HAWRR Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (16)

“Your horse, without any warning, suddenly went crazy?” Princess Wencheng and Jiang General’s faces were covered with frost.

Listening up to here, if they couldn’t tell that someone was targeting Ah Zhen, the two could be counted as having lived for nothing.

“Investigate! I’d like to see in the end who has a black heart against Ah Zhen!” Princess Wencheng said through her clenched jaw, seething with hatred.

“Ah Zhen, how did you escape?” asked Jiang General.

When he found his daughter, she clearly showed no signs of injuries.

Gu Shengyin once again recalled Ji Yu’s face, causing her to blush: “Someone suddenly appeared to save me, but he left right after saving me. I don’t know who that person was.”

Jiang General and Princess Wencheng did not think too much about the blush on their daughter’s face. They only thought that she was still in shock. Seeing Gu Shengyin’s face full of fatigue, they no longer asked her questions and let her return to her room to properly rest.

Although Jiang Yunshan’s matter was hidden, it was not untraceable. Princess Wencheng very quickly locked onto her with suspicions, however, did not make any attempts to arrest her as there were not any evidence.

“Is Mother doubting daughter? Although daughter is not Mother’s biological daughter, I have always been respectful and modest towards Mother over the past few years. I also do not dare to be disobedient towards older sister. In spite of everything, Mother even doubted daughter of having a hidden heart. In this way, daughter might as well knock daughter’s own head to prove daughter’s innocence!” Jiang Yunshan said and went to hit her head against the pillar.

Of course, it was impossible to succeed.

Jiang Yunshan sneered in her heart: I’m already Crown Prince’s Ce Fei and there isn’t any precise evidence. Princess Wencheng basically can’t do anything to me.

Sure enough, Princess Wencheng just waved her hand and dismissed her.

After returning to her room, Jiang Yunshan looked at the girl in the mirror. The original delicate figure dressed in clothing with flowers showed a graceful and elegant presence.

Is this the taste of power? If she was still that petty and low illegitimate daughter, even if there weren’t any evidence, Princess Wencheng would put her to death with merely a sentence.

Not enough. Still not enough. Merely being a Ce Fei of the Crown Prince, one did not have the capital to shake the Jiang family, this huge monster.

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After Jiang Yunshan left, Princess Wencheng threw the cup of tea in her hand to the ground.

“Your Highness, take care of your body.” The mama, who attended Princess Wencheng since childhood, comforted her.

“You look at her revolting behavior! Truly thought herself as the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei already and did not put Ben Gong(How royalty addresses themselves) in her eyes.” The more Princess Wencheng thought, the more she got angry.

“The Sun and Moon, so what? Let Ben Gong see how big a storm it would set off if the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei can’t give birth to a child!” Princess Wencheng’s expression was extremely cold, and in comparison, Jiang Yunshan was still a bit too tender.

At the same time, Ji Yu’s desk also had more information.

“This woman again?” Ji Yu looked at the three words Jiang Yunshan with an expression as though he was watching a dead object.

“Aunt Wencheng started on her? That is just merely cutting off her chance of having a child and fighting for the throne. I think it is still too light. What material does she have to be jealous of Ah Zhen? Honorable status? Outstanding appearance? In this case, ruin it all.”

These few words determined Jiang Yunshan’s future fate.

Gu Shengyin was talking with the system: “You say, should I get revenge on Jiang Yunshan?”

System: “Host, someone had already made a counterattack for you. Jiang Yunshan won’t be able to jump around much longer. In this world, you only need to be quiet, and become a beauty who is doted on.”

Gu Shengyin: “….What’s the meaning of me coming here?”

System: “Perhaps it was to motivate Ji Yu, this original hidden boss, to work energetically for the prosperity of the country and walk the path to reach the pinnacle of life?”

