HAWRR Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (24)

Jiang Yunshan entered the Palace.

She clenched her jaw and swore that her face was poisoned by someone. She earnestly requested the Empress to investigate the sinister person hidden behind the scenes.

At this time, the Emperor was in morning court. He still somewhat valued Jiang Yunshan, this daughter-in-law in the Sun and Moon dream. Moreover, the guards in the Crown Prince’s fu were guarding tightly equivalent to a forest. Today, they could quietly enter and poison Ce Fei. Next time, they could also poison himself in the Palace.

(T/N: Guarding tightly equivalent to a forest means there were barely any gaps in the area, just like a forest. Each guards were close to one another so nothing could slip by.)

Investigate! This must be thoroughly checked!

Ji Yu naturally received this news. The smile on his face was especially meaningful and profound: “Check it. I’ve prepared some interesting things for you as a gift.”

The result of the investigation of Jiang Yunshan’s poisoning in the Crown Prince’s fu was temporarily unclear, however, the Emperor discovered something else in other parts of the Crown Prince’s backyard.

For example, an exotic flower from the Western Regions – Mixiang Tuoluo.

This kind of flower was extremely rare in Tian Qi Dynasty. After the Imperial clinic’s analysis of its composition, they came to the conclusion that this material had hallucinogenic effects. Adding it to a person’s diet would not only cause them to hallucinate, but also affect their dreams.

At this time, the Emperor’s face was not good. He felt suspicious and suddenly thought of his and the Empress’ dream.

The Sun and Moon  dream? This was an auspicious sign, however, these days, he hadn’t seen where the so called auspicious signs were. There had been frequent accidents in the Crown Prince’s fu, and Jiang Yunshan, the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei, did not have the slightest difference from ordinary people.

He suspected that people had moved their hands and feet in his own palace.

The Wolong Palace, where the Emperor lived, was thoroughly inspected. Just as expected, in an extremely inconspicuous corner of the palace, multiple pouches, that were used to put jewels and accessories with, were filled completely with Mixiang Tuoluo.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

The Emperor was furious, to easily put something in his own palace!

Today, it was just Mixiang Tuoluo. What if they wanted his life tomorrow?

Who caused this? Who benefited the most from this strange dream?

The Emperor’s face was gloomy. He did not call the Crown Prince, but ordered, for the first time, to thoroughly investigate the harem!

The authority of the Empress in the harem was limited. The Emperor ordered a thorough investigation of the harem without informing the Empress. Naturally, there was something fishy.

The Empress hurriedly dressed and went to Wolong Palace.

“Your Majesty, what was the cause of this move?” The Empress was over forty years old with an appearance that was well maintained. Although she couldn’t compare with those young ladies, but she had a mature style of appearance. Furthermore, her honorable status made her more noble than ordinary people.

The Emperor looked at this pillow person who he had been petting for so many years and didn’t speak. The so called ‘Sun and Moon Dream’ happened to be a dream that both he and the Empress had at the same time. In all of this, how much of it was overstated? What role the Empress played in this was still unknown.

“Yesterday, I dreamed of the ancestors giving a warning stating clearly that there were evil objects haunting the Palace. I was warned to specifically investigate it thoroughly.” The Emperor stated.

He noticed that the Empress had an unusual look in her eye, causing even more suspicions in his heart.

The thorough investigation in the palace lasted for several days. Although the Emperor strictly kept it a secret, some families in the Imperial City, such as Jiangfu, got wind of it. Not knowing what happened, for the time being, the entire Imperial City went quiet.

It took ten days until the investigation was finally settled.

Something that was discovered caused the Emperor to be furious.

He went straight to the Empress’ Palace.

“My good Empress. I didn’t even know you actually did so many things twenty years ago!” The Emperor glared at the Empress while gnashing his teeth when he arrived.

Translator’s Corner:

Is it time for the Emperor to start tearing someone’s face?

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    1. I’m not too sure but the Crown Prince, the scumbag, thought Jiang Yunshan was the favored one of the general (probably got brainwashed by her into thinking so). If he got married to her, he was thinking he would get the backing of the general. And the Crown Prince is the son of the Empress.


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