HAWRR Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (30)

“What about the two assassins that attacked us that day?”

Obviously, the group of assassins that attacked Ji Yu and the ones who attacked her were not from the same group.

The former’s goal was Ji Yu, while the latter’s goal was evidently Jiang Lingzhen.

Gu Shengyin thought it was very strange. Jiang Lingzhen was a standard young lady from an influential family who practically almost lived all her life in the fu. She had only occasionally gone out and never caused any dislike from someone.  Who would actually want her life?

“The group of killers who targeted Ji Yu were found to be sent by the Crown Prince and his people. They were under the delusion that if Ji Yu was killed, the Crown Prince’s position would not be shaken. Little did he imagine, this caused the Emperor to reject the Crown Prince. Anyhow, they don’t have a chance.”

” What about the man who attacked me?” Gu Shengyin asked.

The system replied: “It was an outsider, Jiang Yunshan.”

In fact, Gu Shengyin also thought that the person who wished for Jiang Lingzhen’s death the most was estimated to be Jiang Yunshan.

She did not quite understand. There was no deep hatred between the two people. Why did Jiang Yunshan have to put Jiang Lingzhen to death?

The hate in the heart of humanity was really terrible.

“This outsider really didn’t not stop until they reached the Yellow River.” (“这个外来者,果然是不到黄河心不死)

There had been several major events the occurred in the Imperial City.

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First, Yu Wang brought back the army in triumph and encountered an assassination, causing the Emperor to be furious. After ordering it to be investigated thoroughly, the Empress was imprisoned in Fengqi Palace. The Crown Prince was demoted to Yong Wang and was commanded to guard the Imperial tomb. Jiang Yunshan, who was previously admired by everyone as the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei, quietly disappeared.

Of course, these major events were followed up by two other events that covered it up.

First, during morning court, the Emperor appointed the new heir to the throne of Tian Qi Dynasty. Yu Wang changing to Crown Prince was also within everyone’s expectations.

Second, on the same day the Emperor conferred the title of Crown Prince, Jiangfu received a decree for marriage. Qingyang County Lord Jiang Lingzhen was to become Tian Qi Dynasty’s newly appointed Crown Prince’s Imperial concubine.

“That kid actually asked the Emperor to directly give him a marriage!” Jiang General was very unhappy.

“I have seen the Crown Prince’s sincerity towards Ah Zhen. You haven’t seen Ah Zhen on that day when she was attacked. The Crown Prince’s expression, even as a mother, I still feel frightened.” (太子那个神色,连我这个当娘的,看着都觉得心惊) Princess Wencheng who could still remember it to this day was somewhat flustered. Ji Yu’s expression at that time faintly revealed madness. If Ah Zhen did not wake up at that time, who knows what he would do.

No matter how Princess Wencheng and Jiang General thought, Gu Shengyin and Ji Yu, the people who were involved, were undoubtedly happy.

The Crown Prince’s and Crown Princess’ wedding was discussed by hundreds of families in the Imperial City for a long time. Even after a long time, as long as there was a family who was having a wedding, people would speak how grand it was, however, there would be other people who would refute: “Grand? What was this regarded as? You haven’t seen the wedding of His Majesty and the Empress back then. That was genuinely incomparable.”

Gu Shengyin completed her task and became the most respected woman in this dynasty.

The story of Tian Qi Dynasty’s Emperor Yu making a trip up the mountains for filial piety to Empress Dowager Zhao was also discussed enthusiastically even after thousands of years.

The Holy Emperor was the only Emperor whose harem didn’t receive any Imperial concubines. He spent his whole lifetime guarding his one Empress, even tagging along to go to up the mountain for filial piety to Empress Dowager Zhao for a day.

To live and die together. These two people genuinely accomplished this.

“System, I finally know why humans only need to live a lifetime for it to be enough.” Gu Shengyin returned to the white space, her eyes shed a tear. Have you ever been accompanied by such a person in your life?

On her right hand, it seemed as if that person’s body temperature still remained. In the last moment of his life, Ji Yu held Gu Shengyin’s hand: “Ah Zhen, being able to accomapny you in this life is Ji Yu’s fortune.”

Translator’s Corner:

End of the first arc! There’s an extra chapter that talks about Jiang Yunshan. Perhaps you guys will understand her a bit more. 🙂

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  1. I don’t think I want to understand how villains think ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ but whatever excuses she can cook up, it better be worth it.( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  2. I’ve been reading a lot of quick transmigration novels lately… And lately the trend is ending an ark…
    Well that’s nice a GE in the firat world.
    I want to guess what would the next world be… Let’s see, Ancient setting (done), maybe a modern/business setting one will come up next?


      1. Yay! I am correct! Modern world eh? Now the next question is in what setting? School life, business, entertainment, mafia, and what else? I think I did throw my bet to a Business setting, didn’t I? Hahaha… Thanks for the translation


  3. Thanks for the update!

    It ended already, I want to see more face slapping ah.

    MC is quite innocent and naive. Very different from most transmigration novel I’ve read. Hehehe

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  4. Eyyy! Another arc! Looking forward to it! Maybe next arc is fantasy world or idol/model world?

    They’re so cute and heartwarming! Their love can’t be express in words~! Poor MC, don’t worry! ML will always follow!!!


  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    不到黄河心不死 to not stop until one reaches the Yellow River is an idiom meaning to persevere until one reaches one’s goal or to keep going while some hope is left.

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  6. I’m not satisfied! Where is the promised fluffy moments? Like srsly? That’s it? Nooo
    It feels a bit rushed IMO, and not even a satisfying one last time face slapping for the cannon fodder. Tsk.

    But then again, it’s better than other similar genres. Thanks for translating!


    1. The romance development gets much better later in the story as the author gets better in planning the story iirc


    1. Unfortunately, the author didn’t write any for this world. If I recall correctly, the romance process should be better in the later worlds.


  7. Thank you so much for translating this entire first arc! I do wish that Gu Shengyin had been able to do more than spread a few rumors… but overall, I enjoyed her romance with the ML, her happy ending, and getting to see that poisonous Crown Prince and shu daughter get screwed over at last. Great work!

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  8. I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I’m under the impression of concubine is not legal wife, so I think it would be better if GSY married the prince and become “Prince’s Consort” rather than “Imperial Concubine”. (>.<)


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