HAWRR Chapter 5

This is machine translated (MTL) so many little details will be lost and there will be inconsistencies as well. If you spot any inconsistencies in the translations, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to sort it out!

Chapter 5 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (4)

“Junzhu, the Crown Prince’s behavior today was too offensive!” Back in her rooms, Lin Liang spoke straight forwardly with indignation without thinking.

Junzhu, even though you are the Crown Prince’s fiance, he would go so far as to being partial?” Jiang Linzhen’s maidservants were all personally selected and educated by Wencheng chang gongzhu, so naturally, the maidservants didn’t like Jiang Yunshan, who was the daughter of a servant who climbed into her master’s bed.

“Second Young Lady normally acts calm and quiet, I did not expect her to hide her true self so well.” Hu Zhu also stated from the side.

Gu Shengyin allowed them to speak until she said: “You can say this here with me, but you definitely must not say such words outside.”

Hu Zhu and Lin Liang looked at Gu Shengyin’s expression. After being certain that Gu Shengyin was not affected by what happened earlier, they calmed down. Smiling happily, they replied, “Rest assured, we naturally know the depths1 outside.”

Gu Shengyin went to lie down while Hu Zhu, who was outside, was considerate enough to put down the curtains before retreating. The room fell into silence.

“System.” Gu Shengyin called out silently in her heart.

“Does the host have any requests?” System’s figure appeared before Gu Shengyin’s eyes.

Gu Shengyin asked: “My task is to allow Jiang Lingzhen to fulfill her original destiny of becoming the most distinguished woman in Tian Qi Dynasty. Then, in that case, the Jiang family must not fall. At present, with this Crown Prince’s temperament, in order to preserve the Jiang family, it is best to rely on the Jiang family’s power and surpass the Crown Prince. Would this be disrupting the order of the world?”

System’s body flashed with a blink of white light. Gu Shengyin heard it reply: “This option has maneuverability. The world only chose the heroine for a fated destiny. You do not have preserve the fate of the male lead. The host only needs to complete the task. The process is entirely up to the host.”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

Gu Shengyin heard the system’s response and calmed down. She silently pondered over which of the Emperor’s other princes was easier to support to the throne.

Third Prince was born from Shu fei2 and had the backing of the Chengguo officials family . The Jiang family would not be any better in the future with Third Prince on the throne. Sixth Prince was stupid and had no culture or proper upbringing. Seventh Prince was disabled and had no opportunity to participate3. The rest of the princes were all still too young…

Gu Shengyin was somewhat distressed. Unexpectedly, after going through each one, not even one prince met her requirements.

Wait! Gu Shengyin’s had an inspiration. How did she forget that person?

In terms of rights to succession, that individual had even more right to the throne than the Second Prince.

After solving the issue weighing down her heart, Gu Shengyin’s finally relaxed thought her head started hurting a bit. In the end, she was injured not long ago, so she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Wencheng chang gongzhu was sitting in a chair, appearing to be about thirty with an excellently maintained appearance. Her phoenix eyes were brimming with anger and beautiful face was covered in frost.

A person knelt on the ground, reporting what had happened today in the pavilion.

“Usually she seems so honest and obedient. I did not expect she suddenly lost her eyes4. She’s exactly the same as that woman who birthed her, used to pretending!”

In the evening, the princess and the general spoke of this matter.

The married couple’s relationship was full of love and trust. Over the years, there were no concubines in Jiang fu (Jiang residence). The only exception was Jiang Yunshan’s incident.

As expected, the general was immediately angered when he heard about the incident. Jiang Lingzhen was their only child and had always been the treasure of his heart, the pearl in his palm.

“I am now not comfortable with letting ah-Zhen marry out to the Crown Prince. In the future, Ah Zhen is bound to suffer many grievances with this Crown Prince’s personality.” Wencheng chang gongzhu said.

The general was deep in thought. Originally, they had not been happy with letting ah-Zhen marry into the imperial family. Ah-Zhen’s engagement with the Crown Prince was an oral decree by the Empress when she was born. There had been no reason for refusing, but now they conveniently had a reason to openly cancel the engagement.

Gu Shengyin was not aware of this and had not even thought of the engagement. Over at her parents’ side, they had already begun discussing how to free her from the Crown Prince.

Translator’s Corner:

I’ve only started MTL’ing this novel yet people have already started copying it to their own website. I know it’s not the first time that this type of thing has happened, but the very least you could do is mention where you got it from. I could go on and on about this, but to make it short, I feel like cold water has been poured on me.

