HAWRR Chapter 12

I have Midterms coming up, so there will be less chapters the following week.

Also, a majority of you want full chapters for VNG, so I’ll be doing that.

Chapter 12 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (11)

The Emperor saw that the husband and wife had no objections and felt even more guilty in his heart. The next day, the reward given to Gu Shengyin was even more generous.

The husband and wife cheerfully went back to Jiangfu.

When Princess Wencheng returned home, she informed her daughter of what the Emperor had said about the matter today.

After that, Princess Wencheng carefully watched her daughter’s expression and saw a look of happiness and no disappointment. With this, Princess Wencheng was able to let go of the worries in her heart. She was very afraid that Ah Zhen would hate to part with the respectable status as the Crown Prince’s Imperial concubine and entering the palace. Princess Wencheng grew up in the palace and knew of the means of the harem.

Gu Shengyin was naturally delighted. She was eager to get rid of the engagement with Ji Ye and did not expect it to come as such a surprise.

However, this did not appear in the original story. Gu Shengyin called the system.

The system flashed a bit before replying: “Checking in progress…Unable to inquire. The law of the world may have automatically repaired it. There is no abnormal situation. Please perform the task as usual.”

Fine, Gu Shengyin no longer tangled with this matter since she could not see the results.

“This is too cheap for Jiang Yunshan!” Princess Wencheng expressed with extreme anger.

An illegitimate-born woman who could marry the heir of the throne as Ce fei was already considered to be very honorable. Princess Wencheng had no doubt that there was a lucky omen in that Sun and Moon dream. If it was not because of the fact that Jiang Yunshan’s low birth could not be made public, and that there was absolutely no way to block the mouth of the court officials, the Imperial family might have raised her status.

Gu Shengyin blinked her eyes, cheap? Not always. After all, Ji Ye and Jiang Yunshan were the culprits of the Jiang family’s destruction. This life, since she occupied Jiang Lingzhen’s body, it was natural for them to receive her retaliation.

On this side, Ji Yu held the report in his hand and smiled softly: “I have lived in Qianlong Temple for quite a long time. I also haven’t gone out for a while. I wonder if those old friends still remember me?”

On the second day, two Imperial decrees from the palace shocked the entire Imperial City.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Both Imperial decrees were related to Jiangfu.

First, in the Emperor’s handwritten decree, Jiangfu’s Lord of Langhua County was sealed as Qingyang County Lord and bestowed Qingyang County’s land.

Langhua County Lord, who was now Qingyang County Lord Jiang Lingzhen, had become Tian Qi Dynasty’s first County Lord to be sealed and bestowed land.

The second Imperial decree made people unable to make any sense of it. Jiang general’s concubine daughter was unexpectedly welcomed into the palace by the Crown Prince as his Ce fei.

What is the status of the Crown Prince? The future Emperor of Tian Qi Dynasty! Ce fei was not any different than the other Imperial concubines. In a way, all the Crown Prince’s Ce fei were the legitimate daughters of first-rate noble families. How was this Jiang Yunshan, an illegitimate daughter, able to become His Highness the Crown Prince’s Ce fei?

Many people had this doubt in their heart. The previous Jiang Yunshan was too low-key. In the Imperial City, many people were aware that Jiang general exceedingly pampered his legitimate daughter, Langhua County Lord. As for Jiang Yunshan, the illegitimate daughter, who was that? Never heard of her!

In Jiang Yunshan’s small courtyard, Jiang Yunshan proudly lifted her chin while happily listening to the constant compliments from others.

She shot a glance in the direction of the Eastern courtyard where Jiang Lingzhen was living at, Youhuang Courtyard. She sneered in her heart: So what if you are the legitimate daughter? So what if you are a County Lord? In the end, your fiance became my man!

She looked at the dark red embroidered butterfly skirt on her body. This satin skirt was sent from the Imperial Palace. If it was the original Jiang Yunshan, she wouldn’t dare to think of it.

