HAWRR Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (4)

“Big brother, I don’t want to go see.” Gu Shengyin held Cheng Boxuan’s hand in a spoiled manner.

“In any case, you are also a major shareholder of Chengshi Corporation. So, of course the people below you must know who you are.” Cheng Boxuan said unhesitatingly.

The Cheng couple loved their daughter and left Cheng Xizhi 20% shares of Chengshi Corporation.

Cheng Xizhi was not interested in business, and the Cheng couple also didn’t plan on turning their daughter into a successful career woman. These shares, just dividends, were enough for Cheng Xizhi to live the life of a princess for a lifetime.

Chengshi Corporation’s general headquarters was located in a commercial building in Hua City’s central area.

The new receptionist at the front desk put on her perfect smile and watched as her CEO enter the elevator. Afterwards, she became excited and said towards her companions: “OMG, the CEO is really handsome! But who was the girl next to him? She looks very young, but she’s so beautiful! Even the CEO, who always had a serious face, laughed in a gentle and soft manner. She shouldn’t be his fiancée or anything like that, right?”

Another girl took out a mirror to check her makeup. Listening to her companions’ questions, she laughed and said: “What fiancée? You haven’t heard of it, but our CEO has a younger sister.”

The new receptionist wondered: “Didn’t the CEO’s sister come to the company a few days ago?”

Cheng Yiru came to the company several times a few days ago.

A senior employee smiled and said: “One is a biological daughter and the other is an adopted daughter. You say, who is the CEO’s younger sister?”

The Cheng couple never concealed the fact that they adopted a daughter. Therefore, when the Yuan Family was choosing a marriage partner, they did not consider this incident.

“Who was the girl that was next to your CEO?” An imposing and chilling man wearing a suit gazed quietly at Gu Shengyin pulling Cheng Boxuan’s hand.

The Chief Director of Public Relations sighed in relief. He was arranged by the company to receive this person from Yuanshi Corporation, Young Master Dong. This person’s momentum was too formidable causing him, who had experience wind and rain, to become unable to breathe.

(T/N: experiencing wind and rain – experiencing trials and hardships)

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Seeing that Yuan Family’s Young Master Dong was interested on something other than business, he sighed with relief and promptly replied: “That was the youngest daughter of our Chairman, the sister of the CEO, Cheng Xizhi.

Cheng Xizhi.

Yuan Xu repeated this name several times in his heart. He always felt that he had a sense of familiarity with Cheng Xizhi. He carefully went through his memories and determined that he had not seen her before.

Thinking back once again, wasn’t Chengshi Corporation’s Cheng Xizhi the girl that his family had the intention to have a marriage with?

Was she Yuan Hang’s future wife? Not knowing why, when Yuan Xu thought of this possibility, he actually felt somewhat irritated in his heart.

It seemed that once work was over, he needed to get a good rest. Yuan Xu classified this irritating feeling from being too busy with work.

As if she perceived something, Gu Shengyin turned her head to look towards the side with some doubts, but she only saw the person’s back.

She shook her head and laughed self-deprecatingly. Just a moment ago, Gu Shengyin felt Ji Yu watching her, but how was this possible? That person, unlike herself, had long been gone.

When Gu Shengyin thought of Ji Yu, her mood fell instantly.

“What’s wrong, Xixi?” Cheng Boxuan noticed that something was wrong with his younger sister.

Gu Shengyin gently shook her head: “I’m just a little tired.”

Cheng Boxuan looked at his sister with worry, not having the slightest doubt: “Go sit in my lounge for a while. Later, I will send you home.”

Gu Shengyin nodded.

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      1. Oooohhh, that’s so romantic!!! They are soulmates…reborn and re-experience life together, over and over again til the end of time. I fall a bit in love with Ji Yu from his last words to Gu Shengyin.

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