Cheng Yiru as she was standing amongst the guests.

As the Cheng Family’s adopted daughter, Cheng Yiru, although she could not be compared to Cheng Xizhi, was still more or less an existence to be flattered.

Cheng Yiru enjoyed this feeling.

She remembered the last days in her previous life. She had no way to receive any customers because of her illness. She had no financial resources to support living in the high-end community and had to move to a low-cost housing area.

Every day outside the door, there were all kinds of Chinese dialects spoken mixed with sounds of people swearing, sounds of small children crying, and cars honking downstairs. All in all, this type of chaotic environment was simply a nightmare!

What about now? She was still the young miss of the Cheng Family. Her previous life did not seem like a nightmare. She vowed that in this life, she would not let herself fall into that kind of situation.

“Miss Cheng.” A deep voice interrupted Gu Shengyin’s thoughts.

Gu Shengyin raised her head to look at the unfamiliar man. She slightly wrinkled her eyebrows. This man’s momentum was too aggressive and made people subconsciously feel nervous.

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However, Gu Shengyin was just frowning. She was a queen in her previous life. What kinds of people had she not seen? This man was still not enough to make her lose control of herself.

Yuan Xu was somewhat surprised. When he was a child, he enlisted in the army and followed his uncle for training for a period of time. This imposing momentum existed from genuinely experiencing harsh bloody training. Most people simply couldn’t withstand this kind of person. He didn’t expect that this seemingly delicate young lady was not the least bit influenced by his momentum.

Yuan Xu raised an eyebrow. It seemed that this young lady from the Cheng Family didn’t seem as simple and harmless on the surface.

“Hello, I’m Yuan Xu.” Yuan Xu held his hand out.

So it was originally the brother of Yuan Hang, the Young Master of the Yuanshi Corporation. Gu Shengyin understood.

“Mr. Yuan, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Gu Shengyin extended her hand to give Yuan Xu a handshake.

It’s so smooth. This was Yuan Xu’s first thought.

The warm touch on his hand caused his heart to sway, as if he was holding a warm jade.

No wonder people from ancient times said that nephrite was warm and fragrant. There actually was this type of woman.

There wasn’t much conversation between the two people. They only occasionally spoke one or two sentences, then sat quietly. The atmosphere between them was not embarrassed, and compared to the lively venue, it gave a sense of security.

“I need to go give a speech.” When Yuan Xu got up, there was some sadness.

Gu Shengyin, due to being courteous, got up wanting to send him off not thinking that her long skirt restricted her movements. Her foot got caught and her entire body fell towards the ground.

“Be careful!” Gu Shengyin fell into a generous embrace. At the same time, a familiar lotus fragrance filled her nose.

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  1. “Every day outside the door, there were all kinds of Chinese dialects spoken mixed with sounds of people swearing, sounds of small children crying, and cars honking downstairs. All in all, this type of chaotic environment was simply a nightmare!”

    asdfghjkl i can’t believe this girl is so weak. just this is a “nightmare” lmfao


  2. Huh, that’s funny, last time it was sister and half sister x two half brothers now this time it’s sister and step sister x two brothers again.


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