Thank you to the readers who read from my site 🙂

Editor’s Notes:

I’m assuming that most of you have read novels with similar genre and settings. ‘Depths’ refer to the politicking and power struggles within the inner residence (where the wives, concubines, and children live). Also, in imperial times, one must always be wary of what they say or they might be accused of a treasonous crime and sentenced to nine generations of extermination. Nothing you say outside your private rooms is safe from traveling to others. 

– fei – imperial concubine

Families prioritized the continuation of their bloodline so heirs always had to be healthy and able. This went doubly so for the imperial family because the imperial heir would be Emperor. An Emperor with a weak body or a physical impediment would never be able to keep control of his position or country.

Eyes, meaning her clarity or reasoning. You use your eyes to see a clear view of a situation and once you lose them you become blind and ‘stupid’.

Edited by Ari (06 November 2018)

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  1. For the names, I often see it being translated as Ah Zhen. But you do you.

    Aggregators always have the ‘latest series’ tab open in NU so that they know what to steal.

    I will always support your translation! Have perseverance Jiamin-sama!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Please don’t be discouraged. Sincere, long term, Nice readers all go through NU to the translators sites like yours. It’s a big part of the experience itself, of feeling like a member of the community, sharing fun, interesting stories. In the months since I started reading WNs, I have noticed many familiar faces, across genres. We all love reading & sincerely appreciate the efforts of the translation teams to share those novels with us.
    You don’t want the snack eaters/Aggregators readers. They tend to pollute the atmosphere. As for the copying itself, translators have been trying different options. Hopefully, a good solution will be found soon! In the meantime, we are cheering for you like the goofiest anime cheering squad you can think off!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement!

      I’ve actually noticed that they don’t upload my chapters if I don’t add it to NU so I started waiting 2-3 days before adding it to NU (if someone didn’t already) to give my loyal readers that visit my site the benefit of getting to read it ahead than the readers that go to aggregator sites. 🙂

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      1. That is also an option, lol: Want to read faster, go to the source! I’ll try to remember to check on WordPress, but I’ll probably end up following the NU updates, simply because my NU reading list is the fastest way for me to check for updates on the more than 100 stories I follow. I go through the list in a minute, 1 to 3 times a day. 😅


  3. Wow, I like her parents! They truly love each other not like one of those sly and poisonous family that other MCs have. I’m liking this arc so far!

    Thank you for the chapter, Jia-sama!
    MC is cool, she doesn’t go looking for fights~! And she plans carefully, nice!


    1. Yup! Her type of parents are rare in ancient times, especially noble families. Unfortunately, the MC doesn’t get nice parents for all arcs though.

      The reason I really enjoyed this noel was because of the MC. I can’t stand the naive stupid types. 😉


  4. Thanks for picking up this series. Here from NU and found it from a recommendation.
    For an edited(?) MTL, it’s pretty good quality. Keep up the good work.

    Aiyo, the crown prince really doesnt deserve the throne. he only thinks with his little prince.


    1. Thanks for reading! I’m using a Chinese dictionary and Google Translate for this novel. 🙂

      Haha! Yeah, his little prince is quite demanding and doing as it pleases. XD


      1. If I remember correctly, Ah in front of a name has the meaning that the person is precious. It is used as an endearment. Like Ah-Yue or Ah-Bao, as commonly seen in other stories.
        Thanks for the translation. I also like to stack 🙂


  5. Can people identify who is who… I always get confused in CN novels…

    The Heroine
    The ML
    The goal
    The villainess


    1. The main character is called Gu Shengyin. In this current world, she occupies the heroine of that world, Jiang Lingzhen.

      The villainess is a person who crossed over into that world and occupied the body of Jiang Yunshan, the half-sister of Jiang Lingzhen.

      The task of Gu Shengyin is to get revenge for Jiang Lingzhen, the body she is occupying, and become the most honorable woman in that world, which is to be Empress.


    1. Yea, I knew this would happen to me when I started translating, just didn’t think it would happen so quickly AND that they would bother stealing a MTL’d novel too.

      I’ve seen several sites that claim my works as their and claim that they release chapters very quickly. But I’m not a fast translator so they won’t be able to ‘release’ chapter so quickly as they claim. So HAH! 😉

      I’m just thankful to those that come to my site and read.


  6. In the second paragraph, it should be “climb her father’s bed” and not “her mother’s bed”. I’m not against yuri though. 😉


  7. Ah Zhen is more appropriate and used. Seen and heard common calling names like Ah meng, ah chong, ah ling.. you get the point.


  8. Ah Zhen is fine, but if you want something different then A’Zhen is a good option.

    I wonder if they’ll consult with her before deciding on her next fiance.


  9. in ch2, the current despicable crown prince is the 2nd prince, but here when MC is thinking of who to push, her candidate is the 2nd prince? is it supposed to be 1st prince?

    anyway, thanks for translating and making sense out of MTL, good work.


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