HAWRR Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (20)

“Host, why do you want to scare her?” System voiced its doubts.

Gu Shengyin said with a bright face: “I scared her? I only stated the facts. Whether she over-thinks it depends on herself.”

System: It always felt that the host was developing in a direction that she shouldn’t be.

Ji Yu received news from his subordinates, and carefully read it twice. With a small laugh: “I originally thought she was a lazy, noble Persian cat. Unexpectedly, she turned out to be a small wildcat who bares her fangs and brandishes her claws.” He only felt that Jiang Lingzhen was even more lovely like this. He wished he could immediately go to her side and look at her.

Gu Shengyin was sitting in a chair listening to Hu Zhu report on how Second Young Lady was suspicious towards everyone during this period of time. The food in Lianfu were tested for poison before they were allowed to enter. The courtyard was tightly guarded.

She laughed. Jiang Yunshan really scared herself. Even if she really wanted to start with Jiang Yunshan, she would not choose to do it in Jiangfu, after all, she was the future Crown Prince’s Ce Fei. If something bad happened, although it would be unlikely to have serious consequences, Jiangfu would still have some troubles.

Soon, it was time for Jiang Yunshan to get married.

A Ce Fei could not wear red, could not be carried in an eight-person sedan, nor have the qualification to enter through the main entrance of the fu.

Additionally, Princess Wencheng, who was fed up with Jiang Yunshan, hastily prepared her dowry that was just enough to keep face. Even the red lanterns were not hung up in Jiangfu.

Fortunately, with the Imperial family’s rewards, outsiders watched Jiang Yunshan’s endless grand scenery. A discerning eye could see that this new Crown Prince’s Ce Fei might not be favored. The Crown Prince might not necessarily care too much about her. If he truly cared, he would not have fooled around with a maidservant a fews day ago.

Jiang Yunshan would soon discover that marrying the Crown Prince would not be as good as she imagined.

After three mornings, the bride made her first return to her parental home.

Jiang Yunshan was alone when she returned to Jiangfu. The show of extravagance, on the contrary, was quite adequate, after all, there was only Jiang Yunshan currently in the Crown Prince’s backyard.

Gu Shengyin looked at Jiang Yunshan in her extravagant clothing who was laughing in her heart, unaware that this smiling expression removed layers of make up. What stuff was left on her face?

Gu Shengyin had the system in her hands and naturally knew that Jiang Yunshan got out of bed on the second day of her wedding night. The Crown Prince also took a fancy to Jiang Yunshan’s maidservant who she brought along, Lu Xiu.

Princess Wencheng was ill and did not attend. Only Jiang General hastily received Jiang Yunshan.

Jiang Yunshan did not seem to be very willing to stay in Jiangfu. After having lunch, she hurried back to the Crown Prince’s fu.

In the following days, Gu Shengyin led a leisurely life. Every day, she listened to the news informed by the system, and waited for the right opportunity to strike.

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This time came quickly. The Empress punished a newly favored low-level concubine in the Palace. Unexpectedly, that Imperial concubine was actually pregnant, but lost the child in the end. That woman was also smart. She took advantage of the situation and got the Emperor to pity her. She did not say malicious words about the Empress. She only sighed sorrowfully that she had no blessings and could not open up branches and leaves for the Imperial family.

The roots of the Imperial family were thin and meager, causing the Emperor to dislike the Empress.

At this time, the entire Imperial City suddenly appeared to have been blown by a gust of wind. Rumors about the Crown Prince harming women spread throughout the city overnight.

There were various versions. Moreover, details of the addresses and names all matched.

The Emperor originally thought that some people were maliciously slandering the Crown Prince and only gave an order to forbid spreading baseless rumors. Who would have thought that all kinds of rumors would emerge afterwards. Even the self-proclaimed family members of the victims beat the drums in cries of injustice. He attached importance to this movement and ordered the dark wei to investigate thoroughly.

The investigation made the Emperor’s heart turn cold.

Translator’s Corner:

Guess it’s over for that stallion. Empress should be in deep trouble as well.

P.S. Thanks for the various comments ! Although I do not reply to each of them, I do read all the comments for each post. Some are quite amusing~ 🙂


I got a phone call while translating this and it was a number that has been calling several times, so I thought to let them know they got the wrong number! 😀

[Picks up phone]

Lady: Hello, this is ~~~ from (some) resort (that I don’t know). You have been rewarded a very, very large discount for staying at out resort previously. Blah blah blah……

[Patiently waits for the person to stop talking. Was debating whether it was a recorded message or not because she was talking nonstop.]

