HAWRR Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (23)

Jiang Yunshan, who became the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei, had been quite active lately. She hosted several banquets.

Since Gu Shengyin had already torn apart her face, Gu Shengyin did not have to wrong herself, thus she didn’t participate in the banquets using the excuse of being ‘ill’ every time.

Among the influential families in the Imperial City, all of them were clear that the relationship between the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei and the legitimate older sister Qingyang County Lord was not good. Even the Empress’, this Ce Fei’s mother-in-law, relationship with Jiangfu caused one to ponder.

The Crown Prince expressed his dissatisfaction with her multiple times. Why did he agree with the marriage with Jiang Yunshan? Apart from Father’s decree, the most important thing was that Jiang Yunshan was born in Jiangfu and also had Princess Wencheng and the General standing behind her!

If Jiang Yunshan was not loved by these two people, then this move was completely wrong.

Jiang Yunshan’s days in the Crown Prince’s fu were not as fancy and impressive as the outside had imagined it to be.

The Crown Prince felt annoyed nowadays. As Mother grew older, her influence on Father was not as good as before. He heard that Father had recently received several new young beautiful Imperial concubines. Additionally, it had already been quite a long time since Father had been to Mother’s chamber.

Gu Shengyin did not care about these two people’s problems. Every day, she should eat, play, and occasionally deal with young talents who adore her, along with comforting a jar of vinegar.

“….Ah Zhen’s charm is the same as usual, a group of wolves circling around waiting to eat. I toss and turn restlessly, unable to sleep…” Gu Shengyin looked at the letter in her hands feeling speechless that he would even say such words, as if he was an immortal.

On the other hand, she felt a little happy in her heart. That type of immortal man said these sort of words just for her.

At this time, the system informed her that Jiang Yunshan had an accident.

“It’s poisoning.” the system said.

This exact news spread rapidly to Jiangfu.

When Jiang Yunshan invited furens(Madam) and young ladies from an influential familys to admire flowers, she suddenly felt a strange incomparable itchiness on her face. After returning, her face was full of countless dense red lumps. When she was seen again, she was wearing a very thick cloth(纱巾) over her head, leaving only a pair of eyes.

It was heard that the Imperial physician came and went from the Crown Prince’s fu.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

The utensils in Ce Fei’s room were changed frequently, but the veil on Jiang Yunshan’s face was never removed.

Ce Fei niang niang, I brought the medicine.” Lu Yi cautiously said from outside the door.

(T/N: niang niang = Empress, Imperial concubine, Mother, or Aunt. In this case it’s more like a title.)

“Come in.” After a long time, Jiang Yunshan’s voice came from inside the room.

Lu Yi gently pushed the door open and entered. She put the tray on the table, not daring to look up at the person sitting on the couch, and quietly retreated.

“Zi ya~” Jiang Yunshan reached for her veil only after the door had been closed for a while.

Her hand shook, but she still removed the veil.

The smooth mirror revealed a ghostly face.

Those red colored lumps had already festered and were oozing out black blood. There was a strange scent in the air. There was not a single intact part on her face.

She, herself, felt like vomiting when looking at this face. Those useless wastes from the Imperial clinic unexpectedly couldn’t even find out the cause of it.

The Crown Prince…Oh, that husband of hers, came to see her once, but never stepped into this door again. She thought that she was his beloved, but he was only lusting for her beauty.

Looking at the disgusting face in the mirror, Jiang Yunshan quickly applied the medicine and put on a new veil to cover it, only showing a pair of malicious eyes.

Jiang Lingzhen, it must be her!

She knew what she had done before, so this time what happened to her face must have been her revenge! Jiang Yunshan gritted her teeth: Jiang Lingzhen, since you are so vicious, don’t blame me for being merciless.

I’m already approaching hell, how can I let you enjoy peace in this world alone!

Translator’s Corner:

I don’t think I need to tell you who made Jiang Yunshan beautiful with red lumps 😉

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16 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 24”

    1. I know right~? Like why didn’t she try to suspect that there are people that are jealous of her position and wanted her out of the way to get the crown prince? They first disfigured her look to cause the crown prince to despise her and cozy up to him and get his affection and steal her place. Plus, if Shengyin really wanted to marry the crown prince, she could still get her mother to convince her royal uncle, the Emperor, to get the two of them together…. smh

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  1. It is really interesting how she blames everything on our adorable, little mc~ I mean other than calling her out, she has not done a single bad thing to her so far….. And even that wasn’t all that awful too. *sigh* Still~ I am very impressed with our amazing ml’s work of art~

    Thank you for the chapter~!


  2. “Jiang Yunshan gritted her teeth: Jiang Yunshan, since you are so vicious, don’t blame me for being merciless.” Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this supppsed to be JYS gritting her teeth about Shengyin???


  3. As a person from 21st century, she shouldn’t be too naive of thinking that a man such as like the crown prince will always treat her as his beloved. (Girl(JYS), you only use your body to get his attraction, the foundation of their relationship is not too deep.)

    And what the heck?! She put all the blame to our innocent mc. And even if the mc did so, so what? All she done to our MC, I can only say serve her right, for she got the taste of retribution. Haha!

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  4. I’m not good with Chinese title and such but, correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t ‘niang niang’ only used in the wife/concubine of an emperor? Yet her husband, the crown prince, is not yet crowned as an emperor.
    I am not sure about this and please correct me if I got it wrong but that is what I always read in C-novels as my only reference, lol


    1. I can’t say for sure that my explanation for that term was correct, after all it’s an MTL, but ‘niang niang’ was used in the raws. (“侧妃娘娘,该上药了。”绿衣小心翼翼的在门外说道。)

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  5. “Why did she agree with the marriage with Jiang Yunshan?”

    I think it’s supposed to be ‘he’?

    Also when I click on the link to the mask picture, it show me white. I tried two times


  6. thanks for the chapter! jiang lingzhen’s mum is awesome! is this going to be one of those novels where mc meats ml in every world!? system seemed to hint at it!


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