HAWRR Chapter 4

This is machine translated (MTL) so many little details will be lost and there will be inconsistencies as well. If you spot any inconsistencies in the translations, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to sort it out!

Chapter 4 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (3)

Gu Shengyin knew that Jiang Yunshan, who came from a different world, was extremely sensitive about her lowly identity of a shu daughter. In the former storyline, she was the only one favored by the Emperor and after insistently asking, the Emperor granted her a honorable birth status, as if that could really make her superior.

Gu Shengyin’s task in this world was to prevent the miserable fate of Jiang Lingzhen and allow her to become the most distinguished woman in Tian Qi Dynasty.

In order to do this, Jiang Yunshan, the biggest hidden danger, could not stay.

Prior to this, Jiang Lingzhen did not mind letting her experience more scorn and disdain. After all, in the original story, Jiang Lingzhen was tortured and humiliated by Jiang Yunshan until she committed suicide.

Within Jiang Yunshan’s sleeves, her nails had dug deeply into her palms, causing trails of blood to flow. However, on the surface, she put on a sorrowful and teary attitude: “Yunshan is aware of her lowly identity and can not have any acquaintance with the Crown Prince. It’s just that Yunshan admires the Crown Prince’s majestic presence and is unable to restrain these emotions. If there was any rudeness, I ask the Crown Prince for forgiveness.”

After she finished speaking, Jiang Yunshan lowered her head to hide her face and made to leave.

The Crown Prince usually had a soft spot for the fairer sex, how could he bear to let this beauty shed tears? Not to mention, Jiang Yunshan was so well-mannered and her heart and eyes were filled with him.

The Crown Prince only felt that his self-esteem had been greatly satisfied.

(E/N: literal meaning was ‘male ego’ cough)

He quickly grasped hold of Jiang Yunshan and quickly smilingly coaxed her to stay.

Gu Shengyin was watching this farce from the sidelines, thinking: How could this idiot1 be the heir to the throne?

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

Since her task was to become the most distinguished woman, then, in order to not torture herself needlessly, the most honorable seat for the man should be given to someone else.

To the side, the Crown Prince asked Jiang Yunshan about what had happened earlier and she took the opportunity to give her explanation.

Sure enough, the Crown Prince looked towards Gu Shengyin with a disapproving look: “Cousin, the matter of you falling was not cousin Yunshan’s fault. She came here to apologize with a pure and virtuous heart. For what reason are you to making a fuss over this small matter?”

Gu Shengyin loathed men like the Crown Prince who immediately lost their senses at the sight of a beauty the most. It was precisely because “Gu Shengyin” had encountered this type of man that she had ended up with such a desolate ending.

She lazily looked at her trimmed and round pearly nails, and opened her mouth to speak: “Your Highness Crown Prince, your words are terribly strange. I was just sitting here looking at the scenery when my younger shu sister ran here to cry. I just woke up from a coma so my head was still dazed during. I did not understand at all what she was doing.”

She glanced at Jiang Yunshan: “However, when I saw Your Highness Crown Prince come here, I finally understood a bit better.”

Not wanting to see this couple, Gu Shengyin simply raised her hand to her forehead, and cried out, “Aiyo.” Hu Zhu and Lin Liang, who had been waiting to the side, immediately came over with nervous looks on their faces.

Junzhu, are you not feeling well?” Hu Zhu asked.

Gu Shengyin nodded: “After been blown by wind for so long, I really am feeling a bit dizzy after all. Support me back to rest.”

When she finished speaking, Gu Shengyin turned towards the other two to indicate her departure and left with her two maidservants supporting her.

Ji Ye looked at her somewhat pale complexion that was a little more delicate, compared to her usual self, which added a touch of graceful beauty. His heart moved and he went to follow.

Unexpectedly, an “aiyo” was exclaimed from the side. Just as he turned around, a soft fragrant body fell into his arms and filled up his heart.

Gu Shengyin listened to the movements behind her and curled her lips in ridicule.

Editor’s Note:

  • 草包 – cǎobāo – literal meaning ‘grass bag’; refers to someone who seems impressive but is useless and incapable in actuality (like a scarecrow); similar to when someone uses the phrase ‘paper tiger’

Edited by Ari (05 November 2018)

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  1. What the hell is with this prince?!
    One minute his heart leans to the east then to the west, rolling with the waves and billows… typical ancient times male protagonist, thinking with his d***!

    BTW, JiaMin, can you give a clue as to when ML is going to show up. ^ ^ plzzzzz!!
    I’m not getting impatient, just curious.

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    1. Haha! Exactly, that prince is a stallion that deserves to di- I mean suffer. 😉

      ML appears in chapter 7. I’ll probably get to it by Friday~

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  2. Oh! I LOVE!!
    I’m glad the see saw Crown Prince is not the ML! Was totally in awe when GSY decided she deserved a better man then the fool. Talk about confidence! You go sister!
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  3. A man who think with his D wouldn’t make a good emperor bc I think if he become one he will pass his time in the Harem. =_=


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