HAWRR Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (10)

Wencheng chang gongzhu looked towards her husband and found that his eyes also showed bewilderment. This matter came too suddenly and caught the married couple by surprise.

Wencheng chang gongzhu took a deep breath and forced a smile: “Your Majesty, have you been too tired in the past couple days which has lead you to start hallucinating?”

This was practically the brightest question of the day! Anyhow, Wencheng chang gongzhu must not watch her daughter enter the Eastern Palace, this pit of fire.

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The Emperor’s mood dropped on the spot and he glared at his younger sister: “I haven’t gotten bad eyes like an old man yet! Moreover, the Empress had the same dream these days. Are the Empress’ dreams also an illusion from overworking?”

This was his only younger sister born from the same mother; how else would the Emperor let her off so lightly. If it was someone else, they could be accused of showing great disrespect for questioning the Emperor.

Looking at the Emperor’s determined face, Wencheng chang gongzhu and Jiang general felt cold inside.

Seeing that the Emperor was watching the both of them, Wencheng chang gongzhu reluctantly smiled, not forgetting her manners and said: “I wonder what Your Majesty intends to do.”

This time, the Emperor hesitated.

He looked at his sister with a rare apologetic and remorseful expression. When Wencheng chang gongzhu and her husband saw that expression, they began panicking in their hearts. What other variable does this situation have?

The Emperor seldom experienced this sort of embarrassing moment. He looked at his younger sister: “Wencheng, there was something about this matter that zhen has not told you yet. No matter what, as a princess of the Imperial family, you must know that whatever decision zhen made was for the sake of the Imperial family.”

Wencheng chang gongzhu felt even more flustered in her heart: “Huang xiong (Royal older brother), in the end, what matter are you speaking of?” In a moment of exasperation, she shouted the name she used to call her brother many years ago.

“In zhen‘s dreamland, the Moon did not actually land in your first daughter, ah-Zhen’s Youhuan courtyard. Rather, it came from a place called Haitang courtyard. Zhen has already made a decision. The beginning of next month, on the eighth, the Crown Prince will welcome your shu daughter as ce fei (Imperial concubine) and enter the the palace.”

The Emperor truly felt that this decision was rather unfair to Wencheng chang gongzhu and Jiang general. He was aware of the engagement between the Crown Prince and Langhua junzhu, Jiang Lingzhen. However, now the Crown Prince was welcoming her younger shu sister to the palace instead. Tian Qi Dynasty never had two sisters serve one husband before, let alone replacing the marriage candidate. However, that method would bring humiliation to Jiang Lingzhen. As a result, the Crown Prince and Jiang Lingzhen’s engagement would undoubtedly be canceled.

Wencheng chang gongzhu was completely dumbfounded at this moment. The Emperor was under the impression that she had a hard time accepting his words. Little did he know that she did not find it unbearable but was actually pleasantly surprised.

Heaven truly helps the pitiful!

Wencheng chang gongzhu was shocked and delighted. She didn’t expect that one moment she was pacing back and forth while worried about her daughter’s fate, and the next moment, she unexpectedly received such good news. Even the engagement that had been troubling her had been resolved!

When she recovered, she heard the Emperor continue saying: “…Zhen knows this matter wrongs ah-Zhen. Zhen has watched her grow up and holds a lot of affection for her, also hoping that she would marry into Zhen‘s Imperial family. Ai, consider this to be Zhen‘s last time being unfair towards her. Tomorrow, Zhen will send out a decree sealing ah-Zhen as Qingyang junzhu. Zhen will bestow her the Qingyang County that is next to the land of your Wencheng.”

Wencheng chang gongzhu felt a little dizzy after being smashed by this large persimmon —— the bestowal of land. The current dynasty junzhus didn’t have the qualifications to be conferred land and the princesses also needed to rely on the degree of affection.

Wencheng chang gongzhu, as the former Emperor’s daughter from the first wife and the current Emperor’s sister from the same mother, had honor and glory. She even owned her own restaurant. Yet, she didn’t expect the Imperial family to compensate her daughter this way!

A junzhu who was bestowed land was comparable to a royal princess and she must be respected!

JMin’s Corner:

Wow, exciting right? Gu Shengyin would have never thought she would have gifts coming her way even though she had been enjoying life.

Jiang Yunshan had been hoping to become the Empress, but with this…. *snickers*

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  1. Thanks for the chap. I retract my questioning of the emperor’s sense from Ch 10 comments.He’s smart mostly.

    Jiang Yunshan being taken as a concubine means she cant be empress XD. Unexpected success for Gu Shengyin with status now equivalent to a royal princess.

    Cant wait to see JY’s reaction to being made a concubine XD. Also expect the idiot prince to protest this when he finds out.

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  2. Thanks for the update!

    Hahaha. In the end, the decision favours them.

    Let’s see what would happen to that slut transmigrator. Hahaha


  3. Lolz! I told myself not to read until there are more than 30+ or 50+ Chapters but couldn’t help myself! 😝

    I’ll come back once there are more chaps! eheheheheh!

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  4. Whoa, talk about LUCKY! Not only having the engagement cancelled, but getting a title and land as well! All Momma had to do was looked stricken and say nothing, lol.


  5. I kept thinking that the Emperor was making Ah Zhen to be a concubine and then that changed and it turned into a decree giving her to a Land Lord

    And then I was expecting the parents to said no and cancel the engagement

    What a roller coaster

    Anyway, I’m glad that I went back lel

    Is Shu, Yun? The younger sister? I cannot be bother to look for her name right now


  6. just imagine the emperor like: I’m sorry but the heavens have chosen… your illegitimate daughter. And then they’re (mc and her family) just like: whew, that was a close one man, you scared me for a sec lol


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