Translator’s Corner:

Favorite line of the day! > “….What’s the meaning of me coming here?” <

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45 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 17”

  1. This system needs to have a name. So far its the most enjoyable and normal and supportive system out of the Quick Transmigration novels currently. Lolol now lets see what the green tea bish will do. Wanna be the sun? Thats fine, since you’re the sun please stay away from everyone since your meant to be far from Earth since your hot. How bout the moon? Let her be surrounded by stars that is so far away from her that she can easily go insane for not getting any attention

    Thanks for d chapter

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      1. Yeeeeesss. Although BaoBao is cute but he’s too immature and dependent on his host and acts too much of a baby… Hence the name BaoBao

        Liked by 2 people

    1. This is my most favorite system out of all the other similar type of novels I have MTL’d. Unfortunately, it was never given a name by the MC.

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  2. Thanks for the chap.

    System is quite funny and it’s not as sometimes annoying as systems in other QT novels are.

    It’s nice to see family taking revenge for once. Jiang Yunshan is dreaming if she thinks that being Ce Fei actually means *that* much. she’s a clueless rookie at scheming compared to Princess Wencheng and Ji Yu.

    If she wants to be the sun, that’s fine. She can burn for eternity. If she wants to be the moon, she can as well. She just have to revolve around someone else as the center.

    Lets see how her ‘beloved’ prince acts when she ends up with a ruined face and barren for life. He’ll dump her like a ton of bricks i’ll bet.

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  3. Thanks for the update!

    MC sure have a lot of people caring for her. She just have to sit there and look pretty and these people will do the work for her. Hahaha

    That stupid transmigrator will sure suffer. 😈

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  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    他们两人就算是白活了: 白 is also very common “slang” for bad/idiot kind of negative connotation, so in this case the two could be counted as having lived for nothing.


  5. OK, That’s it!! The system is probably the best character of all transmigration novel I ever read!! LOVE IT SOOO MUCH XD!! Thank you >u<


  6. Your purpose MC is to support and cheer for ML so he would have his energy and also love, I can see the loooove~ from afar~! I give you two (MC and ML) my blessings~ I hope that stupid greedy green tea b*tch won’t affect you with her rotten self ~ may you be safe away from her.

    Thank you for the chapter~!

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  7. Although I finished reading this novel through MTL, but I am still confused in this part. Did princess wencheng cut off Jiang yunshan a chance to become a mother by poisoning her through her food and drinks?

    Thanks for translating this chapter! This is one of my favorite quick counter attack system novel. 🙂


    1. The novel didn’t mention how Jiang Yunshan became infertile, but Ji Yu practically confirms Princess Wencheng’s actions when he read the report on Jiang Yunshan.

      That’s my understanding on what happened based on MTL and online Chinese dictionary.

      This is also one of my favorite one too 😉


  8. I have to agree with the MC here. This is basically the Tutorial on Easy mode right now. Still. Nothing wrong with her getting to have a happy life of relative peace and prosperity with a husband that reciprocally loves as her first life 🙂

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  9. “….What’s the meaning of me coming here?”

    Excuse me while I’m dying from laughter. XD [holds stomach #help can’t stop laughing MC is too funny!#]

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  10. All she did was walk around on that mountain to meet him. Now he’s taking care of all her problems and can’t wait for her to accept him.. Ehm kind of intimidating. XD


  11. >GY: What’s my job?!
    >System: be a flower vase.
    >GY: ….
    That aside, what happened to the shadow guard that general Jiang personally assigned to her?

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  12. This system is surely a shipper, especially when he said “In this world, you only need to be quiet, and become a beauty who is doted on.” Hahaha I laughed my head off at that statement.

    The system is quite different from all the QT novels I’ve read so far. It’s not sarcastic like most of the other systems and it is super super cute.

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  13. Gu Shengyin: Woah… I think I’m the luckiest host transmigration that ever exist! I only sit here and become flower vase and the problem solved itself!

    Other counterattack transmigrators: *throw a tomato to Gu Shengyin* Scram!

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