HAWRR Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (12)

“System, the matter of how Crown Prince Ji Ye has harmed many innocent women these past few years, as well as him mixing with large influential families by exchanging an account book for mutual benefits, are they all completely arranged?” Gu Shengyin asked.

System: “According to the host’s request, all the information have already been prepared.” Sure enough, the system was a huge golden finger. Gu Shengyin flipped through the information in her mind. These things were monopolized by the Crown Prince and his followers. If talented people were used to investigate this, she still wouldn’t know what year and what month it would take to gather all this information. On the other hand, the system just only needs to scan once. There were no secrets that Gu Shengyin didn’t know in this world.

“That’s good.” These things were enough to prevent the Crown Prince from turning things around. The Crown Prince defiling many women was sufficient in arousing public anger. Additionally, the Emperor, who was still in his prime, would be even less likely to tolerate his acts of private interests that would even harm the dynasty.

Only, these things would have to wait for a suitable opportunity to be revealed.

Gu Shengyin’s heart relaxed. As long as Ji Ye fell, then Jiang Yunshan naturally would not have a good life. Her task would be half completed.

As for the other half, Gu Shengyin couldn’t help but think of that man in the bamboo forest behind the mountains. From the tip of her nose, she seemed to smell the light fragrance of a lotus.

“Miss, are we really going to do this?” Hu Zhu asked somewhat nervously, in contrast to Lin Liang, who seemed rather excited.

Gu Shengyin glanced at her with a smile: “It’s not a shameful thing to do. You don’t have to worry. Ah Niang (Mother) would naturally let me go.”

At this time, she took off her elegant gorgeous palace clothing and replaced it with commoner clothing.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

Yes, today Gu Shengyin had an appointment with several good friends and would be going out to hunt.

Tian Qi Dynasty was founded as a military country. Not to mentions commoners, even most of the noble women were proficient in riding and hunting. These were also one of the common activities.

Ever since falling down in the temple fair last time, Princess Wencheng had not allowed Jiang Lingzhen to go out by herself. In other words, the time when Gu Shengyin first came to this world. In addition to the time of going to Qianlong Temple with Princess Wencheng, she had never left the fu.

As a human that was “created,” Gu Shengyin expressed that although she had the system in her hand and her ability in all aspects of the Four Arts appeared to be perfect, she had not actually practiced them.

(T/N: Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar: Zither, Calligraphy, Go, Painting)

Regarding to this riding activity, she was looking forward to it.

After changing her clothes, Gu Shengyin let the two maidservants wait and went to “solve” the matter of her leaving the fu.

She did not go to Princess Wencheng’s room, but instead……went to Jiang general.

Compared to Princess Wencheng who occasionally punished her daughter, it was obviously better to settle the matter with the practically obedient general.

Sure enough, with moist eyes blinking, pouting pink tender lips, plus a sweet “Ah Die (Father)”, the general, who was known for being unshakable and cold-blooded, was utterly defeated at once. Still, he personally sent his daughter to the gate – Jiang Lingzhen’s equestrian was personally taught by him.

He watched his daughter leave while grinning from ear to ear. The general put away his compassionate fatherly smile, and instructed a dark wei: “Follow the Miss and don’t let her come to any harm.”


When Princess Wencheng got the news, Gu Shengyin had already gone.

“All this was because you’re worried I won’t give my consent? Intentionally keeping me in the dark!” Princess Wencheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. She raised her face and said: “When the Miss returns, let her come to my room. See how I’m going to clean her up!”

The mama following closely behind Princess Wencheng did not dare to say this phrase out loud, but inwardly said: Princess, your eyes are smiling.

Translator’s Corner:

There’s a chance that Mama will not give consent? Run to the 100% obedient Papa! 😉

As mentioned on Friday’s chapter, I have Midterms this week, so less chapters.

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  1. “Princess, your eyes are smiling.” Aww mama approves lmao
    It’s great that GS has parents that love her dearly.

    Good luck on your midterms!!

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    1. Mmm, she is a human with a physical body and all. She is just like any other human being. The only difference is that she was not ‘born’ the same way normal humans were born, so I wouldn’t really call her an AI.

      When she enters a world, only her consciousness enters. Her real body is in the white space, which is like her little personal world.

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