HAWRR Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (29)

Ji Yu’s hands had never trembled like this before. Feeling shaken, for a moment, he felt that his world would collapse.

His beloved woman’s face was slightly pale due to blood loss, but she still managed to keep her smile. Gu Shengyin felt a little dizzy and looked at Ji Yu with some difficulty. She suddenly remembered that she still had something to say to him.

“I still haven’t said to you, I…love…” Ji Yu suddenly raised his hand to stop Gu Shengyin’s words. “Don’t talk for now.”

He buried his head in Gu Shengyin’s neck, not allowing anyone to see his face: “Wait until you get better, then tell me.”

Gu Shengyin was feeling dizzy at this time. She felt her consciousness sink into deep sleep before she could answer Ji Yu.

Princess Wencheng looked at her daughter who fainted, life or death unknown.

She whistled to find someone to bring the County Lord to the Imperial doctor. When Ji Yu saw her, he suddenly got up and cautiously held Gu Shengyin with care.

“What are you doing?” asked Princess Wencheng.

“Go directly to the Palace and not waste time.” Ji Yu hadn’t finished speaking and had already lifted his leg to walk.

When Gu Shengyin woke up, she was unable to tell whether it was day or night. She did not know how long she had slept. She only felt that her whole body was weak with no strength.

“System.” Gu Shengyin shouted in her heart. “Where am I right now?”

She was somewhat afraid. She feared that she was in the space where she first awakened at.

She admitted that she was reluctant to part with Princess Wencheng, reluctant to part with Jiang General, and also reluctant to part with……Ji Yu.

“The host had been in a coma for six days in the mission world. It is recommended that the host wake up as soon as possible, otherwise the task would be difficult to complete.” The system’s voice passed over.

The system somewhat blamed itself for not promptly warning the host. This caused the host to be injured. It was determined to work harder in the future and be a more responsible system.

Gu Shengyin opened her eyes and what came into her eyes were unfamiliar.

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This was not her room, nor was it anywhere in Jiangfu.

“Did the County Lord wake up?” A surprised voice was heard.

Gu Shengyin stared at the palace maid dressed in a light green palace attire and watched her dress up. Gu Shengyin knew she was in the Palace at this moment.

The palace maid walked over with joy and poured a cup of tea for Gu Shengyin. The tea was warm as it entered her mouth, which indicated that it had been prepared for her.

Another palace maid hurriedly went out.

“Does the County Lord have any discomfort? Or want to eat some food?” asked the palace maid in green clothing.

Gu Shengyin shook her head slightly. At the moment, she only felt very scared.

Soon, there was a figure coming over and there was the smell of a familiar lotus fragrance. Gu Shengyin knew that it was Ji Yu.

“Ah Zhen!” Ji Yu’s eyes were bright. Only the Heavens knew how much he wanted to guard his sweetheart’s side and keep watch until she woke up, but he could not.

He could not allow others, especially his Father, knknow how much he cares for her.

That person was a standard Emperor and would never allow his promising heir to be influenced by such a woman.

The two of them shared their innermost feelings, and before long, Princess Wencheng and Jiang General came.

After learning from the doctor that her daughter had no serious problems and only required a good rest, Princess Wencheng couldn’t help but to bring Gu Shengyin back to Jiangfu.

Gu Shengyin faced towards Ji Yu and blinked at him.

After returning to Jiangfu, Gu Shengyin was provided all kinds of tonic, while trying to find the time to ask the system about the present situation.

The system replied very thoroughly and detailed.

The evidence of the Crown Prince’s private dealings with officials that Gu Shengyin provided made the Emperor furious. This was the most taboo for a ruler. How could he allow others who were leaning on the side sleep soundly? In the eyes of the Emperor, this matter could be much more serious than poisoning the first Empress.

The Crown Prince was now an abandoned Crown Prince.

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