HAWRR Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (14)

Gu Shengyin shut off her mind and intended to jump off the horse. There was nothing else that could be done. No matter what, if it really ran into the stone wall, she wouldn’t survive but also die.

When Gu Shengyin was preparing to jump off, she suddenly heard a doubtful “Yiii” sound from the system.

At the same time, a strong and powerful arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her with force. Gu Shengyin flew into the air and fell into a generous embrace.

Immediately, she breathed in a light lotus fragrance. Gu Shengyin knew exactly who the person behind her was.

A blood-curdling scream was heard from the side. She unconsciously turned to look at the horse that she had previously rode on.

“Don’t look.” A clear voice sounded in her ear.

In silence, she thought about the scene that she estimated to be bloody. She obediently nodded and did not look in that direction.

With a severe cold expression, Ji Yu looked at the horse, whose life and death was unknown, lying in a pool of blood with a broken head and flowing blood. He hugged Gu Shengyin in his arms and turned the horse around to leave.

(T/N: Raws had ‘life and death unknown’ but I think it’s obvious that the horse is dead. ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

After removing the hand that was covering Gu Shengyin’s eyes, she remembered. Shouldn’t this person be in Qianlong Temple? Why did he come here?

Ji Yu was considerate and carried Gu Shengyin down from the horse.

“Many thanks.” Gu Shengyin gave Ji Yu her sincere gratitude. If it wasn’t for him, even if she had the system, Gu Shengyin would have suffered some injuries.

“There is no need to thank me. I was just coincidently passing by, that’s all.” Gu Shengyin did not know if it was an illusion or not, but she felt that when Ji Yu was speaking, he gave a meaningful glance at the system.

“Impossible! No one but the host can see me.”

Gu Shengyin’s eyes dimmed and stopped caring about it.

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“Oh, right. Why did you come here?” Gu Shengyin asked.

Ji Yu smiled: “I was idle and had no affairs to attend to, so I came out for a walk.”

Gu Shengyin thought to herself: A person who was forbidden from going outside could still be composed while leisurely taking a stroll. It seems like this eldest son of the Emperor’s is being taken care of by many people.

She felt a little excited. The more powerful Ji Yu was, the higher chance of completing her task, right?

Suddenly, there was a trace of warmth on the side of her cheek. Gu Shengyin raised her eyes and stared at Ji Yu.

“There was a dried leaf.”

Staring at this man’s facial features up close, Gu Shengyin unexpectedly felt her heart beat irregularly.

“System, he looks really handsome.”

The system, for some unknown reason, didn’t reply to her.

Ji Yu smiled and looked at Jiang Lingzhen’s slightly reddish face, and then moved his eyes elsewhere.

“Ah! It’s beautiful here!”

Gu Shengyin previously did not pay attention to what was behind her. Surprisingly, it was a boundless ocean of flowers.

“What kind of flower is this?” Gu Shengyin, with some curiosity, lightly sniffed the flower. She had never seen this type of blue flower before.

Ji Yu followed her and crouched down: “This type of flower is from a tribe in the South, called Qing. It is said that if a young man in the tribe had an interest towards a young woman, he would confess to her in front of this flower. The young woman would then be aware that the person had feelings for her and was hoping to receive her response.”

His voice was gentle and pleasant to listen to. This story that was told through his mouth had a touch of inseparable love.

Gu Shengyin felt that her heart was beating faster as she felt the heat coming from his side.

What was the meaning of him bringing me here? And also talking about this story?

While feeling uneasy and staring blankly, a bundle of tender and beautiful flowers appeared in front of her face. Behind those flowers was Ji Yu with a gentle and soft smile.

“I think this flower suits you very much.”

Translator’s Corner:

Our couple’s first intimate act! And it’s giving beautiful flowers~

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  1. This novel is now serving dog food, piping hot, curtesy of Yuna/JiaMin, every update from now on!
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    1. It was never mentioned in the novel, but it implies that he has enough power in his hands to be able to go out for a ‘stroll’ unnoticed.


  2. I can see the ship sailing smoothly from here, I hope no storms and dangers will destroy it, be strong dear ship.

    I literally squealed so loud because the ship is sailing yo!!! Thank you for the chapter~ Knight in shining armor is finakky here and rescued hus wifey~ woohoo~!

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    1. He’s not really another player. He’s more like the MC’s thick thigh that she holds onto, however he won’t have memories of her in every world that she will cross to.


  3. Love this novel so much! This is full of unexpected events. And thank you for your hard work in translating the novel. Good job!


  4. reply to T/N: na man, i play battle field 1. horse are some tough mother f’ers capable of making tanks and armored cars explode on impact. a little stone wall wouldnt kill it.


  5. I wonder why he was actually there. He’s got other people to stalk her for him that are likely better at it, and unless he had a way to get rid of her friends and servants, he couldn’t afford to “bump into” her. So it seems unlikely that she was the original reason he was there.


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