[Finally stops talking after a minute or so. It just felt like a long time.]

Me: Sorry you got the wrong number.

[3 second pause.]

Lady: (Takes a deep breath) Well, you have been randomly sele–

[I end the call.]

Me: Tch, obviously a scam. *Rolls eyes*

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  1. Wait, why is it good that the Empress is in trouble?
    Also, scam calls with location like “USA” instead of more specific place should be ignored! I don’t even know how they got my info but I keep getting calls from same area but different ending numbers T_T
    Stay safe translator!

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    1. The Crown Prince’s mother is the Empress so he won’t have a backing if the Empress loses power.

      And thanks!


  2. Thanks for the chapter! Yes, things are not going well for the imperial family. On the other hand, regarding the scam caller, well-played!

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  3. Well, at least you know it’s a scam. I had a number that kept calling me once that was from the USA and I answered it but no one responded just pure silence and I was kind of freaked out. So I started to ignore it because I got the same answer every time! That’s probably a good decision to end that call.

    Thank you for the chapter~

    Even if someone did slander Prince by rumours, it would still be the same. Anyone knows now that he’s just a f*ckboy kinda guy who f*cks everyone that is pretty or something. I bet that was ML’s doing, the whol slandering the Prince.

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  4. not to be a nitpick can you not put “If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, jiamintranslation.com.” in the middle of senteces because it getting confusing when i read.


    1. I’m a fast read reader so I always end up caught reading the beginning. So I’ve made a game out of purposely reading the sentence & imagining various funny voices. Today it was a parrot (blame Pet King, another novel I’m reading). The things I do to entertain myself, sigh…
      More seriously, I’ve been meaning to ask, will the sentence be found & deleted, or ignored, if it is at the end of the paragraph? Well, you do what is necessary to protect your efforts.


      1. Haha, I image the scenes too as I read, though i don’t do it with the funny voices XD My favorite cat is Galaxy~

        Well, I’ll try to place it somewhere less conspicuous so it won’t be deleted. I haven’t checked whether that sentence was deleted or not. If they didn’t bother and just copy&pasted, then I could just place that sentence in a place where it wouldn’t affect the reading too much.

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  5. Thanks for the update!

    Hahahaha! The royal family is in shambles.

    The ML is really a hidden boss, so awesome! Fighting!


  6. Hmmm… Is it just me or that most of the MLs I’ve been reading this oast few days have either stalker tendencies or possesive nature… *Sigh*


  7. I have only got less than five scam calls. Most likely because I never answer unknown numbers. Although there was this one time, an unknown number called me in while I was in the middle of the road on my motorcycle (I stopped on a somewhat long traffic light). Because it was at night, and because it called multiple times, I thought it was my brother that called me because of my mother’s anxiousness at my coming home late without informing home first. It’s rather dangerous at late night here. Many people with blades and crazy intentions.
    Me: “Yes, Brother?” [a little nervous]
    Someone: “Where are you?” [I thought it was strange, brother always called me by nickname first…]
    Me: “Still on the road.” [I looked at the number again, trying to recall if it’s my bro’s number. I forgot to save his last two numbers, so maybe…but this is truly unfamiliar number]
    Him: “[some words I didn’t pay attention to]”
    Me: “The light’s green, I’ll talk to you later.” [I hung up]
    I’m kind of too stingy to call my bro to confirm. (Calling is expensive with my card, ey! Don’t blame me)
    Also, as I was kinda tired and fed up from social interaction, I just sped up to home.
    When I was home I asked my bro if he called me. He said no. (I was kinda lucky he’s home that time. He’s usually…somewhere else at the time)
    So I put that incident at the back of my mind.
    But, you know what, that number called me again. Me, being the curious little shit that I am, answered. But he only asked if I was home before I hung up and blocked that number.
    Clearly gearing up for a scam…
    As for why I’m very certain it’s not an emergency call… Well, the tone wasn’t panicked (because of bad news) or calm (from experience, you know, calling relatives of a deceased accident victim).
    This is getting too long…
    Thank you for the translations!


  8. “Jiang Yunshan would soon discover that marrying the Crown Prince would not be as good as she imagined.”
    what did this dumb ass expect? He pa pa pa’d her the first chance he got, first time he was at the Fu and in front of his fiancée. A loose guy like that wouldn’t care about a random Shu gurl


    1. can’t edit so eh, replying to my own comment
      first time, as in their first meeting, but it was at his own fiancée’s residence, ALTHOUGH given the doubt of his character, if he had a place to hide, he definitely would pa pa pa miss brainless.


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