HAWRR Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (17)

Jiang Yunshan sat amongst the crowd listening to honorable young ladies flatter and compliment her.

Laotai Jun(Old Lady/Grandma of a family) of Zhenguo Gongfu lived a long life of 70. Jiang Yunshan’s identity in the previous days naturally didn’t have the qualifications to attend, but what about now?

Jiang Yunshan looked at her surroundings with pride. Now, who would dare look down on her?

Little did she realize, all those genuine honorable young ladies in the distance were whispering: “This is the General fu’s illegitimate young lady? Not only that, who knows where she got her good luck, even being fancied by the Imperial family.”

“Yeah, this time it’s really flying to the top branch and transforming into a phoenix.”

“Her Royal Highness and Qingyang County Lord pays a visit!”

At that sound, the bustling Flower Hall quieted down. The Laotai Jun, who was over 70 years old, got up to personally meet the Princess.

Seeing this, Jiang Yunshan tightly pinched her handkerchief in her hand. When Jiang Yunshan arrived, the old lady hadn’t bothered giving her a glance, but only sent her daughter-in-law to meet her.

Furthermore, there was Jiang Lingzhen. When she arrived, the eyes of the people around her all turned to Jiang Lingzhen, and it was clear that they were comparing the two.

She lowered her head and looked at the clothes on her body; they were newly made. The fabrics bestowed from the Palace were used. She was also regarded as more honorable among the guests, yet she still couldn’t compare with Jiang Lingzhen.

Currently, the Emperor only had one younger sister born from the same parents. What rare items were practically all sent to Princess Wencheng’s fu. Princess Wencheng was also a woman who was fond of precious items. These valuable items were almost always used on Qingyang County Lord Jiang Lingzhen’s body.

Jiang Yunshan heard a woman on the side discussing the matter. The pigeon egg sized pearl on Qingyang County Lord’s shoe was the most valuable tribute this time from the Northeast King. The Empress had a pair. The long-time Empress Dowager also had a pair. Furthermore, there was a pair over at Princess Wencheng.

Where would she have known, it was actually used to decorate the tip of Jiang Lingzhen’s shoe!

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Based on this eastern pearl, the womenfolk present on the scene all have lost face to Qingyang County Lord(就凭这一对东珠,就将在场所有女眷的风头都盖了过去). Not to mention, the items on Qingyang County Lord’s body were all rare treasures.

Jiang Yunshan, feeling that all the eyes on her were ridiculing her, couldn’t stay any longer and told the people around her that she was going out for a walk.

Little did Jiang Yunshan realize that in the eyes of everyone present, when Jiang Yunshan saw her mother come over, she unexpectedly did not get up and greet her mother, but instead avoided her. This was seen by many people. They inwardly ridiculed that, as expected, she was an illegitimate daughter who did not know proper etiquette.

When the Crown Prince came over, he noted Gu Shengyin amongst the crowd of womenfolk.

He had always thought that Jiang Lingzhen would be his future wife. Although he felt that she was too inflexible and guarded, overall, he was quite satisfied with this fiancée.

Where would he know, Father Emperor would make a decision to receive Jiang Yunshan as his Ce Fei.

The moment he heard the Imperial decree, what came to his mind was: If Ah Zhen was not going to marry him, who would she marry?

There were plenty of women like Jiang Yunshan. However, he could barely find a few women with Jiang Lingzhen’s stunning beauty in the entire Tian Qi Dynasty. Yet, at the same time, for a woman to have such honorable status and  inviolable temperament, that would only be Jiang Lingzhen.

Ji Ye looked at Gu Shengyin, who was like the star celebrated by the moon. There was a fire burning in his eyes. This kind of beauty, besides he, the future Emperor, who else would have the qualifications to have her?

(T/N: Tch, wishful thinking! You’re already taking her half-sister as a concubine, yet still wanting the MC?)

His behavior had quietly been taken into a person’s eye.

Translator’s Corner:

This Crown Prince is disgusting. May misfortune fall on him soon. Also, I’m sure the Crown Prince will be pitted by the hidden boss.

Don’t forget, if there’s someone fluent in Chinese and would like to translate this novel, please do so! 😀

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15 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 18”

  1. If the emperor has a good brain and had a good rule then why did his son fail to becoming iron to steel? Only knows how to judge things by appearance makes one feel disappointed. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he’s not the real son of the emperor but the queen seems to be nice and loyal from her actions so who knows.

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    PS (就凭这一对东珠,就将在场所有女眷的风头都盖了过去) pretty sure it means that all other imperial princes/princesses have lost face to Princess Wucheng and her husband.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    How typical! The “if I can’t have it, no one can” & the “if it was mine once, it stays mine until I throw it away… scratch that, it still stays mine” attitudes! A trait common to narcissistic, arrogant people & crazy murderers.

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  4. Such a gross man doesn’t deserve to be with our MC. *Unsheath my sword* I’m sooo ready to cut off his jewel and don’t even care to stop me. Lol

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  5. ”Ji Ye looked at Gu Shengyin, who was like the star celebrated by the moon. There was a fire burning in his eyes. This kind of beauty, besides he, the future Emperor, who else would have the qualifications to have her?”
    He’s right though isn’t he, I mean he is not going to be an emperor his brother our ML is. XP

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  6. no shame, absolutely no shame, begets the sister while being engaged to the other than lust after the one that’s gotten away after obtaining the other, urghhhhh, seriously, how did this idiot become emperor…

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