HAWRR Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (3)

The original Cheng Xizhi had previously studied abroad. She was only 17 years old and already had two bachelor’s degree certificates.

“Second brother went to the exhibition. What about older sister?” Gu Shengyin asked.

After hearing Cheng Yiru’s name, Mother Cheng frowned and said: “I don’t know what recently happened. Every day, she acts so secretively. Sometimes she doesn’t return home at night.”

Mother Cheng had genuine feelings for Cheng Yiru, after all, Cheng Yiru was a child she had raised for more than a decade.

Gu Shengyin secretly pointed: Cheng Yiru is busy “exchanging feelings” with Yuan Hang. Of course she would have no time to go home.

Yes, Cheng Yiru, at this moment, was already reborn. She was one year older than Cheng Xizhi and was just 18 years old. She was reborn last month.

“Xixi!” At this time, a voice came from behind. Before Gu Shengyin could turn around, she was surrounded by a big hug.

It was the second brother, Cheng Qixuan.

Unlike the calm and steady eldest brother, Cheng Boxuan, the second brother, Cheng Qixuan, had a passionate temperament, like fire. Perhaps artists would keep this type of enthusiasm  to have a steady flow of inspiration forever.

Gu Shengyin looked at the family with a smile. She vowed in her heart: In this life, you must not allow Cheng Yiru, that kind of woman, destroy this perfect family.

“My parents, I’m back.” Cheng Yiru came in and saw the rest of the family members in the living room.

“Big brother, Second brother.” Cheng Yiru’s eyes sweeped the room and saw another person sitting on the sofa.

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“Little sister, you are back?” Cheng Yiru tried to control her heart-rending hatred, and called out with a smile.

Gu Shengyin slowly looked at her, their eyes collided.

Cheng Xizhi looked at Cheng Yiru: She was wearing a tight-fitted shirt. She was only 18 years old and already had a proud figure. Her shirt was stretched tight and she was wearing denim shorts. She revealed her long legs perfectly.

Although her appearance couldn’t be compared with Cheng Xizhi’s perfection, it was enough to attract men.

Cheng Yiru also looked at Cheng Xizhi. Her impression of Cheng Xizhi still remained the same as in the memories of her previous life. At this time, Cheng Xizhi  already had the look of a woman, mature and beautiful, similar to people’s honey peaches and astonishingly attract people.

The 17 year old Cheng Xizhi had some differences compared to her memory. Her skin was crystal clear like snow. This indicated, from a glance, that she was pampered when she grew up. Cheng Yiru grew up like this herself, but she had not been able to maintain the development of such delicate skin. It could only be assumed that some things could only be relied on their birth.

Today’s Cheng Xizhi, with a trace of youth between her eyes, had delicate facial features and had a revealed a trace of pride. At a glance, one could tell that she was a little princess who was loved and spoiled.

What Cheng Yiru most hated was Cheng Xizhi’s pride. She was always like this and never needed to think about anything. The Cheng Family protected her very well. Everything was well thought out for her. She only needed to be a little princess sitting in the lighthouse.

“The family had been informed one month earlier that I was coming back. You don’t know anything about your younger sister.” Gu Shengyin complained half-heartedly because she was unhappy.

Cheng Yiru gave her a glance: She came back this month,and just finished straightening out the memory of her previous life. How could she still remember when Cheng Xizhi would come back?

Cheng Xizhi had always been like this. It was only a trivial matter of returning home and she couldn’t wait for the whole family to pick her up.

(T/N: What a sour tone. :P)

Translator’s Corner:

Maybe this antagonist would be smarter than the previous one…

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  1. Oh~ a crafty FL this time!

    A change of pace, eh?

    Good luck at destroying the plotline, yo! Woohoo! Go MC! ML!

    And I’m so glad and happy for MC that she got a warm and happy family! I hope she accepts ML this time and also does she know it’s ML the whole time? If she didn’t I hope she does! So she wouldn’t be so heartbroken anymore!

    Thank you for the chapter!
    Good luck in finding your hubby too~!


  2. Wait…MC is a 17 years old , with TWO bachelor degrees??? (so she went uni at wat…12-13!?!)
    What sort of genius monster is she? And YET succumb to FL by a simple women’s wile….the power of book smart and street smart are that different,huh


  3. MC: She was only 17 years old and already had two bachelor’s degree certificates.
    me, in great horror: why. why would you do that to yourself. why would you not enjoy your time of freedom and youth.

    all these villains who can’t manage themselves and only know how to blame others are really annoying. even if she had a 180 happen to her life, as long as she’s not brainless she should’ve been able to manage her money well enough to live well.


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