HAWRR Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (25)

The Empress’ hand was steady. She slowly picked up the book from the ground.

There were a number of things that were listed in detail in the book, such as what opponents she had persecuted when she was young, which ladies she had harmed by causing abortion, or who she had trapped.

The Empress was not afraid at all. Those people have long been buried under the palace as a pile of dried bones. The Emperor might not even remember it. It was even more impossible that the Emperor came to severely punish the Empress that had accompanied Him for more than twenty years because of what she did listed in the book.

However, the Emperor’s hope in his eyes shattered. The older she got, the more difficult to favor and pet her in the recent years. She was not concerned about whether the Emperor favored her or not. She was more worried that the Emperor would retaliate against the Crown Prince.

The Empress’ hand shook when she saw a name on one of the pages when she flipped through the book.

It was originally because of this, the reason why the Emperor was emotionally stirred up. It was because he finally discovered this secret.

The late Empress, her older sister, was Empress Yuan. During her whole lifetime, she couldn’t erase her from this man’s mind.

“Your Majesty, what is your intention with this matter?” After panicking for a moment, the Empress slowly calmed down.

“What matter?” The Emperor originally appreciated how his Empress’ appearance did not change, however, at this moment, he felt that this face was very disgusting.

“The matter of Ah Yue’s difficulty during childbirth back then was not an accident? Do I need to ask you to tell me personally?” The Emperor watched the Empress with red eyes.

“Isn’t Your Majesty already clear about it? Why should you ask me to tell you?” The Empress gently rearranged her few scattered hair. “Yes, it was me. Back then, because of being too jealous of my older sister, I bribed the midwife when she was giving birth. I originally planned for one corpse with two lives. I didn’t expect that little one would have such a big life.”

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“Pa!” The Empress was slapped on one side of her face.

“Poisonous woman!”

The Empress suddenly laughed: “Poisonous woman? Yes, I’m a poisonous woman! She, Li Yue, is the most perfect and virtuous woman! But wasn’t she still killed by me quietly? I’ve become the Empress. My son is the Crown Prince. And her? Her son is now a Buddhist monk in the temple!”

The Emperor was trembling from head to toe with anger. He looked at this person who had accompanied him for more than twenty years. He felt that he had never known her.

“Come! The Empress suddenly became ill and is inconvenient to receive guests. Huang Qi Palace will not accept visitors!” The Emperor did not look back as he left the Empress’ palace.

During this time, the Imperial City sensed that a storm was approaching.

The Empress was seriously ill and declining visitors. The Crown Prince was house arrested in disguise. Many people were sensitive and was aware that the Heavens on this day would be changed.

Especially since this time, the Emperor suddenly made an Imperial decree.

To welcome the the eldest prince, who had been praying for the Imperial family at Qianlong Temple, back to the Imperial Palace.

For many years, the eldest prince had been a transparent person in the Imperial City. Many people had almost forgotten that he was originally the most honored prince, however, he had spent more than ten years living in the temple.

“Has the Emperor finally figured it out?” Jiang General asked his wife.

They all knew that the late Empress was the threshold that the Emperor had difficulty overcoming. The Emperor blamed the late Empress’ death on the eldest prince. He didn’t even take a glance at him, the son of Empress Yuan. He wasn’t even treated as good as the slaves in the Imperial Palace. Ultimately, the Emperor didn’t wish to see him and sent him to Qianlong Temple.

At that time, Jiang General and some other important officials had discouraged him. However, the Emperor’s mind was determined and there was no room of changing this decision.

“That child finally got out of the fire. It’s been tough on him these years.” Princess Wencheng was rather deeply moved.

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  1. Wahahaha!!! First!
    Yo, Yuna!! It’s been a while since I had time to read, I just binged from chap 18 to 26. Thanks for the updates!


    1. To be honest, these types of villainesses are so common in the Chinese novels that I read through MTL, that I got sick of them. But at least, the MC is not a coward XD


  2. The empress kill her sister? it is like zhen hua but the prince does not live.
    thx for your hard work.
    (oh, and how do you add your chapter in NU. My friends want to translated some chapter of a very unpopular novel.)


    1. On your profile page on NU, you’ll see “Add release”, “Add series”, etc next to your profile pic. Click on the one you want and follow the instructions. 🙂


  3. Why the heck would she admit it and even bring her son and nephew into it? Did she suddenly decide that if she couldn’t be empress anymore, then she should drag her son down with her?

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    1. She probably knew that her son wouldn’t be able to escape punishment and he had already disappointed the Emperor too much already.


  4. effin’ called it, but heck, if this empress spent half as much effort into raising her own son compared to pulling other and their offsprings down… he wouldn’t be such a slag that caused this meltdown to begin with :>
    ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯ had it coming, aye?


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