HAWRR Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (21)

“Pa!” The Crown Prince was kneeling on the ground as a memorial was thrown to his side.

“Look at it yourself on how everyone in the Imperial Court were accusing you of misconduct! Your immoral conduct, cruel and heartless behavior, you are not suitable for bearing the heavy responsibilities of being the ruler of the country!” The Emperor said in a towering rage.

The Crown Prince’s heart was flustered. Recently, he had heard a lot of rumors. He had done those things in secret. In the end, how did it spread out?

He would never admit it!

The Crown Prince turned his head towards the Emperor: “Father, this son is wrongly accused! It is certainly someone who is framing this son. This son also hopes for Father to investigate thoroughly!”

“Wrongly accused?” The Emperor sneered and threw another memorial in front of the Crown Prince. “Look at it yourself!”

The Crown Prince extended a hand to pick it up. With just one look, his hands started trembling. On the memorial, the time and place were clearly and neatly written, the exact details like how he remembered doing those things in secret.

Father originally had already thoroughly investigated these incidents.

“Yan Xing, you are too disappointing!”

The Emperor pressed down all these matter that accused the Crown Prince of misconduct and banned him from taking a step out of his residence for one month.

However, although the disturbance was pressed down in the Imperial Court, the rumors spread by the citizens were unable to stop. Within an hour, the Crown Prince lost influence among the people and fell to the lowest level in history.

“Go investigate who released this information.” Ji Yu stood there, his entire body like a bamboo tree, tall and straight with grace.

“Reporting back to Master, this subordinate was unable to find out.” The figure kneeling in front of Ji Yu with his head bowed replied.

Ji Yu muttered to himself: This dark wei was left behind for him by the late Empress. These years his power had grown in strength, not being any worse compared to the Emperor’s dark wei. Yet, they still couldn’t check it out?

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“The news seemed to appear out of thin air and no traces could be found.”

“I know.” Ji Yu waved his hand to let him leave.

“Ah! What a coincidence.” Gu Shengyin’s eyes widened.

Ji Yu looked at Gu Shengyin’s surprised appearance. He thought in his heart: This is not a coincidence. I specifically came to you.

Today, he was wearing embroidered clothing with a jade belt, like a noble son from an influential family. However, compared to the previous style of a green garment, it was more popular.

During the Qixi Festival, all lights were shining splendidly, and the streets were filled with people’s shadows.

“Where are Hu Zhu and Lin Liang?” Gu Shengyin discovered that her maidservants and guards were not following behind her.

“I let my people hold them off. Tonight, we’ll play by ourselves.” Ji Yu whispered close to Gu Shengyin’s ears. The heat from him breathing out caused her ears to turn bright red.

Ji Yu’s eyes gradually deepened and reached out to hold Gu Shengyin’s hand. “Follow me, don’t wander off.”

Th streets were filled with women dressed in extravagant clothing. Gu Shengyin followed him until they finally reached a lake that was quite hidden.

No too far ahead of them were two brightly lit lanterns. The light shining towards them were already somewhat weak. This place was far away from other people, so it was quiet and peaceful.

Along the way, Ji Yu never released Gu Shengyin’s hand. He looked sideways at Gu Shengyin’s lowered head.

The city gazed at the first snowfall, the lantern looked down towards the beauty.

Gu Shengyin looked beautiful and stunning as the hazy lights shone down on her face.

“Ah Zhen.” Ji Yu felt his throat become a little dry. “Do you like the flower called Qing that I sent you?”

Gu Shengyin felt somewhat nervous. She did have feelings for Ji Yu in her heart, however, these feelings were destined to have no future. Ji Yu was a mortal and will pass on. She, on the other hand, had something equivalent to eternal life.

Never had she felt so desperate, having to lose it afterwards.

In a moment of desperation, Gu Shengyin said one sentence.

“Ah? How do you know my name?”

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14 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 22”

  1. … Wait I’m confused. I cant picture the second scenario clearly. Is Ji Yu the name of the second prince or just how MC calls him as Ji Scholar? And did he just dismiss his secret guard in the presence of MC?? Also when did they become so close to hold hands, attend a festival, send gifts, dismiss others servants and MC to have affections on him? Did I miss a chapter? Which chapter is it, last I remember was there first meeting in the bamboo house within the temple, which the second prince is still in house arrest.


    1. In the beginning, she wasn’t familiar with Ji Yu so she called him Ji Scholar(may be wrong cuz of MTL). And he’s actually the eldest prince born from the late Empress(if my translation was correct). Ji Ye is the second born son of the emperor and the current empress.

      The romance between them doesn’t develop in a way like other romance novels. It kinda just happens. It’s more of the ML taking the lead and trying to get the MC to accept him and the MC started having feelings for him after their first ‘chat’ in the bamboo forest.

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    1. The ending line of the MC?

      The ML was trying to confess his feelings for her but the MC knows that she could only stay with him in this world since she’ll be traveling to different worlds compared to him who she thinks would live in that world. She doesn’t want her feelings to grow deeper only to feel the despair of departing from the ML when it’s time for her to move on to the next world.

      Hope this was the answer you were looking for. XD

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