No rush, slowly come. Jiang Lingzhen, I will take everything you have one by one. I’ll let you taste how it feel to have nothing.

Translator’s Corner:

Somehow, I’m picturing Jiang Yunshan as a witch… @.@

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  1. All sluts who uses their bodies to destroy relationships are witches, Translator-sama..

    I can’t wait to see how ruthless MC is.. I hope she is.. XD thank you for the chap! ❤

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Since the MC’s current character has never done anything except ignore the FL, what logic is behind this irrational desire for revenge? We have yet another greedy, delusional character. Can’t wait for her destruction. Can’t wait to see more about the ML’s plans. He’s obviously a deep one.

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    1. There will be a lot of similar female characters like Jiang Yunshan in the other arcs. Apparently their IQ has been thrown out somewhere 😛


      1. Well, they probably had their brains get rattled from the shock and turbulence of transmigration, dont ya know…🤪

        Great work, by the way! Even though you say this is primarily MTL, it’s much better than most of the works that are are done word-by-word (comes across as very professional). I’ve read some MTL that are so horrible I literally couldn’t understand a single sentance, let alone the whole chapter, so well done!

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    What is so great about that palace that so many people loose their minds & backstab each other to get there. It is the worst king of viper nest. A terrifying prison. I wouldn’t want to go there for all the money in the world. Give me a quiet place with a beautiful garden away from the nonsense, any day.
    Guess I’m not that ambitious… Oh well, I can live with that.

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    1. Ahaha, same here! I would be content with a quiet beautiful little area, enough to eat and clothes to wear…The IDEAL place would be somewhere where I could sit back with melon seeds and watch the drama in the Imperial City! 😉

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    1. Thanks for the chap.

      Ah, she forgets that she’s only a ce fei. There might likely still be a legitimate wife to come.

      Well, she got the man. She wont be getting anything else i think *and* prince braindead probably wont end up with the throne i think.

      Plus, being a illegitimate daughter with that personality she probably wont have any fans among the nobility hehehe. She doesnt have the heroine halo to save her so i predict a bad ending.

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  4. Thanks for the update!

    Enjoy while it last b***h!

    So in the end it was not the MC who cause the dream. Who then?

    Good luck with your exam!


    1. I was thinking it was the MC but after rereading the chapters ahead again, I’m not sure anymore lol. Perhaps it was the ML.

      I was thinking it was the MC because she had the system that could help her do those types of hallucinations but I had forgotten that this is her first world where she’s just getting a feel of what her tasks are.


      1. Remember the ML saying something about “do something for me” after he read the reports ?

        It’s definitely him lol


  5. Ack! Jiang Yunshan leaves a bad taste! Gotta agree with previous comments, prefer watching the drama than living it. Jiang Yunshan don’t know how vicious women of the harem could be.


  6. I agree with the previous and previous previous comment. also scheming too much is not good, you will get a bad ending in the end.
    Thanks for the chapter


  7. What is Yunshan’s grudge against the MC? If I remember the setting correctly, the original Lingzhen never really did anything to the original Yunshan, and the only contact the replacements have had was when Yunshan was attacking the MC. Why isn’t she just focusing on her own stuff and ignoring the MC?

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    1. The original life of Jiang Yunshan was mediocre. The person who crossed over into Yunshan’s body knew the storyline and did not want to life a mediocre life and was jealous of MC’s life, where she had everything Yunshan ever wanted.


  8. Wait… this Jiang Yunshan (not the original one)… why is she so hellbent want to destroy Jiang Linzhen? She’s a transmigrator, right, Not a reborn!Original Jiang Yushan? So, why is she so despising Jiang Linzhen, when both of them don’t have any grievance to each other? They’re strangers! If the transmigrator!Jiang Yushan feels envy at Jiang Linzhen because Jiang Linzhen married the crown prince and become the Empress, then shouldn’t she satisfied that now she’s already become the crown prince’s Ce Fei? She doesn’t need to do anything else to Jiang Linzhen after this, she can just ignore her. But noooo! She’s still want to destroy her!


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