HAWRR Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (22)

Ji Yu inwardly sighed, aware that Gu Shengyin was avoiding the topic.

His eyes concentrated on the woman in front of him, who was obviously flustered yet tried hard to look indifferent, resembling a small beast whose fur was bristling. His heart became soft, yet eager to force her.

He held out his hand to gently rub Gu Shengyin’s head.

“I not only know that you are called Ah Zhen, but also that your mother is Princess Wencheng. Your father is War God Jiang General.”

As Gu Shengyin’s eyes grew bigger and bigger, the larger his smile became. “So to speak, I am your older cousin.”

Gu Shengyin was talking with the system: “Why did he expose his identity? The eldest prince was supposed to be confined by the Emperor. If he was discovered outside, the consequences should be very serious, right?”

System: “Perhaps he had determined that the host would not speak of it to others.”

Ji Yu watched as Gu Shengyin’s face turn from a blank expression into a shocked expression: “You are….”

He covered Gu Shengyin’s mouth: “Be obedient, this name, now it is not the time to say it out loud. Ah Zhen, promise me. Even your mother, you must not tell her.”

Gu Shengyin nodded.

Ji Yu removed his hand from Gu Shengyin’s mouth and suddenly asked: “Has the Crown Prince come to try to find you?”

Gu Shengyin’s expression became ugly.

Yes, during this time, the Crown Prince came to Gu Shengyin two times. The meaning of those words were nothing more than to show concern for Gu Shengyin. He said that the person in his heart had always been her and asked her to wait for him. When the Crown Prince ascended the throne and became the Emperor, Gu Shengyin would become the Empress.

Of course, the Crown Prince could not be reconciled with it. He had always treated Gu Shengyin as his own person. All of a sudden, his fiancée genuinely became his younger cousin. How could the Crown Prince, who had always been overbearing, accept it?

If you changed it to a young girl that was roughly 10-12 years old, then she might be moved by the Crown Prince’s sweet speech and honeyed words. Unfortunately, it was Gu Shengyin in Jiang Lingzhen’s body. She, however, thoroughly saw the slag characteristic of the Crown Prince.

(T/N: 甜言蜜语 tián yán yǔ: sweet speech and honeyed words = hypocritical flattery)

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Ji Yu saw her expression and knew he was correct.

His expression sank. He abruptly grabbed Gu Shengyin’s hand and leaned over.

In a moment, Gu Shengyin’s eyes grew wide. The sense of touch from her lips clearly told her what had happened.

Ji Yu only felt that this feeling was exceptionally sweet.

Looking at Gu Shengyin’s foolish appearance, he gave a small chuckle. His voice was low and seductive. Gu Shengyin felt that some of the defensive walls built around her heart were on the verge of collapsing.

Afterwards, her vision turned black. Ji Yu raised a hand and covered her eyes.

(T/N: Cover her eyes to eat more tofu??)

Gu Shengyin was sitting in the carriage in a daze thinking about what had just happened.

That kiss made her feel dizzy. Afterwards, Ji Yu had said something, but she wasn’t listening. However, she knew that Ji Yu’s subordinate had informed him that it was time to go back.

After that, Ji Yu lead her by the hand back to the street where she was before. Princess Wencheng’s people were searching for her.

“County Lord!” Hu Zhu saw Gu Shengyin amongst the crowd in a glance. She was very pleasantly surprised and quickly ran over. Gu Shengyin turned around because the person who had been holding her hand had disappeared.

Only the sentence left behind before leaving was ringing in her ear: “Ah Zhen, you have to wait for me. I promise that in less than a year, I will personally visit your home, and openly and brightly ask Aunt to take you as my wife.”

“System, what can be done? I may have sunk too deeply.” Gu Shengyin said helplessly, but her mouth revealed a hint a laughter.

The system was silent for a moment: “Host, this system does not prohibit the host and a person in the three thousand worlds from developing extra emotions.”

There was a saying that it did not mention.

The deep and sweet feelings would forever not stop until the end of time.

Translator’s Corner:

Her tofu got eaten. The wolf has locked onto his prey and stole a couple bites. Then declared the little rabbit as his and told her to wait for him. Wait for her to be sent into his den….

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  1. I love how GSY isn’t as ruthless as the other mc but is also someone naive and pure but still analyze her situation. Not too passive nor too smart. Extraordinary in her own way. When I saw a new release I thought I skipped a chapter but it turns out I skipped a few which made me regret not seeing it in NU when it updated ;-; however the wy her tofu got eaten this chapter just melted me >< ♥♥♥♥

    Thanks for the chapter! !

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  2. Can you update soon? #cries and runs away while unable to imagine her marshmallows burning in the oven# this is what that happens to me if i am unable to imagine what happens next…..sigh…..those poor marshmallows….


  3. Ne you’re so evil ah! You chose to translate this book and its genre is dimension traveling! I love this ship and when she leaves this dimension they’ll be separated forever! You’re so cold-hearted yo!


      1. Hey JiaMin you are having tehnical difficultys from chapter HAWRR Chapter 21 that is thare but isn’t on the main page of HAWRR and then the chapter 21 became chapter 22,chapter 22 became chapter 23… so I’m just giving you a heads up so you can fix it if you can


        1. Sorry for the late reply!
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  5. You don’t actually translate ‘junzhu’ to county lord. I don’t know the exact translation, but ‘junzhu’ is sort of a noble lady who is one rank beneath a princess.


  6. this is pretty cute n all but … personally? Progress is a bit too fast for me to believe it’s anything else than infatuation


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